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How to Be High Maintenance so You Can Be Low Maintenance

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August 13, 2023

"High maintenance to be low maintenance"

It's a phrase that's been thrown around social media recently with little explanation or tips to do it yourself.

It essentially entails having specific large tasks that you complete on an infrequent basis in order to save more time during day-to-day life. These chores can range from meal planning to a blowout, but I'll focus on beauty.

Of course, aesthetics and appearances are personal, so not all these ideas will apply to every person. However, I hope you learn to implement some of these tips in your life.


People with dark, curly eyelashes wake up and don't have to consider wearing mascara. It's not a problem for them.

But I'm blonde. You can barely see my eyelashes if I'm not coating them in makeup. Plus, my eyelashes are long but straight, so I have a daily struggle with my eyelash curler.

My savior from these wasted 15 minutes was an eyelash lift and tint. At one of these appointments, your beautician will chemically lift your lashes (it's very safe, I promise). They will then apply dye to darken them to your liking.

The finished product looks totally natural and saves you the messy mascara process. Unless that is, you want to wear some makeup to lengthen them. In that case, mascara is still entirely safe!

If you want something a little bolder, consider eyelash extensions. While they aren't my cup of tea, they suit some people really well. Just remember, you most likely will not be able to wear mascara on top of these falsies.

Both processes can range in price, but you can find them for under $50 in most places. Lash lifts and tints last for 4-6 weeks, while extensions last from around 6-8, but make sure you ask your beautician for more specific times.

If you aren't interested in other people touching your eyes, try an at-home lash lift for roughly the same price. Alternatively, you can simply try a lash serum, but remember that it won't yield the same results. Personally, I recommend getting your lashes professionally done, but to each their own!


Similarly, being a natural blonde and having nice eyebrows don't go hand in hand. Eyebrow 'problems' will vary depending on hair thickness and color, but most can be fixed by an eyebrow shaping (and tint, if you're like me).

An eyebrow shape can consist of different techniques. The most popular options are waxing, threading, or combining both. This appointment can simply neaten up your brows without a bold change, and you can choose how much you want do

Brow lamination has also been a popular choice in the past few years. The procedure will literally laminate your eyebrows how you want them, usually a fluffy look. This usually goes hand in hand with shaping and essentially produces the appearance of eyebrow gel without daily maintenance.

An eyebrow tint also usually goes along with a shaping, but it serves its own purpose. A tint will die the hairs to make a more even look. This works on everybody but is especially popular for light-haired people as it enhances their natural brows. You can choose what color you want the dye, so your brows can be as simple or striking as you please.

My final eyebrow procedure is microblading. This appointment is becoming increasingly popular and is essentially a tattoo for your eyebrows. The ink is semi-permanent, so it will last longer than a tint but won't stay forever. Usually, the look will last for at least a year before being metabolized by the skin.

Microblading is performed with a tool that purposely creates natural-looking 'brow hairs' in the skin, not with a tattoo gun. Because of this, the pain level is less, as the needles only penetrate the very surface of the skin. There will be a numbing gel applied before the procedure takes place, so it doesn't hurt.

Any of these options is a great choice to keep your daily life easier, and which one(s) you choose is entirely personal. No matter your shape, color, or style desire, one of these appointments will fit the bill. They truly range in price, with microblading averaging around $500 and a tint averaging only $20.


There are about one million things you can do with your hair, but there are some ways to make your daily life a little lower maintenance.

The best thing you can do for your hair health and aesthetic is invest in good products. I am a walking advertisement for Ouai and swear by all of their haircare products. They've saved my hair from the destruction of Olaplex, and I could not be more grateful. On their website, they have a quick quiz so you can find the perfect personalized hair routine.

Unfortunately, however, Ouai isn't cheap, and not everybody can afford to shell out a chunk of cash for nicer hair. That's why it's a good thing that there are some great, affordable hair brands!

Some of my favorites are:

Before any of the crazy treatments, stylers, or sprays, a good shampoo and conditioner will make-or-break your hair. Chances are, you wash your hair anyway. What's the hassle of changing to a better product? Good quality haircare will give you the option to go days without washing and will keep your hair from getting dull.

Make sure you're using your dry shampoo correctly. Dry shampoo shouldn't be saved for fourth-day hair, when the oil and grease has already built up. Instead, spritz your hair with this product as soon as it dries after wash day. Keep it at your roots, and only use it when it's a healthy distance away from your head.

The point of dry shampoo is to prevent the oily appearance, not reverse it. This small tip can help your perfect hair last for much longer before you have to repeat the process again.

My last hair tip is to oil your hair. This trick has been popular on social media for the last couple of months, but did not originate on TikTok. Hair oiling originated in India, around 5000 years ago, and is still around today. This might give you some idea of how well it works.

While there are many fancy hair oils, like above, that doesn't mean that they are the end-all-be-all. You can use natural (and cheap) oils for the same, or better effect. Chances are, they might be better for your scalp.

Use argon, castor, jojoba, avocado, coconut, or whatever oil you need for your specific hair concerns. Use once or twice a week, a few hours before a wash, for the best results. These will protect and aid your hair in the long run, and most will give you a shiny look.


In my opinion, one of the most underrated ways to look and feel a little better is using teeth whitening strips. Nobody particularly pays attention to the color of someone's smile, but it's a nice boost in confidence to have bright teeth. I use Crest strips frequently, and have seen a noticeable difference.

Stained or yellowed teeth can come from a variety of things. Chronic coffee consumption led to a slight darkening of my teeth, and I know that many people have had the same experience.

While most strips are safe to use every day, I wouldn't recommend that. They have the ability to mess with the sensitivity of your teeth, so make sure you're careful. Use them either every day or alternating days for about a month, or maybe once a week for a while. This simple act can leave you feeling a lot better for longer, and can save a lot of wasted time staring at your teeth in the mirror.

Another option is professional teeth whitening. I've never had experience with this before, so I cannot speak too much about it. However, this procedure will save you even the little time it takes to put on a whitening strip. In addition, the color change lasts for much longer.

Good quality at-home strips will cost you around $60. It's a little bit pricey but much better for you than going for the lower quality, cheaper options. A professional whitening will cost you upwards of $1000, so it's definitely an investment.

Either choice is a great one, and is likely to have you feeling a little bit better about your smile. Do your research!


The whole point of this article was to save you time while remaining comfortable in your own skin, so your skin should look great too!

The picture above might just remind you of satisfying TikTok facials, but have you ever considered getting one yourself? Finding my perfect esthetician and getting a hydrafacial every few months has been life-changing. I've struggled with mild acne since I was about 11, and this procedure has been incredible for my skin. It leaves me glowing for weeks, and makes me feel totally clean.

There are so many kinds of facials, but I do strongly recommend a hydrafacial. It isn't super crazy, and gives your face a refresh.

There's a reason that not everybody gets these, though. They aren't cheap. Like many things on this list, a facial is an investment that you have to be comfortable making.

Many times, they go for around $200. I would highly recommend searching for a good deal (but not compromising quality) instead of just jumping at the first beautician you see on Google.

I know that this sounds totally dystopian, but an LED face mask is amazing for skin. Different types of infrared light can penetrate the surface of the skin and alter the lower layers. Each color of light focuses on a different concern; for example, blue light helps with acne bacteria. No matter your skin issues, an LED mask can help.

Depending on the brand and mask, you might use it once a week for an hour, or every day for five minutes. Either option is fairly reasonable and you won't be trapped under another face for too long.

Once again, these are not cheap. These really range in price, some going for a few hundred, and some going up to the thousands. Either way, you have to really know what you're getting into and if you're willing to spend that much.

Personally, I use the Qure mask, and I love it. I made sure to research a lot before I bought it though, so I knew that I really wanted it.

Another skin tip is to find a dermatologist. Even if your acne isn't that bad, or you're pretty consistent with your routine, a trip to the dermatologist can help a lot. It can just be a quick check up, to discuss any potential aesthetic concerns and products, or it can be more.

I went to a dermatologist and was prescribed an acne medication called Lymecycline that was incredible. I only took it for about three months and my skin has never been better.

If you feel like a skin concern just refuses to go away, no matter what you try, book an appointment!

My last, and maybe wildest, suggestion, is to look into a skin laser. Yes, that's right, a skin laser. This is in no way necessary, but if you have scars, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, whatever it might be, that you really just can't get rid of, consider getting it lasered. There are many different kinds of beauty lasers, for all different concerns, so make sure you know what you want.

Book a consultation with an esthetician to see if it's really necessary, and have fun!

Unfortunately for all of us, if you want good skin, nothing is going to beat a routine. No matter how many times you get lasered or a facial, if you are chronically dehydrated and don't even own a bottle of sunscreen, there is no point. Find what products work for you, and don't overdo it. You really only need a good cleanser (or two, if you're double cleansing), moisteriser, sunscreen, and maybe an active product if you have acne.


Shopping responsibly doesn't have to be referencing finances, it can also mean knowing what you're buying. As a registered shopaholic, I have had to seriously adjust the pieces I buy. Before, no matter how many items were in my closet, I never had anything to wear. My day-to-day outfit selection became not just high maintenance, but unbearable.

I know everybody says it, but I swear it's true: basics, basics, basics. I'm not saying that you need to BE basic, I'm saying that you need basics. You need wardrobe essentials that you can build upon.

Or, if you're in a rush, you need wardrobe essentials that you don't need to build upon. A white tank top, a blue jean, a classic pair of sneakers; get items that are universal. No matter what your aesthetic is, you can tie these in.

Some people take this to the extreme, with a daily 'uniform.' These people, like Mark Zuckerberg and my mother, don't have to spend time thinking about what they're wearing in a day, but know that they will look presentable.

Another one of the best ways to be high maintenance to stay low maintenance, in reference to clothes, is to get good quality clothing. Throughout this article, I've talked a lot about 'investments,' expensive things that pay off in the end. Good quality clothing is one of these. No, you don't need a fully Chanel wardrobe, but it wouldn't hurt to look into better brands.

Learn about what makes a piece 'good,' and you will save much more money in the future. You won't have clothing tearing at the seams on the fourth wear.

If you don't have the money to spend on these better brands, go thrifting. I will never stop recommending secondhand shopping, like half of the internet. If you look in the right places, both in person and online, you can find incredible deals.

Many pieces will be much better quality for much better prices. Just make sure you're checking the tags.


To many people, these tips seem superfluous and superficial. However, if you're spending hours a day just to get the same effect, why wouldn't you try them? From lash lifts to acne lasers, I hope this article covered something for you!

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