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How Samii Ryan is Making Waves with 90's Nostalgic, Soft-Rebel Namesake Comfort-Wear


March 22, 2021

By Samii Ryan is pretty much the teenage dream. No one can encapsulate the mood of romantic, dreamy, and expressive better than BSR- all in the modern twist of comfort-wear.

What could be said to be everything Gen Z needs in comfort-wear, By Samii Ryan is taking on the world by storm- but of course, accompanied by pastel, rainbow clouds.

The Teen Magazine had the wonderful opportunity to interview Samii Ryan, CEO and founder of By Samii Ryan, alongside featuring some of the coolest, cutest, and most comfortable pieces ever.

Meet Samii

Samii began BSR small, but with big dreams. Her launched brand By Samii Ryan has since then garnered thousands of fans all over, and in 2021, Samii was featured in Forbes 30 Under 30 Class of 2021 in Art & Style.

In a blog post sharing the news:

If there is anything I can leave you with it’s that you can truly do absolutely anything you put your mind to. With hard work, dedication, perseverance and positive energy you can do it!

- Samii Ryan, Founder & CEO

To read more, click here for the blog post.

In the following brief interview with The Teen Magazine, Samii talks about creating BSR, influences and inspirations, the future, and more.

The Creation of By Samii Ryan

How did you come to create By Samii Ryan, and what has the journey been like?

I started By Samii Ryan straight out of High School creating handmade accessories and custom one-off clothing pieces. During that time I was able to create an audience by vending my brand at music festivals around the country. With the success of music festivals and my brand I decided to start to reach out to women in music to see if I could send them some of our accessories.

I was lucky enough to hit on a trend in 2011 that catapulted my brand. By Samii Ryan accessories were seen on Ke$ha, Victoria Justice, Demi Lovato, and many other trendsetters.

We eventually launched our apparel side of the brand in 2017 and we started out with just a couple of graphic tee shirt designs. Our designs were picked up by major mall retailer Zumiez and we were tested in 35 doors. Within 6 months of being in Zumiez, By Samii Ryan products were flying off the shelves and the brand turned into an all-door business and they expanded to carry us in just over 650 stores nationwide.

Since then we’ve been able to grow the brand into major retailers like Revolve and several other boutiques around the US. Our journey has been all about growth. We have learned so much within the past couple of years and with every obstacle we faced we have overcome with perseverance and passion.

In 5 Words

If you could describe By Samii Ryan with 5 words, what would they be?

Cozy, colorful, nostalgic, fun, accepting

On Being The CEO

What do you love most about being the Founder and CEO of By Samii Ryan?

I love that I am able to have an outlet to showcase my creative passions and share things with the world that inspire me and that will hopefully also inspire others.

Our brand ethos is to spread kindness and promote self-love.

Inspirations and Influences

What and/or whom do you cite as inspirations for your brand and/or your collections?

By Samii Ryan is inspired by unrequited love, nostalgia and growing up as a youth in the 90’s combining trendy lifestyle silhouettes with a soft feminine streetwear twist.

BSR's Most Iconic

What would you say to be the most iconic piece that By Samii Ryan has released?

Our most iconic pieces would be the “All I Want Tie-Dye Sweat set” and our most recent collaboration with Care Bears.

In The Future

By Samii Ryan is remarkably making waves in streetwear fashion- where do you hope to see your brand in the future?

My hopes for By Samii Ryan is that we can expand into different categories while maintaining focus on our core pieces, comfortable sweat sets. We want to reach as many people as we can with our brand in hopes of making a positive impact on others.

Set Aesthetic

Each and every collection of By Samii Ryan has its own vibe and its distinct mark; what would you say to be the perfect one-word description of the Care Bears Collection and the Everyday Basics Collection to be?

The Care Bears collection I would describe as nostalgic fantasy. The Everyday Basics Collection are custom pigment dyed fleece you can were every day. Comfort at its finest for both!

Advice From Samii Ryan

If you could give a piece of advice as the Founder and CEO of By Samii Ryan, what would that be?

My advice to anyone would be to never give up, never give in, and continue to move forward and believe in yourself. Your biggest competition will always be yourself.

Be grateful, be kind, and be humble.

Thank you Samii for your interview! Now, we share some of the cutest, hottest, eye-catching pieces ever from BSR...

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Teleport Back Into Your Childhood

If you say 1980's, there's one definite thing that comes to mind: Care Bears. These iconic, adorable, cuddly bears have definitely impacted many of our childhoods, which has remained a pop icon even after the craze in the 80's.

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And now, with an iconic collaboration with By Samii Ryan, you can wear your favorite icons. How cool is that?

Up In The Sky Sweatpants

Bye, boring neutral sweats- hello, cute, colorful, and Care Bears™ sweats!

Things are looking up! 🐻 Get cozy in these custom pigment dyed sweatpants that have your favorite Care Bears™ character graphic printed on the front legs. Keep the magic alive in these comfortable blue sweatpants.

I'm internally screaming because this has the cutest design ever. Featuring multiple of your favorite Care Bears™ going up, up, up in the (pigment-dyed) light blue sweats color, comfort-wear has never been more stylish.

The right leg has the design of two bears riding a hot air balloon ride and climbing on with rope ladders. A smiling star and a little bird accompany them, and of course, the signature fluffy clouds are present as well.

The left leg has two larger clouds for a focal design point and the top left side features a BSR logo.

Ending in a tapered elastic cuff, these sweats are oh-so-comfortable. Perfect for lounging at home, and maybe even some errands here and there & out and about! It's so stylish that these sweats truly are taking a spin on fashion.

The waistband is also thick, sturdy elastic, which I loved- it was snug and secure- so much that it was unnoticeable when on!

These sweats were custom pigment-dyed, and the charming blue is great to add a pop of color, but still stays balanced. The gorgeous light blue as seen in photos is just like so in real life- not too pale, and not too muted.

I absolutely loved how the fabric was not too stuffily thick, and not too thin, either. Made of 80% Cotton and 20% Polyester, the material is super soft and very cozy. The inner side has a fuzzier feel which makes it even comfier!

Since the sweats aren't overly thick, you could very much wear these for the upcoming warmer season. It could even be said to be all-around seasonal wear. I say that's a win!

These sweats are unisex and are meant for anyone and everyone. Up in the Sky Sweatpants have the traditional loose look that most sweats go for but tend to be looser than others. No restriction on any movements here!

Be sure to shop the matching unisex hoodie in a matching light blue shade to coordinate.

To shop the Up in the Sky Sweatpants, click here.

Goodluck Wishes Crop Tee

Okay, it's official: if there's any tee that screams "I'm cute!", it's definitely this one.

Coming in a soft white cropped tee, this graphic top features two lovey bears in blue and pink. It's absolutely adorable, and if it were possible to have heart eyes in real life, this would be that moment.

This top is part of the official collection with Care Bears™ and from the heart-flowers planted in the fluffy clouds to the little shining stars and cloud castle, everything about this is nostalgic, soft, and dreamy.

The Goodluck Wishes top is everything whimsical and general good vibes- that extra lucky charm makes the tee extra special and a definite must-have.

In an all-over white, the fabric of the tee is comfy and 100% Cotton. It is slightly see-through, but not too noticeable. The fabric is also on the thinner side, which makes it well-fit for the upcoming warmer weather. This is perfect to pair with your favorite cami underneath!

As for the size, as the cropped graphic tee doubles as a baby tee fit, I'd personally recommend going a size up from your regular if you prefer something a little loose.

The top compliments your silhouette perfectly and looks so flattering.

This cropped graphic tee ends halfway down the front torso and is cropped on the shorter side. Alongside the breathable fabric, this top is meant to be for spring and summer!

To shop the Goodluck Wishes Crop Tee, click here.

Funshine Crop Tee

Something cheery, something bright... That's absolutely the Funshine crop tee!

What really is literal sunshine and a fun spin on graphic tee design, the Funshine crop tee offers a new, refreshing look on how tops can be cheerful and the embodiment of happiness.

Featuring the Funshine bear (wink wink) sliding down a lil' rainbow with a peeking, smiling sun, if a top can cheer you up, it's for sure this one.

Just like the Goodluck Wishes top, the cute graphic of the Care Bears is printed, so there is no need to fear for it getting washed away! (BSR does advise that you "wash cold, tumble dry low".)

The color of this top is startlingly vivid yellow and is well balanced between a pastel/pale color and bold yellow.

This top is also made from 100% cotton. This top is not see-through due to the lovely yellow shade. Like all other BSR pieces, it is so comfortable!

Since this top is cropped, expect around 2/3 coverage of your torso. The Funshine top tends to be a little looser than the Goodluck Wishes top, but with no huge, noticeable variation. This gives you more freedom to move around more!

To shop the Funshine Crop Tee, click here.

24 Hours? More Like Forever

Especially since quarantine, our official uniform has been declared to be comfy, casual sweats- and there's none better but By Samii Ryan's Everyday Basics collection.

Coming in gorgeous lighthearted pastel shades, this collection is good for 24 hours- if not more.

Everyday Sweatpants in Grapevine

The Everyday Basics Collection features sweatpants, hoodies, and sets in various shades of green, purple, blue, and pink. Each are custom pigment-dyed and is perfect to match to create a coordinated look.

It's time to get the BSR staples. Keep it casual in these unisex pigment dyed grapevine sweatpants...

This definitely goes for the Grapevine sweatpants as well. In an all-over mature purple color that still carries a tone of lighthearted lilac, these sweatpants are genuinely and quite literally meant for every day!

Something I particularly really enjoyed about these sweatpants was for sure the color.

The Everyday Sweats in "Grapevine" gave the sweats a pop of color without being overly extravagant. I loved that I could keep my loungewear low-key and cozy, but still have a gorgeous color to go with; bye, boring sweats!

At the top of the left leg is an embroidered front-stitched BSR logo complete with two little dainty daisies. Adorable!

These sweats are the definition of simplicity at their best. Less is more is key with this one.

The waistband of these sweats is very sturdy and holds up better than anything else.

At the ends of the sweats' legs are elastic cuffs (which is a definite must-have design feature in the trends of nowadays' fashion in terms of sweats) which too has a high-quality elastic holding.

The fabric of the sweats are made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester; insert all the synonyms for the word cozy here, and there you have it: the amazing, soft, homey feel that the Everyday Sweats give you.

This is pretty oversized like others and has a loose silhouette.

"Style this fit with a matching hoodie, a leather jacket, boots, and a beanie," suggests By Samii Ryan. "These classic pieces are made for you to live in every day."

To shop the Everyday Sweatpants in Grapevine, click here.

Keep Up

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