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Channel Your Inner Rockstar Girlfriend with One Teaspoon's Reflections Collection

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Monday, March 06

Denim is the one classic thing fashion can't get enough of. Through decades, the timeless faded blue jeans have remained a staple in style, cementing them as one of the most recognizable fabrics.

In today's contemporary fashion, however, one brand rises above in terms of adding a modern, youth-infused, and touch of cool to the iconic denim. Declaring its style to be "fantastically rebellious, sex-infused, old school rock & roll glamour," One Teaspoon has just the right balance of trend-setting designs that feel flirty and free.

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In their latest Reflections Collection, One Teaspoon takes denim to the next level in a way you've never experienced before. From strategically placed frays and cuffs, eye-catching hues, and awe-striking textures and patterns, Reflections is the perfect embodiment of today's modernized world through the eyes of timeless denim.

A collection that bolsters your self-confidence and a sense of can-get-it-all fierceness, Reflections embraces the beauty of eclectics through laid-back luxury.

Bold, All In Your Way

This season calls for stunning, attention-grabbing patterns, textures, and colors, and One Teaspoon takes a mix of vintage-inspired feels with a bright fusion of the now.

On Repeat: Trippy & Effortless

These laid-back jeans have that cool-girl streetwear look to them, and we couldn't be more obsessed with the iconic print.

Shop the On Repeat Dukes Low Waist Mini Denim Short here.

With a typographic print that overlays "ONE TEASPOON" in the most gorgeous lettering, the On Repeat has a washed-over design through a bleached-out effect. I love that the effect makes things interesting by incorporating tints of pink and blue; it's such a unique design that completely stands out. If anything, the shorts have "cool girl" written all over!

The shorts also have distressed frays at the edge, giving them a laid-back vibe. With just the right silhouette, these denim shorts feel effortlessly cool.

The On Repeat denim shorts are in The Dukes style. The shortest shorts made by the brand, they are made to sit low on your waist and show off while providing just the right amount of coverage. I love how it has a curved hemline to lengthen the legs, and with a whopping number of five pockets, these are versatile and convenient for all times.

Flawlessly fun for festivals and laid-back for wearing out and about, the On Repeat Dukes is such an adorable pick for your denim closet.

Graffiti Knit: Too Cool For School

A spring knit is essential, and One Teaspoon makes it chic and bold with their stylish, strong-colored sweater.

Shop the College Graffiti Knit Sweater here.

This retro-inspired knit takes inspiration from vintage-style college sweaters, but with a fun twist that makes it feel trendy and chic. With a boxy fit, the oversized sweater has a crop to it that makes it perfect for tucking into your denim shorts and jeans.

Featuring a bright blue, plum purple, and electrifying orange, this sweater is made with eye-catching colors that are unapologetically bold. I love that the knit also features stripes of white and alligator green by the wrists; the details in this sweater makes everything feel complete.

The coolest part of this sweater is the "ONE TEASPOON" emblazoned across the back; if you stretch out your arms, the lettering reads out to the iconic brand name, making it such a creative, wearable design.

Pair this with your favorite ripped jeans and frayed shorts for that relaxed, colder spring vibe!

Laid-Back Spring

The warm, laid-back spring time is finally here, and it's time to tap into that good-vibes-only energy.

Happy Like A Salty Dog

If you're looking for the classic blue jean shorts, you're in luck. These iconic cult classic shorts are seriously lovable, and the most timeless pair of denim shorts ever. No exaggeration, they easily look as if it could have come from the stunning catalogues and magazine covers of the 90's.

Shop the Salty Dog Bandit Low Waist Denim Short here.

These denim shorts are just adorable, and the slouchy, low-waist style truly adds to its lived-in, beloved look. With rolled and twisted hems that expose the pockets, these jeans are all about that effortless but put-together feel.

Plus, all the details in these shorts are incredible. With buttons engraved with One Teaspoon's bower birds and roomy pockets, these shorts are equal parts comfortable and easily beautiful.

If anything, low-waist jeans are one of the most essential looks for a free, wild, young spring and summer. Low-waist is surely making its mark back into fashion, and I just love how they sit just right on the waist!

These beach blue, washed out shorts make for a great pair with just about any top. Whether you go for a graphic baby tee, solid print tank tops, or floral blouses, these shorts are sure to make any style look chic. For a laid-back look, wear these shorts in the summer, preferably by the ocean breeze and salty air!

The Coolest Pair of Khaki's You Know

Khaki's aren't just for business casual- it can also be streetwear casual and one of the coolest pieces in your closet if styled right. Meet One Teaspoon's Super Khaki Shorts: a cult classic low waist bandit, perfect for feeling cutting edge.

Shop the Super Khaki Bandit Low Waist Denim Short here.

This gorgeous muted alligator green might just be one of the coolest shades of khaki shorts ever. With a garment dyed, washed back look that gives it a touch of a vintage-esque feel, it feels oh-so-easy to wear and pair with anything.

With little distresses all over, these shorts play right into the easygoing energy. The low waist style sits just right and is slouchy without being loose, and fitted while relaxed, making it the epitome of cool. Plus, the twisted and rolled hems add such charm to the shorts, making it the best short length with exposed pockets.

The low waist bandit shorts might just be the most flattering silhouette ever, and I couldn't be more obsessed.

Everything about this pair of shorts is giving cool girl in a dry desert concert, and it has that relaxed but fun festival feel. Wear these with your favorite lightweight sweaters or tops with a pair of aviator sunniest, and you're all good to go!

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