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Good Vibes All Around: These Mood-Lifting Scents from Lush Encapsulate the Summer Spirit

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August 08, 2022

Summer is slowly nearing to an end, but the spirits don't stop with the season. To carry on the lighthearted, dreamy feels, bask in Lush's latest spritz to really enhance your energy.

Shop Lush at lush.com.

A cosmetics brand dedicated to creating products for your skin and body by harnessing eco-conscious, carefully selected ingredients, and handmade with love, Lush is a game changer when it comes to beauty, both in and out.

From a mellow, bright collection of fragrant body sprays, gels, scrubs, and more, envelop yourself in the most sunshine-yellow, summer daze mood. Plus, Lush's revamped henna collection is a lovely fit to have a truly goodful glow-up, with a ranging set of colors that can bring out the best of nature for a gorgeous hair shade.

Perfect to wear and try for the upcoming back-to-school season, these gorgeous self-care products will have you all set!

Good Things Are Coming Your Way

Spread around some good karma- and enjoy the positive energy and rejuvenating scents! The Good Karma Gift Set consists of shower essentials that smell so fresh and awakening.

Perfect to send to a friend or even for yourself, this set is a must with its mood-lifting items.

Shop the Good Karma Gift Set here.

The Good Karama Gift Set is packaged in a sunshine burst of yellow and orange tie-dye, which adds to the uplifting mood.

Plus, it's as eco-friendly as can be! As Lush shares, "Every single part of a Lush gift is as eco-friendly, recycled, and recyclable as possible." Even the box and tags that are a part of the set are made from 100% recycled paper!

The gift set includes the Good Karma...Everybody Needs Some Shower Gel, Karma Soap, and the Orange Shower Scrub. Together, these three self-care items will make your days feel so much brighter and fresher!

The Good Karma… Everybody Needs Some Shower Gel is a bright bottle of magic with the most invigorating scent. The combination of patchouli and orange not only cleanses your skin but also your mind. The earthy scent is also layered with hints of lemongrass oil, making this scent calming and grounding.

This shower gel has a wonderful lather and applying it almost feels therapeutic. A little drop makes the entire room light up with the scent, and will linger on you throughout the day. If you're looking for energy to feel grounded and at peace, this shower gel is it for you.

The Karma Soap is for the small moments where it's just you, peace, and silence. Based on the same iconic scent of patchouli and Brazilian orange oil, this red-orange soap is all about feeling your best and of course, staying clean.

In this soap, hints of lemongrass and pine oil combine for a lasting, reenergizing feel. I love how the scent feels so bright with the popping orange scent, but is also grounded by a woodsy scent for something more relaxing and calming. The best part is how carefully balanced the scent is; nothing feels overly sweet or overly spicy.

This soap doesn't stop at just smelling good. Formulated with a good dose of extra virgin coconut oil, this soap will make your hands feel oh-so-soft and is almost like a hand creme!

The Orange Shower Scrub is a small bucket of pure joy: this exfoliating sea salt is packed with goodful boosts and a juicy, exciting feel. Everything about this shower scrub is about the world's happiest fruit- orange you glad? We sure are!

Made with "naturally brightening sea salt," this exfoliator does a spectacular job of removing any dead skin and impurities and leaving your skin supple and smooth. I love how it really brings the radiance from the inside out, and you'll feel a surge of energy after stimulating your circulation with this scrub.

To use the exfoliator, "grab a handful, rub in small circular motions." Afterwards, "rinse off before shaving or sealing in your newfound hydration with a luscious body lotion."

This is the best thing to you use to perk up after a long day, and will make you feel like a brand new person all over again. Plus, did you know? If you return the recycled black pots back to Lush, they can recycle them again!

Mellow and Happy-Go-Lucky

Forget about perfume; spritz on some body spray after a refreshing shower or a soaking bath to envelop yourself in the most brightening scent ever.

The Avocado Co-Wash Body Spray is a special concoction with fruity bergamot and litsea cubeba oils that will make you feel the top-of-the-morning energy with a pep in your step.

Shop the Avocado Co-Wash Body Spray here.

This cheerful lemon scent is one of the most beloved- and for good reason; once you smell it, you just can't get enough. It's really a scent that you want on you at all times! As Lush says, "Avocado Co-wash's fragrance became so popular that it found its way into limited edition bath bombs, shower gels...and now a much-coveted spritzable scent."

The lemon-y scent smells just like a lemon creme cake- what better dessert is there to smell like than something so sweet and tangy? The scent is uplifting yet grounded at the same time; with the notes of olibanum, the Avocado Co-Wash gently brings on a sense of calm and intriguing excitement. It's just enough to get you hooked and never overwhelmed.

To use this, all you have to do is give it a few pumps to mist yourself for a quick mood booster. I love how just two or so spritzes will immediately stay on you for the entire day. Not only do you feel recharged, but spiritually awakened.

What's more, the body spray bottle bases are "made from recycled and recyclable materials"- it's friendly not only to your skin but to the earth!

Fresh and Citrusy Like A Garden

If you want to embody the definition of loving Mother Nature and the carefree tree-hugging energy, the scent of Dad's Garden may just be right for you.

Shop the Dad's Garden Lemon Tree Body Spray here.

This playful scent is everything light and joyful, and the combination of lemonade and herbal scents will make you want to skip with delight.

Created with the combination of lemon oil and lime oil, this citrus scent is all about that uplifting, refreshing energy. I love how this scent feels like a whole new world that feels down to earth.

The airy lemon-lime scent is combined with a grounding, refreshing herbal combination. I love how the lavender oil adds a floral, sweet note to the scent, giving this an overall sunny summer day vibe.

Spritz on this in the morning after your shower for the best dose of refreshment and instantly feel reenergized- and carry the sunshine and summer warmth with you throughout the day!

Color Your Hair The Natural Way

Dying your hair doesn't always have to be that messy process of chemicals and nasties. In fact, hair dye can be derived from nature itself; with henna, you can combine the most luxurious, nourishing formula to color your hair in a safe and effective way.

What happens when you mix the finest Persian henna with fair trade organic cocoa butter? Vibrant color and loads of shine, naturally!


What really sets apart Lush's henna dyes is how it doesn't harm your hair for the desired result. "Our henna dyes work like a varnish over your natural hair color to coat every strand with a protective layer, boosting condition and giving a healthy gloss," says Lush, "Using an herbal hair dye like henna means that every result is completely unique and emerging roots look much more subtle compared to synthetic dye alternatives."

From a wide range of colors ranging from vibrant red to dreamy chestnut, the henna blocks come in a total of five shades: Rouge, Noir, Marron, Brun, and Vénitien.

To learn more about how to use henna on your hair, read Lush's step-by-step guide here.

The Marron For A Warm Brunette

Combine a pop of red with the warmth of brown for the upcoming autumn season with the Marron.

Shop the Marron Henna here.

This block of henna comes wrapped in the most gorgeous paper; with navy and mature, deep shades that delicately create an intriguing design, the henna feels special from the opening.

Perfect for dark blondes and medium brown hair to add a tint of caramel-chestnut, this henna is all about changing your hair in a subtle yet noticeable way.

The combination of Iranian red henna and ground coffee makes the end result a beautiful of a combination of a brunette with tints of red in the sunlight. I like that it's not too bright of a red, but still jaw-droppingly pretty in the glow of the sunlight. Lush says it best: "Marron is the perfect starter henna for those who want to go red, but aren't quite brave enough to take the plunge just yet."

I love how this henna is made with all-natural ingredients; it doesn't stain or leave a stinging sensation like most chemical dyes do. The effect on the hair texture is also quite notable; the addition of cocoa butter makes the hair feel so smooth, soft, and shiny.

What's more, the cocoa butter is made in an eco-friendly way: as Lush shares, "Our fair trade organic cocoa butter is grown by farmers in eastern Congo (DRC). We pay a premium that allows them to invest in their local communities."

This is the perfect shade for autumn; it feels natural yet eye-catching, and I love how it combines two shades in one!

The Rouge For A Fiery Glow

If you're looking to go ginger all the way, the Rouge is just right for you. The reddest out of all of Lush's hennas, this attention-grabbing shade will make you feel bold yet ethereal at the same time.

Shop the Rouge Henna here.

Just like with the Marron henna, the Rouge is wrapped in gorgeous wrapping paper with a stunning textile design. I love how it's both package free and also makes you feel as if you're opening a present!

This henna block is made by a combination of Iranian henna with fair trade organic cocoa butter, with an addition of organic lemon juice that brings out the fiery glow.

If you have lighter hair, the Rouge will have a stronger effect and a bright red showing, while those with darker hair will have a more auburn coloring added to the darker tint.

I love how this formula is easy on the skin and scalp, and how easygoing it is. It is also not too difficult to use and provides color that can be layered on top of natural hair colors to give it a more natural red-head look.

The pop of red will make you feel like a completely new persona and will feel so empowering!

Make The Process Easy

To get the best of of the henna dying experience, use a brush applicator to make the process run so much smoother and easier!

Shop the Henna Tint Brush here.

This handy-dandy applicator is made from sustainable bamboo. I love how it contains no plastic (which ends up in the landfills) and that it's made with natural ingredients.

The brush is complete with fine bristles at the end that are gentle on the skin and scalp. It also takes on the henna mixture efficiently and does a spectacular job of applying the henna onto the hair.

The handle is on the longer side, making it so much more effortless to reach the locks of hair without making a mess. It makes the hair dye process so much more easy, fun, and quicker!

To use this brush, all you have to do is "simply dip your tint brush into the cooled henna mixture and apply to your roots, or paint the henna all the way to your ends depending on how much coloring you need."

Tap Out And Tune In

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