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Give the Sweetest Gift This Mother's Day with a One-Of-Kind Lush "Me Time" Experience

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May 12, 2023

With Mother's Day right around the corner, the search for finding Mom the perfect gift is all on our radars, but it can be harder than it looks. If you're looking to gift Mom with a carefully thought-out package of self-care, Lush has exactly what you need.

A brand centered around bringing fresh, handmade self-care goodies, Lush has created some of the most unique, beloved scents all packed in playful bubble bars, bath bombs, gels, and so much more. Whether you're yearning for the feel of a breezy weekend in a lemon garden or looking for a burst of moody mint and spice, Lush perfectly encapsulates those unexplainably beautiful moments of life.

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Plus, Lush's values add an extra special dazzle to this ultimate care package of love. With their dedication to anti-animal testing, naked packaging for sustainability, 100% vegetarian products, ethical buying, and handmade processes, Lush represents goodness in self-care and is genuinely making a positive difference through their cosmetics.

The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Set

This ultimate gift set has it all: from products perfect for morning to night for all baths, showers, and skincare regimens, the Happy Mother's Day Gift Set is a soothing whirlwind of beautifully crafted scents.

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The gift set includes the Sleepy Shower Gel, Dream Cream Body Lotion, Brightside Bubble Bar, Tea Party Bath Bomb, Deep Sleep Epsom Salt Cube, and the Honey I Washed the Kids Soap.

The Sleepy Shower Gel is the most soothing lavender-tonka wash that you'll ever come across. This lilac bottle of magic will have you all ready for bedtime, and the sweetness of this scent will make you feel like you're already sleeping on a cloud. Forget about sleep troubles- this will wash that all away!

The Dream Cream Body Lotion has it all to keep your skin oh-so-smooth and nourished. With a stunning combination of rich cocoa butter, olive oil, oat milk, rose/lavender/chamomile oils, your skin will be seriously thanking you for the best skinfood ever. I just love applying this after a deep dive in the bubble bath- it'll have you feeling like you emerged from an amazing spa session.

The Brightside Bubble Bar knows how to perk things up with a bright fizz! With an exciting burst of yellow and orange for a dazzling show in the tub, this bubble bar produces a mountain of rainbow bubbles that looks like it came straight out of a storybook. With its vivid sunset shades, this bubble bar is simply unforgettable, and the sweet citrus and lovely gardenia scents will make you feel like you're full of energy.

The Tea Party Bath Bomb keeps the tea piping and sweet with its pretty pink shade and popping candy fizzes. I love how exciting it is to drop this bath bomb in the tub, and the fun popping sounds make it a special experience!

The Deep Sleep Epsom Salt Cube is a must for those thorough rest-up moments, and this is the perfect inclusion for Mom to use on the wind-down days. This magnesium-rich cube has the powerful combination of chamomile and triple dose of lavender to melt away all troubles. This in the bathtub will have your muscles and body feeling at ease!

The Honey I Washed the Kids Soap is a Lush classic and fan favorite, and for good reason. This lighthearted soap combines the sweet nostalgia of caramel and butterscotch for that irresistibly smooth feeling. I love how the infusion of honey makes the hand feel so soft- it's like a hand cream and soap in one, and I couldn't be more obsessed.

Balanites Soap

Gone are the days of boring soap bars- it's time to keep things interesting and deliciously suave.

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With a navy shade with hints of alluring green and purple tints that give the bar of soap a mystical look, the Balanites Soap sure knows how to keep it cool. With two bright pink swirls in the center of the soap, the Balanites Soap has a layered depth.

Plus, the Balanites Soap smells just as good as it looks. As Lush shares, the soap is named "for the evergreen tree found primarily in Northern Africa and often called the soap berry tree for the small lychee-like fruit it produces." With such intriguing ingredients, Lush has created a one-of-a-kind soap with a scent that keeps you relaxed yet piqued with interest.

With a gorgeous combination of balanite oil with gentle lavender, soothing oat flour, hydrating cocoa butter, and that sharp pep of tea tree oil to keep things fresh and bright, the Balanites soap is one of a kind.

No joke, every time the Balanites soap runs under water, the bubbles are more rainbow than others and my hands feel oh-so-clean and soft afterwards. It definitely puts liquid soap out of the game, and the visual appeal makes it one of the most special soap bars!

Mimosa Shower Gel

Get Mom the best scent to use for the daily- the Mimosa is celebration and joy all packed in a juicy orange punch!

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If I could make any scent my signature scent, it would be Lush's Mimosa scent. This gorgeous orange bottle carries some of the most luscious, bright, happy-go-lucky scent that will have you up and dancing to your favorite jams.

This stunning citrus shower gel is the best thing to lather up in. I just love how sweet and fresh it smells, and how it'll linger on your skin for the entire day. The gel has the perfect citrus undertones that remind you of the joyful summer days, and the floral scent will make everything ten times more positive.

Plus, the shower gel is made with a combination of brightening orange, elderflower for healthy skin, and glycerin for that supple smoothness. Plus, as Lush shares: "The mimosa flower is often used to celebrate women; it symbolizes respect, dignity and kindness, making it the perfect ingredient to include when thanking your mother figure this year!"

Pop this on Mom's shower shelf for the perfect morning washes, and she'll start every day on a high note!

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