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'Tis the Season for Bubble Baths and Brightness: Cheer Up the Holidays with Lush

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December 05, 2022

The Christmas season is finally here, and we couldn't be more excited to count down to the day we get to give and open our gifts. And when it comes to gifts, Lush is the sole place that can truly bring on the wow factor to the extreme.

A brand with a foundation set on spreading goodness like glitter, Lush is all about self-care and world care. Dedicated to creating fresh, 100% vegetarian, handmade cosmetics, and supporting ethical buying, naked packaging, as well as fighting animal testing, Lush is the true embodiment of a brand making positive change in the global community.

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With a stunning line of bath, shower, and personal care products, Lush is well beloved for its creative line- for good reason. A good dose of humor and whimsical imagination does wonder, and Lush creates a beautiful vision for knowing how to take "me time" to the max.

The Art Of Christmas Bathing

If you want to go big or go home this Christmas, look no further than the Art of Christmas Bathing gift set from Lush. A gigantic gift set featuring seventeen limited-edition and classic fragrant, vivid, and fun-filled bath bombs and bubble bars, this is all about having a blast in the bathtub!

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What I love most about Lush's bath sets is that they are exciting for all ages and occasions- and they truly bring so much joy. There is something so beautifully calming about settling in for a warm bath, while also thrilling at the same time to see it bubble up in rainbow shades!

From a glittering golden angel to the most adorable lavender teddy bear, this stunning collection of bath magic is full of delightful surprises.

Sweet Pudding Bath Bomb

You've found the mistletoe!

Keep it sweet and sugary with this gorgeous-mistletoe-studded bath bomb. With a silky and creamy blend of tanka absolute and almond essential oil, this bath bomb will leave your skin feeling oh-so-soft and better than your average body cream.

I just love the explosion of light to vivid pink with this bath bomb- with its sweet floral-like aroma, you'll feel so bright and uplifted.

Snowman Finger Puppet Bath Bomb

Bath bombs don't have to just fizz in the water- they can act as a puppet on your finger for a delightful snowman show! This adorable snowman bath bomb even has an engraved scarf and buttons, all complete with the bright orange "carrot" nose!

This minty bath bomb is infused with the scent of sharp peppermint but keeps it laid back with milky oat waters that'll soothe sensitive skin. There's nothing more calming to come to after a long chilly day of winter!

Snow Drift Bath Bomb

This beautiful blue and white bath bomb will make you feel as if you're in a winter wonderland. With icy swirls of eucalyptus, peppermint and lemongrass oils, you'll feel the most refreshed you've ever been. Just sinking into the bathtub with this light blue mix feels like everything is melting away, nice and clean.

I just adore the snowflake design all over the bath bomb, but also the silver shimmer it releases amidst the foams of bath bomb snow!

Snow Fairy Roll Bubble Bar

It's time to delight in the sweetness of the bubblegum-pink Snow Fairy- a Christmas extravaganza with layers of pink and white bubbles and foam!

With a candy-sweet scent, this bubble bar keeps the holiday spirits as high as the height of the rainbow bubbles that'll pile up in the bath. The glitter and fluffiness of it all will seriously make you feel like a kid on Christmas day.

Lush says it best: with this bath bomb, "\you'll emerge feeling just like a fairy yourself, bubble wings and all."

Snow Fairy Bath Bomb

This limited edition bath bomb features two snowflakes on either side- a snowy white and hot pink- and they fizz slowly as they swirl across the waters, making it a spectacle to watch. The bright burst of pink makes the bath a stunning shade, while the white side adds in gorgeous swirls in between.

I just adore the burst of bright blue and how the waters smell just like sweet sugar- it's truly the magic of the one and only Snow Fairy!

Snow Dragon Bath Bomb

In every storybook, there has to be a dragon- except in this fairytale, this particular dragon can fizz and froth but is as cheery as can be. This baby blue dragon features purple and metallic flecks on its back, which release into a blend of lemon and grapefruit in the bath.

This bath bomb is oh-so-uplifting and mood-boosting, and powder blue waters feel like a dream. The addition of sea salt makes your skin feel brighter and the candy cackles make the bath even more exciting!

Sleepy Bear Bath Bomb

This adorable sleepy bear is perfect for running a bath right before heading to bed so that you can get a full night's beauty sleep. With a gorgeous combination of lavender, tanka, and ylang-ylang, you'll feel totally at ease with a lingering floral scent.

Made with fair trade organic cocoa butter and oatmeal, this will leave your skin feeling the softest it's ever been. Plus, Lush's fair trade organic cocoa butter is grown by farmers in eastern Congo (DRC), and is paid with premium that allows them to invest in their local communities- a total plus to this wonderful bear!

Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb

This bath bomb is for all the dreamers- may we never forget to shoot for the stars! This limited-edition bath bomb keeps things out of this world with an electric blue shade with patterns of shiny gold stars.

Once in the water, it'll start spinning into captivating swirls of the galaxy and the shimmers of gold among royal blue. With the combination of fair trade organic cocoa butter, butterscotch, and honeycomb scent, this is all about keeping it effortlessly cool.

Partridge In A Pear Tree Bath Bomb

Want to have a luxurious spa day in the comfort of your own bathtub? Look no further! Just drop this golden ornament into the bath- except, it's it's actually a shimmering bronze bath bomb, engraved in an intricate, gorgeous design!

Infused with vitamin-rich pear powder that powerfully combines with the water to release a fruity scent, this bath bomb is all about cleansing and softening the skin in a relaxing manner. Set your head and shoulders back- it's time to spa, the right way!

Moon Bath Bath Bomb

Take a relaxing bath in the moonlight of the Moon Bath. This calming bath bomb helps ground you in the cold, cold season. With a combination of citrus that lifts everything into the air and settles a stunning scent on the skin, this bath bomb makes the experience invigorating.

The bath bomb has a popping red core with shimmers all around that keep the waters bright and bold.

Magical Santa Bath Bomb

There's nothing that better represents the Christmas gift-giving spirit than Santa Claus- and this bath bomb in itself is a gift! My favorite thing about this bath bomb is the powerful combination of nature's ingredients that make this such a fun soak in the tub.

With a gorgeous blend of Sicilian lemon and rosewood oils, the bath bomb itself is like a good spritz of body fragrance. The magically bright pink colors come from a natural blend of beetroot juice, raspberry, and turmeric powders.

Golden Angel Bubble Bar

If you've ever dreamed of sinking into a cloud of fluffy bubbles... your dream is about to come true! This all-over shimmery, glittery golden angel can multiply into a cloud of bubbles when washed under running water.

The bubbles give off Lush's classic honey-toffee scent, a must for the sweet holidays and an ode to the cozy weather. (Of course, as Lush assures us, the glitter is biodegradable and the ingredients are completely vegan!)

Gift Horse Bath Bomb

As Lush calls it- this cheeky chappy is all about having a good time! This funny gift horse is of course a must for the holidays.

With a combination of mood-boosting "bergamot, citrusy lemon oil, and the soft fragrance of orange flower absolute"- this bath bomb will have you dancing and prancing. With a good dose of plastic-free glitter, this is as festive as can be!

Crystal Snow Bath Bomb

This pure white bath bomb is a gorgeous beauty, topped off with bright blue crystal-like sea salts. With a snowy mixture with swirls of light blue in between, this bath bomb is all about that calm energy.

The coarse sea salts on top help "soften skin and soothe sore muscles"- making it perfect to have a good rest during the holidays, while spicing it up with hints of peppermint oil and keeping it homey with vanilla.

Cinnamon Roll Bubble Bar

If you love the tradition of having sweet glazed cinnamon rolls on Christmas mornings, this is the perfect go-to when relaxing in the tub. Run this under the sink to create a huge pile of fluff and bubbles to rest on.

The scent smells just like warm, toasty cinnamon sugar sprinkled with hints of orange and patchouli oils to make you feel as if you're in a holiday movie.

Candy Cane Reusable Bubble Bar

If you've ever wished you could use up a Lush product all over again, your wish is about to come true! With Lush's Candy Cane Bubble Bar, you can keep those bubble bars going again and again! Simply give the candy cane a twirl under running water, then set it aside to dry so you can use it next time.

With a gorgeous combination of uplifting Sicilian lemon and bergamot oil, this feels minty and fresh- just like a real candy cane.

Butterbear Bath Bomb

I think this might be the cutest teddy bear I've ever seen, and it's actually a bath bomb! This gorgeous lavender butterbear is here to say sweet dreams with its little nightcap on.

Made with a combination of fair trade organic cocoa butter, this is made to nourish your skin and soothe your body overall. It has a vegan synthetic musk, so the scent will stay on with you. This takes bear hug literally, and I adore it!

Psst... Take The Gift Quiz!

Not sure what to get your best friend, your neighbor, or even your awkward Secret Santa exchange person? Take Lush's Gift Quiz to find our what best fits! As Lush promises: "handmade with ethically-sourced ingredients and materials, we can help you find the perfect, pre-wrapped gift for anyone on your list."

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Have A Jolly Holiday!

Bath times just got seventeen times more fun with Lush's epic gift set. Whether you surprise your loved one with this gorgeous collection this holiday (or enjoy it for yourself...), always remember that acts of kindness and love can brighten anything!

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