Give It Another Go: Why & How You Should Never Give Up

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November 13, 2021

You will often find yourself in a situation that has pushed you to your limit. One that makes you just want to stop where you are and give up. These moments of life are there to make you question whether or not you are determined to fight for what you want.

Falling after too many tries is not a sign to quit what you are doing; rather, it is motivation to keep going. Yes, it can be discouraging when you try your best but don’t make it, but that doesn’t mean you should stop trying.

Purpose Of Life’s Struggles

Struggle exists to test and push you throughout any situation in your life. Life wasn’t made to be an easy ride. If it was, how would you learn?

Struggle is an indication of change and growth. It leads you to your future. Even though struggling is tough, it’s a great thing in life.

Those who succeed have experienced immense challenges that have made them question whether there is a purpose for trying. Everyone has struggled in life, and it’s not pointless.

The struggle you're in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow - Robert Tew

Be Grateful

Whether you’re struggling with school, finance, work, family, etc. you can often forget about the good of the experience. It shouldn’t be a time to be negative, but instead a time of gratitude. Being grateful for the struggles in your life is important and beneficial because it allows you to be resilient. Struggles build your individual character, allowing you to be stronger and smarter when struggling throughout life.

Living In Regret

Say you’ve given up on your dream job because it’s not going the way you expected. You’ve tried your best to stay positive and push through, but it’s just not working for you. Then, maybe a few weeks, months, or even years later, you find yourself wishing that you hadn't quit because staying would've meant living a completely different and seemingly much better life.

Challenges are placed in life for a reason. If everything came so easy, we would all be rich living extravagant lives. We wouldn’t have a single ounce of knowledge about working hard for success.

But, this is reality, we all want to do great in life, have a well-paid job, a loving family and even a nice house. Most of us have to constantly work and put in our 100% to achieve these goals. Challenges will obviously occur, but it’s amazing what your efforts can do.

So think about it this way, do you want to live in regret? Constantly wishing that you hadn’t made the choice of walking away from what could’ve been. Knowing you only left because things were too hard.

You are capable of anything, and you can strive for success by continuously trying. In times when we do have the options of moving forward or leaving, that’s all up to us.

Fear regret more than failure - Taryn Rose

Your Story Can Inspire Others

Before giving up, imagine yourself successful in the future and someone asks you, “how did you do it?”. You tell them your story and mention that it was a difficult journey. Six months later, you see them again, and they tell you that you inspired them to go for what they want, no matter the types of challenges that may get in the way. Your story of struggling and finding hope can motivate others to face the hardships of success head-on.

Remember why you started

When you’re on the verge of giving up, you’re usually thinking about how good it would be to stop trying. But why did you start in the first place? You wanted something for yourself and thought that you could do it.

The fact is that you can do it. It’s just difficult at the moment, but there is a reason why you are trying. So, don’t let your negative thoughts make you forget your goals and why you want to achieve them.

Success takes patience

Having patience is a required factor when it comes to achieving success. Being impatient results in impulsive decisions. You may make decisions that may not better your situation.

If you thought about it carefully beforehand, you probably wouldn't be where you are now. Being patient means that you don’t want to rush to success and that you understand that it takes time. It’s like art.

Artists spend so much of their time creating and perfecting their artwork. They don’t plan to complete a masterpiece within a day. It may take days, weeks or months, but artists know that art can’t be rushed.

So, after their countless days of working hard, they finally finish their artwork, and it’s beautiful and perfect. See, to achieve success, it takes patience and a lot of effort. In the end, you will find the final outcome satisfying and perfect, like an artwork.

Finding New Ways

If you are truly determined to fight for what you want, you will continuously get back up from every fall and try again. However, trying again doesn’t always mean doing it the same way you did it before. You can find new approaches to achieving your goals.

This obviously doesn’t eliminate the chances of it not working, but again, use each let-down as motivation to find a new way of persevering. If you want something really bad, you'll have to do anything to get it.

For instance, you’ve realized that your new job isn’t going well. This is what you’ve been wanting to do ever since you were young, but you’re always busy with your work and your stress levels are high. But, instead of quitting, you find new approaches to handling your workload.

You start being organized, managing your time better and giving yourself a moment to relax. After doing this, for let’s say, one month, you find yourself enjoying your job. You haven’t been stressed in a while and managing your work isn’t too difficult. See, if you search for new ways to overcome your challenge, you will eventually get to where you want to be.

Being Prepared For Failure

Determination for success is followed by moments of failure. Failure is often very intimidating, especially just the thought of it. It’s normal to be scared of the idea of failure, but you can’t always run away from something just because you’re scared.

Failure is purposely trying to intimidate you, but you shouldn’t let it have that effect on you. You must be prepared for those times, or else you will struggle to cope with them, making the chances of you giving up even greater. There are ways not to be threatened by the idea of failure.

  1. Redefine ‘Failure’

    The word itself is already very negative, but you can make it mean something positive, like, “an opportunity to work harder”. By doing this, you will be able to approach ‘failure’ with a new and improved perspective.

  2. Focus on learning

    Use those moments of ‘failure’ to your advantage. Use them to learn and improve. Reflect on your actions, evaluate where you can improve and what you can add. This will benefit your personal growth because you will be deepening your mindset and will benefit the way you approach other situations.

Failure is not the opposite of success; it's part of success.

It’s okay to ask for help

Asking for help can make you feel weak because you can’t do something by yourself. Yes, it’s good to be independent, but in times of struggle, leaning on a friend or family member can help you. They can provide you with extra guidance and support throughout your journey to success.

In this way, you can progress and learn alongside your support system. Remember, help is given to those who are willing to ask for it.

What A Strong Mindset Can Do

What does it mean to have a strong mindset? Is it to have a strong attitude? Strong opinions?

Well, it’s both. To have a strong mindset, your attitude must be positive and determined to achieve your goals. How can one get what they want with a bad attitude?

It’s like when you ask your parents for something with a rude tone. Is it likely that they will give you what you want? No!

But if you ask them in a kind and polite tone, there’s a higher chance you will get it. A strong and positive attitude is very important when you can come across bumps in life.

If you have a strong attitude, plus strong opinions, you have a great mindset. When your opinions are strong, you are someone who deeply believes in things, especially when it comes to yourself. This is important because believing in yourself matters more than others believing in you.

Without your strong belief, achieving your goal is pointless. So, if you want something, you must feel confident enough to do it.

It’s okay to feel discouraged sometimes. Life is full of challenges that make us feel frustrated and upset. What’s important is that you don’t take it as a sign to give up, but instead as a sign to keep going.

Not everything is easy, but you must learn to be resilient to achieve your goal. Remain confident in yourself, be confident and positive. You can achieve anything if you want it badly enough!

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