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Everything to Know About Olivia Rodrigo's Newly Announced GUTS World Tour

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Thu, October 05

The year was 2019, no newcomer could lead the billboard due to the worldwide recognition of the famous artists dominating it.

But then, in 2021, ' Driver's Licence ' was released, and soon, a teenager from California topped the billboard. It was the hour when

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Rodrigo became the pandemic superstar. So, what makes Rodrigo different? If you are one of those audiences who started to think that her music is all about her breakups after the titles she released in the past 1 year, then you must hear GUTS and you will surely feel Olivia is not afraid of accepting who she is and that is the beauty of her music, something that attracts generation of today - an artist who speaks for themselves and the world through their music!!!. With the announcement of her recent world tour named after her album GUTS, Rodrigo is all set to prove the fact that Swifties are not only listening to amazing music but they are creating it too!


According to Olivia, most of the songs from her music album GUTS were made during her 19th year. She believes that her transition from a teen to a 20-year-old was filled with so many teenage mistakes, confusions and new findings about herself and the people around her and that is what makes the album special for her. With a stream of about 199.59 million, GUTS is comprised of about 12 soundtracks and the sophomore album is already a success.

She says that she likes her songs to be messy. Well, we can't say that the songs from her latest music albums are messy, but they are for sure a mix of so many things. They have princessy feelings at the start, which later turns out to be an amazing mixture of rock music, well experimented to bring 90s Hollywood dramas and musical nostalgia back and that will, of course, help so many people relate to its music and the overall aesthetic, while the teenagers are already fans of Olivia's songwriting skills.

As of now, GUTS has mostly received positive reviews from listeners all around the world. While the songs from the album Sour were written mostly to channel out and recover from teenage breakups, her new musical album shows Olivia's resilience and the independent spirit of her music, as she says in one of her songs:

I pay attention to the things most people ignore .......[ From All American [censored] ]

This is what makes her music so relatable yet new to the listeners. "You never know how her songs will start or end or whether they will have the same tone'' says one of the YouTube streamers viewing her album. This is probably what makes people get hooked up to her songs and return to listening to them. GUTS is not an album just for music lovers, but it's also an important discovery in the world of pop music.

When listening to the album, the music unfolds as a captivating and exhilarating experience, thanks to the innovative experimentation with tunes and beats. In one of her interviews, Olivia mentioned the pressure built on singers to release music that meets the expectations of fans and how there were times when she was not able to come up with any new ideas GUTS is also a testimonial to the fact that Olivia is not spending much time taking her fame seriously or feeling burdened by it, as the saying goes ''Good art speaks for itself and the artist''. Here is the list of some amazing songs from the album GUTS and what to expect while listening to them:

All American [censored]

The song starts with a classic and folky vibe which later on perfectly mingles with a bit of rock and high beats, diving down to the lyrics, both humorous and thoughtful, conveying a distinctive sense of uniqueness and empowerment. There is one moment when you are into that calm classical music and the very next moment the song switches to pure rock beats. On listening closely to this song, you are mostly supposed to interpret the fact that the regular transitions from classic to pop beats shows a kind of revolt between how society interprets us vs.How we really are?

Since this album was written by a teenager, the song, in several instances, is filled with questions and self-doubts, but as brilliant are her responses during her interviews. The yelling and the words ''I know my place'' are an answer to all the self, doubts and questions society poses and which, for Olivia, are the answers to all the people telling her songs lack maturity and how she needs to be different from her original self to fit in the music industry.


The best thing about the song is that a minute you are into listening to it and you can immediately relate to what it's about. A song which might seem angelic yet creepy at the same time is proof of Olivia's versatility as an artist. While the other songs are filled with different kinds of tunes, this song has a rather constant or subtle tone. The song is sung in a calming pitch and represents jealousy in a very light and airy manner, something faced by most of us. The song draws the issues of comparisons between women in a patriarchal society, while the words

''I feel your compliments like bullets on skin'' is something felt by people who overthink every situation and have witnessed toxicity in friendships and relations previously.

Its not wrong to say that this is 'the one song' from GUTS that captures both music and deep lyrics at the same time and is sure to leave the listeners wondering.


“How's the castle built of people you pretend to care about? Just what you wanted”. This proves Rodrigeo a lyrical genius.

I literally felt goosebumps while listening to Vampire because of the kind of desperation she sings the song with .Olivia is good at singing emotions and successful in proving this fact. It's a song not only filled with self-reflection in relationships, but also with the art of reflection and evolution as a person and accepting your mistakes. The song is somehow successful in catching the repressed emotions inside each listener and is something that immediately connects you to the song.

Making the bed

While GUTS is an album all about the epitome of growing up leaving people behind and still living confused about your decisions. This song represents the spirit of the album in the best way possible. The song sets your imagination free and its full of dilemma at the same time helps you to rejoice and enjoy this phase of growing up with soulful yet strong voice and enchanting light music.

The greatest strength of Olivia as a song writer is her ability to write lyrics that people can relate with. The songs make the point clear that, though we are all playing victims in our heads, we should not neglect accepting our mistakes and decisions affecting our lives. It's okay to do so and we should bravely accept it. The song beautifully illustrates the phase of teenage years filled with confusions and self-doubts and its okay to accept them and move on. As the song says:

'' Its me who is making the bed''

Ballad of a homeschooled girl

This song, for sure, is going to be the new anthem of introverts and homeschooled girlies around the world. But there is more the song has to offer the listener. You play the song and you are hit hard by 90's garage music and grunge beats.

If social anxiety was to be a book, this song would really have served as a preface to it. A perfect example of what goes inside the mind of a socially anxious person, this song with amazing vocals of Olivia experimenting with classic rock music, is a perfect song which is for sure going to hit the charts. The line saying ''I cant think of a third line'' and switching into a rendition of la la la......la proves the fact that Rodriego's writing is spontaneous and effective at the same time.

bring him back

This song from GUTS is by far the most debated song. Like other songs, it has been equally experimented with rock music . There is a small rap, some talking, which then turns into a chorus .

The double meaning of getting him back brings both anger and jealousy into the frame and describes the complications of these feelings and how it's human nature to be not satisfied with one's decisions. The song is catchy and, therefore, is most people's favorite from the musical album.

GUTS world tour

This tour is the second world tour of Olivia Rodrigo in support of her recent album GUTS . Rodrigo first announced the dates of her tour on Sep 13 this year.With shows in various different cities across the United States, Canada, and Europe.On September 15, 2023, Rodrigo announced 18 additional dates across North America and Europe due to "overwhelming demand". On September 19, 2023, a second date was announced for Lisbon and Antwerp due to "incredible demand", as well as a venue upgrade for the Oslo show.Ticketmaster deemed the demand as "massive", notifying that "there are still more fans who registered than there are tickets available. The tour will start at Palm Springs, California with most of the spring estimated to be spent in Europe and Canada and in July she will fly back to the US, concluding the tour next year in August.

While all of the fans are excited about Olivia's musical performance. Other artists like The Breeders, Pink Panthress. Chappell Roon and Remi Wolf will also be giving exciting performances at selected dates during the tour.While standard tickets retail between $49.50 and $199.50 plus taxes and fees, Rodrigo is also introducing Silver Star Tickets, a limited number of $20 tickets (plus taxes and fees) to “make it as easy and affordable as possible for her fans to make it out to her shows.” These must be purchased in pairs and seat locations will be revealed the day of the show. Silver Star Tickets will be available at a later, as-yet-undisclosed date.Olivia is also launching a charitable trust by the name of Fund 4 Good to support women and a part of the sales of the tickets is supposed to be donated for the cause.

With seven Grammy nominations and the prestigious Best Newcomer Artist award under her belt, Olivia is undoubtedly poised to shatter even more records on her GUTS world tour.

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