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Is 'GUTS' Or 'SOUR' the Better Album? an Olivia Rodrigo Review

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Sun, January 21

First, if you’re a Livie like me, you’ll know that both Sour and Guts are incredibly fantastic albums by Olivia Rodrigo. But the real question is which one is better? Let's start with Sour, Olivia’s first album, and review that one.


The first song, from Sour, is the song Brutal. Brutal in all honesty is my favorite song off of Sour. It talks about Olivia’s insecurities, complaints about the world, and everything that makes her mad.

I really enjoy this song given the fact that it talks about all of those things that I can relate to. I also like how upbeat the tempo is. I think it's a very powerful song.


Unlike her song Brutal it’s not as upbeat, it's more mellow and almost a little bit sad. It talks about heartbreak and betrayal from someone she used to date. She said, “I was really obsessed with this idea that somebody could be so close to you and then just turn around and be with somebody else so quickly. And I think that’s such a universal thing that people go through.” I can’t relate to Traitor given I’ve never gone through a breakup, or one so deep, but I can understand what Olivia is saying and I feel for her.

Driver's License

Third, we have the one and only driver's license. The song that boosted Olivia’s popularity, the song that got Taylor Swift to recognize Olivia, the groundbreaking song. Drive’s license has been heavily rumored to be about Joshua Bassett whom Olivia dated for a few months (or so we think they dated).

The rumors have it that Olivia and Josh dated for a few months before splitting it off due to whatever reasons. Later on not too long after the breakup, Joshua is seen with Sabrina Carpenter and this is where the rumors started and what the song is about. I love Driver's license since almost any girl can relate to it. It's also a scream or sing-in-your-car type of song and I love those types of songs. I mean, who doesn’t?

1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back

1 step forward, 3 steps back is next on the tracklist. To be honest this is my least favorite song on the album. It is a back-and-forth relationship between a moody boyfriend and Olivia that goes on.

Deja Vu

Deja vu is also a very popular song on the Sour album. Similar to Driver's license, it talks about how an ex-moved on quickly and did all the things that he did with Olivia with his new girlfriend. In all honesty, I would also be upset if this happened to me.

Good 4 U

“Good for you, look happy and healthy.” This song lives rent-free in my head all the time, given that it's been played so many times. Olivia talks about another messy break-up, crying about how he’s moved on so quickly acting as if she never existed. That would break my heart as well, especially if I liked them a lot like Olivia seemed to.

Enough For You

Enough for you, was Olivia upset about how her ex not putting in the same effort as she did into the relationship, which is crazy and sad to me that people don’t even try to.


Happier is probably the sweetest song to Olivia’s ex. She talks about how she hopes her ex is happy with his girlfriend but she puts a twist on it, saying not as happy as he was with Olivia.

Jealousy, Jealousy

Jealousy Jealousy has to be my second favorite song of the amazing album. It’s similar to brutal, although Olivia can’t help but compare herself to others. I feel as if everyone does that no matter how they look, everyone is always comparing themselves to others.

I know I do it. It can take a toll on you as well though.

Favorite Crime

Second to last is favorite crime. Olivia examines a dysfunctional relationship, giving us lots of examples, and allowing us to picture it. It's hard to imagine how a relationship like that could go on.

Hope Ur OK

Last but not least Hope Ur ok does a total spin away from what the rest of the album is about. In hope you’re ok she sends a message to those in trouble, someone who’s abused, someone who has been banned by by their parents. This song made me sad and made me really think about other people's lives and what they go through.

Overall the album is fantastic. Relating to a lot of girls that go through lots of things. Here are some of other people's opinions:

“I recently listened to Olivia Rodrigo's highly anticipated debut album, 'Sour,' and all I can say is that I will just be hugging this one forever. The 18-year-old Disney star turned singer-songwriter has crafted a masterpiece that captures the essence of teenage angst and heartbreak in the most raw and authentic way.”

I agree wholeheartedly that it is very raw and authentic. Not only does Olivia talk about herself but she relates it back to others and gives us insight for those who may not have experienced it.

“This album is the best album I've ever listened to. It's so emotional and soothing. Truly fascinating.”

It's very emotional and the best rollercoaster ride I’ve ever been on and I hate rollercoasters. It soothes the mind and body, it's just so satisfying.

Next, we’ll go onto her newest sophomore album which to me just hits differently.

All American B**ch

The first song off of Olivia’s Guts album is All American B**ch. This by far is my favorite song on this album. It first starts off slow and sweet but then it completely changes into a high-tempo rock song.

All American B**ch talks about how women and girls are perceived and expected to do things. Olivia does exactly how I feel about it, trying to make a point nicely and then giving up because it's just too much to deal with.

Bad Idea, Right?

Second is Bad Idea, Right? Everyone’s been through that thought of going back to their ex or talking with their ex again. Olivia tells about her experience with this. It can be hard deciding to move on or go back to your ex and Olivia sings about struggling with this.


Her most popular track on her Guts album is called Vampire. Vampire is amazing in my wholehearted opinion. It talks about an ex of Olivia’s leeching off of her, using her, and manipulating her, which is uncalled for.


Lacy is third on the list. I also love Lacy as a song. It is Olivia’s way of saying she envies this perfect girl named Lacy.

Or so to Olivia’s standards, she's perfect. I’ve had people in my life like Lacy. Nobody is perfect but in someone else eyes they may be.

Ballad of a Homeschool GIrl

Oh my goodness, Ballad of a Homeschool Girl is so relatable. It's about Olivia going through everything a girl goes through, hating her clothes, changing how she looks, looking up how to flirt, laughing at the wrong time, and falling for the wrong guys. It's very relatable to some of the things I’ve gone through.

Making the Bed

This song is a slow, and soothing song, that talks about the new fame that Olivia struggles with it and how difficult it can be. I want to be a best-selling author but in my brain, the fame is totally different than what actually goes on in real life. I can’t even imagine what celebrities go through.


Logical is an amazing song but it's not in my top. Logical is about loving someone so much that you can be blinded by love that all logic is thrown out the window.

Get Him Back!

“I want to get him back!” Ooo, I just love that song. Olivia sings about how she’s conflicted about either getting him back or letting him go, of her ex. There are so many TikTok for this song as well. I am waiting for a friend to do this with.

Love Is Embarrassing

Love is embarrassing is so facts. It talks about struggling to put your heart on the line for someone who isn’t worth it.

The Grudge

The Grudge is another very relatable song that could be related to an ex or a friend. In this case, Olivia talks about an ex who mistreated her. I have also noticed that this song is popular on TikTok.

Pretty Isn’t Pretty

Pretty isn’t Pretty, oh man, what a song. The song is about how social media, magazines, and just people in general have set fashion and beauty standards for women that are hard to match.

Teenage Dream

Last but definitely not least is teenage dream. Growing up is never easy and in teenage dream, Olivia paints that picture for us of how truly real it is. I struggled to grow up a little just wanting to live up to my parents' expectations

Guts is an amazing album, so let's hear what others have to say about Guts.

“Love Olivia and love this album! She's developing a great girly pop meets riot girl sound, and I'm loving hearing those 90s grudge punk vibes coming back into today's mainstream!! Love the lyricism and her attitude in this one - she's really not holding back or taking herself too seriously, and it's working! My favourite track first listen is probably "Making the Bed." The only track that falls fort for me is "Illogical," as I feel like the same feelings were portrayed in a cooler and less cheesy way in another one of the tracks, "Love is Embarrassing." Would be a 4 star album for me just for that song falling short, but I'm adding an extra star for all of the bitter men who can't help but spew their dumb opinions of music that is and never will be for them. :)”

I absolutely agree with this paragraph, Olivia isn’t afraid of speaking her truth and I’m here for it.

“Amazing sophomore album! Lyrical genius and an amazing production. The sound brings me back to the 90s but it sounds so fresh for this generation.

Olivia is the sound of the gen z. Intuitive writing as she writes stories and emotions that are very relatable. I can feel more Grammy nominations and win. There is growth, progression, and maturity written all over this record. I’m in my 40s and I love her music.”

Wowz. I couldn’t agree more with how genius and amazing it is.

All in all, based on the reviews I’ve read it seems to be a tie between the two albums. In my honest opinion, I love both albums dearly. Sour was so authentic and relatable to anyone going through a deep breakup.

Whereas Guts was about every teenager’s life, heartbreak, stereotypes, and just life in general. It's so raw and true to life. If I had to pick between the two I would pick Guts. I can relate to it more than Sour. It touched me more deeply than Sour and most other albums. I also just really loved the song switch-ups in each song where a song could start slow and then be up-tempo, that really got me in the mood and in my feelings to connect with the songs. Both albums were great but Guts just really has my heart.

Which is your favorite?

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