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I Went to Olivia Rodrigo's GUTS World Tour: Here’s Everything You Should Expect

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Mon, February 26

Olivia Rodrigo has just kicked off her GUTS world tour, and let me just say this: it was absolutely amazing. If you didn't know, GUTS accumulated a total of 199.59 million streams, with all 12 tracks reaching the top 40 in the Hot 100, including a number one spot for her debut song 'Vampire.'

The First Night of the GUTS World Tour

This album was a hit, as most of her concert dates were sold out within a few days. Her first show was on February 23 in her home state of California at the Acrisure Arena in Palm Springs. Over 11,000 people sang along with the three-time Grammy Winner, letting each of Rodrigo's strong lyrics absorb them. Not only that, Rodrigo partnered with Fund 4 Good. Proceeds from each ticket will support "community-based nonprofits that champion girls' education ,support reproductive rights and prevent gender-based violence."

Chappell Roan was the opening act Friday night, and she will be for all of Rodrigo's tour dates through April 2. The openers will then be the Breeders for a few dates, followed by Remi Wolf and PinkPantheress

The show started with a bang as Rodrigo stood firmly in the middle of the stage, with her hand placed on her left hip. She wore a sequin silver top and sequin silver skirt that glistened across purple LED light flashing behind her. Once the first note played, fans began roaring as they knew this pop sensation was about to sing the second released song on the album' Bad Idea Right?' Rodrigo brought the energy fans needed as she jumped around the stage during the chorus as the audience belted the lyrics. Her outstanding vocals only became stronger throughout the night of her hour-and-a-half performance.

Soon after the iconic piano intro began playing, within the pitch darkness, an iridescent white light shines on Olivia as she grasps the microphone. She takes a deep breath before singing the first lyric of the number one song on GUTS, Vampire. "Hate to give the satisfaction, asking how you're doing now: the newly turned 21-year-old sang. A picture of the moon appeared behind her on stage as she continued to sing.

The audience sang along, and you could hear the emotion and pain flowing with Rodrigo's voice. You can hear how Olivia is feeling with each word she sings, and that is what makes her performance more special. The deep meaning behind the lyrics brought tears to some fans' eyes.

Of course, this music sensation couldn't forget her roots. In the fourth song, Olivia brought back a song from her debut album 'SOUR', which received over 10 billion streams in total and won her three Grammys. After singing 'Traitor", Olivia sang the song that broke her music career, 'Drivers License'.

This song gained lots of controversy in 2021, as fans thought this song was directed towards her ex-boyfriend and costar from 'High School Musical the Musical The Series,' Joshua Bassett. Olivia Rodrigo told Billboard, "I feel like last time, there was so much weird media s--t and I had no idea how to deal with any of it," she reflected. "Literally, it was the first song out of the gate and all of that s--t happened. I felt so ill-equipped."

Although this song had lots of different opinions, Rodrigo performed this ballad beautifully. Her voice quivered as she sat on the piano bench, playing the notes to the song. The crowd roars the lyrics word for word, with nostalgia striking the audience.

This was by far one of my favorite sets from the concert. The energy brought from the audience, combined with the effects and Olivia's voice, made it an unexplainable experience.

"I still hear your voice in the traffic, we're laughing

Over all the noise

God, I'm so blue, know we're through

But I still f*ckin' love you, babe."

-Drivers License

Olivia then performed more songs off her GUTS album, such as 'Teenage Dream,' while pictures and videos of her as a child playing on the screen behind her. This was to symbolize that she wasn't a kid anymore and that she was growing up. Rodrigo then did an outfit change for the song 'Pretty isn't Pretty.' She came out of the floor in a shiny black bralette and skirt and was wearing fishnet tights.

As she rose to the stage, background dancers surrounded her, sitting on the floor, holding up mirrors. This 21-year-old did an amazing job with incorporating props in her show to reinforce the message within her songs.

Just when you thought the show couldn't get any better, it did. It felt like you were watching a princess. The ceiling was hovering with stars as a cool purple light shined on the audience.

It no longer felt like Palm Springs, California. Rodrigo has immersed us into a universe. Fans became screaming as they watched Olivia sit on a light purple crescent moon that began to rise into the "starry night." As she rose to the ceiling while sitting on the crescent moon, she sang 'Logical,' which has been streamed on Spotify over 98 million times.

After singing 'Logical,' Rodrigo sang a few throwbacks from her debut album, such as 'Enough for You,' 'Favorite Crime,' 'Happier' and 'Deja Vu.' Once this musical sensation finished singing more songs, she ended the show with a song featured in the latest Mean Girl Movie Trailer. It was… 'Get Him Back'. The audience began screaming as Olivia Rodrigo walked onto the stage with a tank top with pink text saying, 'I'm just a girl.' She wore a sparkly silver skirt, leggings with silver stars on them, and black DocMartin boots.

Rodrigo carried a bright red megaphone and yelled, "Are you still with me Palm Springs?" The audience roared in response. The vibes were immaculate with this song. Rodrigo sang with some sass and attitude, and the dancers danced passionately behind her. It was a strong finish to her performance.

Outfits From Fans

You know that if you're going to an Olivia Rodrigo concert, you must dress the part. In the crowd, there were mostly teenagers in mid-thigh skirts and either black Doc Martins boots or Chuck Taylors. Almost everyone had at least one piece of clothing that was sparkly.

Waves of purple overflowed the audience. That was the color of the night. Many followers were inspired by Rodrigo and went for a more grunge look. Lots of teens' outfits had feminine symbols to accessorize their outfits, such as bows, corsets, and spangly miniskirts. Get some inspiration from the posts below.

@shrubjuniper COMMENT UR FAV!! HAPPY GUTS TOUR OPENING NIGHT!!!! wish i could be there but my shows are next week!!!!💜#guts #oliviarodrigo @Olivia Rodrigo @livies hq ❤️ #gutstour #gutsworldtour #sour #outfit #outfitinspo #concertoutfit #outfitideas ♬ bad idea right live - sourtraitor

The Setlist

  1. Bad Idea, Right?"
  2. "Ballad of a Homeschooled Girl"
  3. "Vampire"
  4. "Traitor"
  5. "Drivers License"
  6. "Teenage Dream"
  7. "Pretty isn’t Pretty"
  8. "Love is Embarrassing"
  9. "Making the Bed"
  10. "Logical"
  11. "Enough for You"
  12. "Lacy"
  13. "Jealousy, Jealousy"
  14. "Happier"
  15. "Favorite Crime"
  16. "Deja Vu"
  17. "The Grudge"
  18. "Brutal"
  19. "Obsessed"
  20. "All-American [censored]"
  21. "Good 4 U" (encore)
  22. "Get Him Back!" (encore)

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