Content Creator Dawn Morante Spills It All on Success and TikTok Fame
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Content Creator Dawn Morante Spills It All on Success and TikTok Fame

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October 01, 2021

When it comes to relatable and entertaining content, there’s one creator we all turn to: Dawn Morante. Better known as @thedawndishsoap on TikTok, Dawn has managed to amass a following of over two million and counting. With nearly 163 million likes, it’s clear that her videos on lifestyle, fashion, relationships, and everyday life are enjoyed by fans all over the world.

Recently, The Teen Magazine had the amazing opportunity to interview her on her perspectives and on the reality of being an influencer. Dawn gamely related her ideas and experiences with our team, so keep reading to learn all about TikTok’s favourite relatable icon!

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First and Foremost

Well, who exactly is Dawn Morante? Well, according to her TikTok bio, she's a much simpler being than you may believe:

zoo wee mama.

- Dawn Morante

If that doesn't describe Dawn Morante in three words, then our lives are a lie.

Dawn Morante is a 20-year-old female TikToker who has been part of the skyrocketing platform for close to seven years, starting in its early stages of Only over the past year has she begun to become more recognized. She initially gained lots of recognition for her time with content house THNAF (The House Nobody Asked For), but currently, her fame centers around her hilarious, relatable TikTok videos!

Content and Platform

Some creators choose to post very specific types of content, yet, scrolling through your page, viewers see a whole variety of posts, from outfits to random thoughts to dancing. What kind of message do you want to send to followers through your videos?

Originally, Dawn's TikTok account was a spam page— nothing special, really. There was no specific niche to her page; she even claimed that it resembled a diary. She doesn't plan her posts and simply goes with the flow, one of her many likable qualities that was highlighted throughout the interview.

Has online hate ever drastically impacted who you are or the content you choose or choose not to post? How do you deal with negativity, and how has learning how to do so helped or hindered you in life?

As we previously described, Dawn is the type of gal to go with the flow. To this question, she confidently answered, "When I get hate, I don't really let it affect me because I just think, 'You guys don't know me,' and I shouldn't let people who don't know me affect how I feel."

It's clear that she has never wanted it to impact the person she is or the person she wants to become— a very inspirational, clear message many in the public eye can take inspiration from.

If you could start your page from scratch, would you choose to highlight a different part of your personality than you do now?

We all know how hard it is to change the way people see you, especially when they don't know you personally, so we're sure lots of creators out there wish they could present themselves to the world differently. However, Dawn is not one of them. When asked this question, she responded, “No, I love the way I present myself on social media. I love being authentic and real to everybody, and I think if I were to restart my page over again, it would still be the same."

Her reason for this authenticity is that "I want people to feel welcome when they see me in person... I don't want to come off as somebody that I'm not. I like being 100% real and authentic to myself and to the people that I meet.”

Social media definitely come with a lot of pressure. If any, what’s the most pressuring part of it all to you? Is it the haters, or keeping your followers happy, or something else entirely?

Dawn believes that the most pressuring part of her job is "definitely the amount of eyes I have on me. I feel like I can’t do certain things that a regular teenager would do because I would get crucified on the internet.” Adding fuel to the fire, people tend to hold this belief that "it’s my responsibility to be this picture-perfect person that they created in their head. Nobody is perfect, but it’s really hard when people see me as that. I’m a human and I make mistakes. It’s really hard when people don’t understand that.”

Personal Life

Many of your fans know you from The House Nobody Asked For. What led to you joining THNAF? How did your experience as a member shape both your life and your platform? How have your content and your relationships with the other members changed since moving out?

Regarding her experience in the content house and her relationships with the other members, she says, "I’ve been very blessed with eight other lovely people in my life that I like to see as family. All eight of them... have all completely changed and impacted my life for the better. I have gotten so much advice and input from each one of them, and each one of them are very different individuals. After we moved out, we weren't as close as we used to be…, but I know and everybody else knows that we’re there for each other whenever we need each other."

Since her time with THNAF, she's been glad to have had such a wonderful atmosphere and is confident that only positive outcomes have come from it.

What is the reason you began posting publicly on TikTok in the first place? To this day, what inspires your content and motivates you to keep posting?

Her original motivation for TikTok was the simple fact that she was bored when she was homeschooled. Back in those ancient times, it was better known as She posted the videos that she deemed funny and enjoyed the attraction that began to sprout from them.

In the larger scheme of things, Dawn herself says, "I’ve always kind of wanted to be in the entertainment industry. I’ve always wanted to be my own boss. I’ve always wanted to be a creator.

My mom would always tell me, ‘You are so dramatic, you tell the craziest stories.’ Every time somebody would point a camera at me, I’d do the most for absolutely no reason. I loved having cameras on me. I’m a Leo, so I love the attention.” These simple dreams are what keep her going, which is why her consistent positivity and inclusiveness on her platform never seem to run dry.

How do you believe your past relationships have contributed to who you have become today? How has your TikTok fame impacted some of these relationships?

Dawn's relationship with Will Mahony (@wahony), according to the Tiktok star herself, was much different than it could've been thanks to them putting their relationship online. “Will was my first ever boyfriend, and I will forever talk highly of that man. I love and appreciate and care about Will so much... but we started slowly growing from our own individual personalities to Dawn-and-Will. We did not want that, but that was what a lot of people knew us as. I hated it, he hated it, and it definitely took a toll."

Dawn and Will were four months into their relationship when they decided to share their business with their separate Tiktok audiences, and now Dawn confidently says she wishes she never did. "Everyone is always going to have something to say. People are going to jump to conclusions, people are going to make assumptions, and that really makes or breaks us. In our case, it broke us.”

To you, is gaining a considerable following really all it’s made out to be? What are some of the good and bad parts of it that most people aren’t really aware of?

Being famous is not like learning to ride a bike. There's no clear formula to it, and there aren't any training wheels to depend on. From Dawn's point of view, it's a challenge to be famous, and there were definitely times when she wished she wasn't. Fame is time and energy.

Lessons and Looking Forward

What do you see for the future of your content and career? Do you plan on using the platform you’ve gained to try out new opportunities? If so, what would you like to do?

Dawn is looking to solidify her name in the industry and is grateful for the platform that she has created. She wants to continue being a consistent Tiktok creator, and doesn't plan on leaving her social media anytime soon!

It’s clear that there’s no one type of creator, but what do you think a person needs to become and survive as a successful one?

Dawn's Ultimate List:

A good personality

Time management


Thick skin


Quick Q's with DawnDishSoap

What is at the very top of your bucket list?

Visiting Japan is up there, alongside meeting Harry Styles and the rest of One Direction.

What’s your take on Zodiac signs? Do you have any favorite Zodiac stereotypes?

Dawn loves Zodiac signs, and completely agrees that all Libras are flirts (at least the ones she's met), that Virgos are very practical, and that Aquariuses are very hardworking, driven individuals.

What’s your favourite “I wish I could’ve gotten this on camera” moment?

100% when she met Rihanna at a launch party. She has no footage, and therefore no proof, of her amazing day.

If you could enter your favourite book, show, or movie, what would you do as part of the plot?

She would definitely help out the Baudelaires in A Series of Unfortunate Events (unlike Mr. Poe did eye-roll).

What would a perfect day in your life ten years from now look like?

Family is something that Dawn holds close to her heart, so it's no surprise that in ten years, she wants to be a mom. Waking up to her dog (and hopefully, kid) at 28 years old would make her perfect day.

If you could pick one non-fictional person, living or not, to be your ally in the Hunger Games, who would you pick and why?

The Rock (Dwayne Johnson), but he would only be there for the looks.

If you could donate a million dollars to any one organization or cause, what would you choose and why?

Dawn strongly supports making period products, such as tampons and pads, free, so she'd put the money into an organization that would help do just that. Another option would be organizations that aid the homeless.

That's all we have from our wonderful interview with Dawn. We wouldn't be surprised to find her magnificent self walking the streets of Hollywood in the coming years, and we're excited to see it happen!

We'll leave you with the thought-provoking words by Dawn Morante herself:

"Gotta live life like there are always cameras on you."

- Dawn Morante

Keep Up with Dawn

Twitter: @dawnjaqueline

Snapchat: @ayooitsdawndawn

Tiktok: @<a href="">thedawndishsoap

Instagram: @dawnmorante

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