Gilmore Girls 2.0: Meet Stylish Mother-Daughter Duo Brittany & Jadyn Xavier


August 08, 2022

“People always tell us we remind them of the Gilmore Girls.”

It may be hard to liken the quaint New England existences of the quirky Lorelais to the ritzy Californian allure that is none other than the Xaviers, but if there’s one thing to know about Brittany and Jadyn, it’s that they’re all about surprises and complexities.

Since their humble blogging beginnings, the stunning yet classic looks sported by the mother-daughter duo have taken the internet by storm, allowing them to amass collective followings of over 1.7 million, 5.5 million, and 600k on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, respectively.

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In this The Teen Magazine x Brittany and Jadyn Xavier feature, with each subsection titled after an iconic episode of the multigenerational drama, our favourite Golden State variation of the universally-beloved Gilmore Girls takes readers on a tell-all journey about past, present, and future alike. We're sure you'll find some valuable lessons on passion, determination, and where family lies in the hectic and ever-changing world of social influencing along the way.

The Lorelais' First Day at Chilton

The Kickoff — Gilmore Girls Season 1, Episode 2

Before taking their well-deserved places amongst social media's crème de la crème, the duo was certifiably ordinary in the best possible way, consisting of a single mother with a simple upbringing who worked a corporate nine to five, and a daughter who passed the sweltering hours that followed kindergarten at a delightful after-school care program— not a lot of money and fame just yet, but unapologetic, unashamed, and brimming with several lifetimes' worth of love, passion, and potential nonetheless.

While lots have surely changed throughout the years that lay between then and now, one thing that hasn’t is Brittany and Jadyn’s shared fondness for fashion.

“I’m always going to choose comfort over a trend,” Brittany relates in regard to her taste in clothing, “and I like something edgy, classic, and versatile.”

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There is little surprise, then, in the fact that one of her ultimate go-tos for a good look is, and always has been, the nearest thrift store. It now isn’t too difficult to imagine the girls in Lorelai and Rory’s shoes, hopping from one store to the next as they scour each rack for the best the late 2000s and early 2010s populations had to offer and giggling over the gaudiest pieces.

2013, however, was the year things began to change, big time. Nuptials are always acknowledged to be a huge milestone, but for Brittany, those she shared with Anthony Xavier marked new beginnings in more ways than one.

“While planning…, I stumbled upon various wedding blogs, and it was truly my first introduction to blogs in general," she explains. "After our [ceremony], I missed reading [them] daily…, but we got a nice camera as a gift and thought it would be a great time to start [a blog of my own].”

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You know Brittany’s the type to set her mind on something big and get it done, because only two months later, Thrifts and Threads was officially a go. The page’s early days were undeniably memorable ones, both in their ups and their downs.

It was Brittany’s decision to take a risk, quit her job, and be her own boss, in particular, that was met with mixed reactions. On the one hand, some friends and family believed “I was wasting my time, as they didn’t understand what I was doing.” She faced even more resistance from her own trepidation. "I initially never wanted... my own business. From the crash in 2008, my parents lost their[s], and it was always something that I thought would make me very vulnerable."

But to the person whose opinion Brittany held dearest to her heart, there could be nothing greater. "My mom's blog reminds me of when I didn't have to go to after-school care, and she instead got to be with me," Jadyn relates. "I'll never forget that."

And that made all the difference.

Hand-in-hand, the mother and daughter set out on the daunting task of making a name for themselves in an industry wherein hopefuls sweep in annually by the thousands.

“I was obsessed with [increasing] my blog traffic,” Brittany says. “It felt like month after month, seeing the numbers grow felt like small wins. We were so focused on keeping what little momentum we had going.”

The Lorelais' First Day at Yale

In the Big Leagues — Gilmore Girls Season 4, Episode 2

Closing in on a decade of experience, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Brittany and Jadyn have seen and accomplished more than a good handful of notable feats. For example, the former scored the Breakthrough Blogger of the Year title at the 2015 Bloglovin’ Awards, and a year ago, the latter launched a personally-designed phone charm on online store Frasier Sterling.

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But while their follower counts have undoubtedly grown, these are not the only changes the girls have witnessed, as along with the numbers came an increased appreciation of:

1. Themselves

Working in social media can get tough, and it goes without saying that, in order to gain recognition, sacrifices must be made. But despite giving up some sleep and social events, Brittany exudes nothing but confidence and authenticity when she declares, “I’ve stayed true to myself and never compromised my values to grow my brand.”

Jadyn, in turn, who now finds herself halfway to sixteen, has taken advantage of the opportunities provided her, using them as a means to discover herself and the looks that make her distinctive. “I love a cool outfit,” she explains, sharing how she uses figures like Bella Hadid and Paris Hilton as inspiration for her current obsession: Y2K fashion.

2. Their career path

Very simply, Brittany shares: “Each day is different, which is why I love what I do so much.”

3. Those who make it possible

Of course, nothing would be accomplished without the loyal fans who have followed the girls along on their lengthy yet fruitful and worthwhile journeys, never failing to provide them with love and encouragement at every turn. Their interests and overall well-being, then, play significant roles in dreaming up content.

“[When people visit our platforms], I want them to feel inspired, and also… like they are… a part of our family,” Brittany voices, to which Jadyn wholeheartedly agrees.

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4. Their relationship

Perhaps what made the Xavier girls such successes was that their close bond not only provides them with moral support, but with differing perspectives, as well— most notably, both that of a millennial and of a Gen-Z.

Ever the practical businesswomen, they quickly realised this strength and integrated it into both their content and work ethic.

“I always bounce ideas off Jadyn to get her perspective,” Brittany tells us. “I love her take, because she’s so cool and matter-of-fact about everything, and that’s helpful… because I can assume her age group is probably thinking the same thing.”

On Jadyn’s part, she remarks, “I love having a young mom. We have so much fun together. She’s also taught me the business aspects [of social influencing that] I wouldn’t have known [myself], like how to be professional and meet deadlines.”

So, when the former teases that “We have a very exciting project in the works I can’t announce just yet, but Jadyn will be very involved,” we just know that, with both in play, it’s bound to be a home run.

Because ultimately, it all comes down to the two of them. Brittany and Jadyn. Jadyn and Brittany. Two unique girls who had the utter audacity to stick together and dream. And we can’t wait to see how much further than they’ve already gone it takes them.

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The Fundamental Things Apply

Brittany and Jadyn's Top 3s — Gilmore Girls Season 4, Episode 5

Things to Love About Influencing

  1. Community
  2. Fashion weeks
  3. Scheduling freedom

Go-To Classics That Never Miss the Mark

Brittany: Gold hoops, black blazer, nude lip liner

Jadyn: Jordans, lip liner, low-rise jeans

Tips for Aspiring Stylists and Influencers

  1. Be consistent
  2. Have a unique viewpoint
  3. Don't be afraid to fail and test different ideas to see what sticks

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Quick Q's with the Xaviers — Gilmore Girls Season 2, Episode 7

If you were both a drink and a nostalgic childhood item, what would you be?


  • Iced almond latte from Blue Bottle
  • Tamagotchi


  • Caramel frappuccino
  • Tinkerbell dollhouse

If you had only the next 15 minutes to get ready for the biggest event of the season, how would you spend them?

We would pull dresses we already have from our closets and focus on our makeup!

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What are your biggest green and red flags, respectively, in relationships?


  • Values and beliefs are aligned with mine
  • Making excuses


  • Loyalty
  • If he posts other girls on his socials

Everyone has a "happy place." Describe yours!

Brittany: A cabin in snow during the winter, especially during the holiday season!

Jadyn: Beach day with friends and swimming at sunset...

What iconic outfit in fashion history would you love to recreate?

Brittany: Something from the Olsen twins

Jadyn: Something from Paris Hilton in the early 2000s

What is something surprising or interesting about you that most people wouldn't know?

Brittany: My first job was at Coldstone Creamery

Jadyn: I have a big collection of super small glass animals

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Which TikTok fashion trend is your favorite?

Brittany: Platform shoes

Jadyn: Cargo pants

Now, what's a trend that you just can't get behind?

Brittany: Cropped denim

Jadyn: Skinny jeans

If you could donate a million dollars to one organization, what would it be?

Saving Innocence! We've been more involved with the organization this year and love how they help girls who are victims of human trafficking. It's something that is so difficult to talk about because it's a devastating concept, but also an area that needs more awareness and definitely isn't something we want to turn a blind eye to.

Bon Voyage

Keep Up with Brittany and Jadyn — Gilmore Girls Season 7, Episode 22

Brittany and Jadyn's story isn't over just yet! Stop by the blog that started it all for the girls, as well as the mom-of-two's platforms @brittanyxavier on YouTube and Instagram, and @brittany.xavier on TikTok. For the latest scoop on Jadyn, check her out @jadynxavier on Instagram and TikTok!

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