Brands That Give Off Big Martha Calvo Vibes for Summer


This summer, Martha Calvo necklaces, spotted on Gigi Hadid and Madelaine Petsch, have taken the fashion world by storm. The chunky, charm and pearl-covered gold pieces are the statement necklace of the 2020s, but their price-point is a little high. Even though the pieces are all hand-painted in Miami, JOOLZ by Martha Calvo asks you to dish out a pretty penny to buy one of their pieces. Necklaces range anywhere from $100-$200.

So, people have turned to trying DIY-versions of the trend, flocking to Michaels and Hobby Lobby in hordes trying to replicate the chunky style.


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Jewelry brands also ran with the trend, and many established and new brands rose to popularity because of their similarities to Martha Calvo's style. The chunky jewelry trend also doesn't stop at just necklaces: big, colorful rings are also in style recently. So, if you're just looking to hop on the trend without splurging over $100 on a Martha Calvo, here's some more affordable alternatives that can get you the same vibe.

Mathe Jewelry

Based in Greece, Mathe Jewelry is a female-led, ethically sourced brand that uses the same big-pearl-chain aesthetic as Martha Calvo, but takes a more sophisticated approach. Different collections are more colorful while others are more muted and sleek.

Their summer collection, which featured a series of bright-colored, pearl and shell garnished pieces, looked straight out of Figure 8 if Outer Banks was filmed in 2021. With so many different color variations and what feels like a more timeless approach to what could be just another passing trend, Mathe Jewelry definitely changes each collection's style to match what's most popular.

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Mathe sells everything from necklaces to rings, earrings, and anklets.

The owners make all of the pieces by hand to order in Greece, and with the offer of international shipping, some of these pieces are too stunning to pass up on. The goal of Mathe is to give you the same vibe as running on a Grecian beach with a watermelon in your hand, and it works really well on that front.

The price range for Mathe Jewelry in USD is about $40-$50, which is about one-third of the price of a Martha Calvo.

Raw And Rebellious

Raw and Rebellious, lead by entrepreneur Sarah Smythe who is the business and fashion marketing conaisseur, is not only good at maintaining a good relationship with customers but is also amazing at keeping up with the trends. When Martha Calvo blew up, R&R was ready to offer their own take on the chunky trend by coming with a few pieces that fluctuated from their typical gold, beaded chains and pendants.

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Their new drop features a lot of these pieces, like some of the ones pictured here, that feature the same big charms and almost child-like designs like smiley-faces you see on some Martha Calvo pieces. The half-chain-half-pearl look is also featured on a couple pieces, but with a very R&R twist on everything, there's a certain uniqueness about these pieces.

R&R also hopped on the ring trend, with a collection of chunky, colorful rings that look straight out of the 2000s. Fashion really is cyclical.

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Their Pre-Debutante Necklace, which dropped about a week ago, is available for pre-order, and meets all of your Martha Calvo-inspired southern summer dreams.

ALV Jewels

ALV Jewels is a big phenomenon in the influencer bracket, seen on popular youtubers and TikTokers like Natalie Zacek and Lexi Hidalgo, but it's still pretty underrated given how affordable it is.

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Drawing off of the colorful, summery shades of Martha Calvo necklaces like many others inspired by the brand, ALV Jewels released a collection of pieces that have big, chunky charms on gold or beaded chains that give off all the same vibes as a Martha Calvo.

They have a lot of simpler stuff as well, which makes it super easy to create stacks of pieces and develop a strong jewelry collection. Based in the Midwest before branching out, ALV Jewels has weekly drops of new pieces, so there's always something new to check out from them! Their price range is from $40-$60 as well for really good quality jewelry, similarly about one-third of the price of a Martha Calvo necklace.

So, there you have it. The most sought-after summer necklace of the season is not as unattainable as you might think. And, even if it is, your local Michaels or Hobby Lobby will definitely have some super cool beads you can try out for these necklaces, and you can make it your own!

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