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Bobby Moore Talks Being a TikTok Star, His Future Plans, and How to Deal with Haters

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April 24, 2020

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If you are familiar with TikTok, the destination for short-form mobile videos (which was formerly known as 'Musical.ly'), then you probably know about Bobby Moore. Bobby Moore is a 17-year-old, British TikTok star (@bobbymoore44 on TikTok) with about 3.6M followers on TikTok. He is in year 12 at sixth form, studying Economics, Maths, Politics, Physics. His videos usually contain comebacks or heartwarming content. Recently The Teen Magazine was given the opportunity to interview him, and ask about his life as a TikTok star.

If you go over to Bobby's TikTok account, you may find that his first video is him dancing like Joker. "I started posting videos in November, but they didn’t attract many views at all." Bobby says, "It was then in the Christmas holidays that I decided to try and get a video to go viral, and this resulted in me dancing like the Joker to a trending song at the time!" Watch the video below!

His TikToks are not the usual dance trends. Instead they contain wholesome replies and savvy conversations. He says that when he started posting continuously, he wanted to create content that people would enjoy watching. This meant he needed his videos to be both relatable and funny. "When I posted my first ever teacher style video, it blew up overnight and ended up getting over 3 million views!" He remembers, "After I seeing it do so well, I realized I had found a style of video people loved to watch, so I carried on posting! Then, later on, I began posting some 'heartwarming' videos, because I wanted to try and put smiles on people’s faces!"

He never thought he would ever get this 3.6 M followers! "It’s crazy! At first, when you’re gaining followers, it’s just really funny to see how shocked all your friends are! But now, having this many followers has allowed me to treat my friends who were there with me from the start!" He remembers how shocked his parents were at first. But they were also really supportive. "After they truly understood the amount of people I can reach, they told me I now have a responsibility to not post anything that could be seen as offensive in any way." As for his friends, they seemed to love it.

But making content is not always easy. There are always hardships and haters. Bobby reveals his secret on how he never let any 'hate' get to him. "I always tell myself that if someone is spending time looking at what you do, and then putting you down, then it just shows they have a closed mindset and are not the type of people I wanna know." I think we all use this ourselves. We are all unique and special with our talents, and if the haters don't like that, it is their problem. After all, as Taylor Swift puts it, 'Haters gonna hate.'

One of the unique things about Bobby's videos is his infamous gasp that all his followers love. Every fan was curious. "How did you come up with that idea?" I had asked him. "It all started when I was filming my first teacher-style video, and I felt something was missing at the end. That’s when I felt that an overdramatic *gasp was necessary! " Like every great content maker, he knows he to make his videos perfect.


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Booby gave a piece of wonderful advice for any content makers, who wishes to increase his or her fan following. "There are two important things I think everyone should remember when trying to get a video to do well. Firstly, the video should instantly grab people’s attention, so that they don’t swipe off when scrolling on the FYP. Secondly, the video has to provoke some type of reaction, so that people re-watch and like it. For example, my most popular video, with over 40million views, began with the teacher shouting at the student," He spoke from personal experience, "therefore grabbing people’s attention. Then as the video progressed, because it was a relatable video, it provoked an emotional response from people watching it, such as laughter and relatability."

Then the interview took a turn to Bobby's life. When asked about his favorite TikTok stars, he said he loves to watch Michael Le (@justmaiko) because he has great positive energy and is insane at dancing, Finli Drapper (finlidrappermusic) because he is incredibly talented and puts immense effort into his videos, and Jakob Greer (greerzy) because he is the funniest person on TikTok!

Bobby is passionate about studying economics, and always had his eyes set on becoming an investment banker. He says he and his family are coping well during these hard times of the virus. "We follow all of the government guidelines, such as only shopping for necessities. I enjoy having this time to learn a new skill!

I’m currently learning how to trade forex! If people are bored, then I say to them, don’t waste this time you won’t have again, and go learn something new, that’s gonna benefit you!" He advises.


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The next round of the interview was where we talked about random things, and Bobby's answers were quite entertaining.

1. What is the weirdest thing you're afraid of?

- Fish that have human-looking faces

(Weirdly, I just realized how scary they are.)

2. What is something no one knows about you?

- If I told you, I’d have to kill you!

(Well, in that case, I think it's better to keep it a secret.)

3. Is there anything you hate that everyone else seems to love?

- Avocado

4. Who do you prefer: cats or dogs?

- Dogs! I’m allergic to cats!

5. What is something you are obsessed with right now?

- I hate to say it, but I can’t stop playing Call of Duty Warzone right now!

6. Which movie title best describes your life?

- Rocketman

7. What is your favorite pick up line?

- If you were a transformer... you’d be Optimus Fine!

8. What was the most rebellious thing you ever did?

- Eat six packets of crisps when I was only allowed one!

(That is...quite rebellious.)

9. If you could say one word for the rest of your life, what would it be?

- Help!

10. What annoys you the most?

- When people think you’re lying, but you’re not.

My face four times.

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As we reached the end of the interview, the TikTok star happily answered some questions asked by fans.

1. Can you teach me how to do the gasp?

- Yeah sure! All you have to do is breathe in... but 1,000,000x more powerfully than normal!

2. Have you ever tried your comebacks in real life?

- I have tried some of the sibling comebacks in real life! But as for the teacher ones, I have not. Although they’re extremely funny, I think people should respect their teachers, because they are trying to do the best they can for you!

3. I am genuinely curious, have you ever used to fame to get something?

- Never! I think as soon as people let it get to their heads, they become a completely different person to be around. I like to hang out with my friends that have always been there for me!

4. When is your birthday?

- My birthday is on the 1st of September!

Allover, interviewing Booby Moore was fun, and amazing. He was friendly and kind. Make sure you follow his Instagram: @bobbymoore. Go to his TikTok to watch his videos: @bobbymoore44 and if you are his fan, order one of his *GASP merchandise from The *GASP store

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