Everyone's Favorite Bestie Bryan the Diamond Talks Going Viral
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Everyone's Favorite Bestie Bryan the Diamond Talks Going Viral

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April 04, 2022

The king of storytelling, Bryan The Diamond, has attracted a large fanbase all due to his "main character" personality: as of publication, Bryan boasts 4.8 million followers on TikTok and over 330k followers on Instagram. His witty humor and casual car-ride talks have made him one of the most popular creators on social media.

The Teen Magazine recently had the exclusive opportunity to speak with him where we asked a series of questions, from how he grows on the TikTok platform to how he avoids embarrassing moments. Read on to get to know Bryan beyond the screen!

Growing Up

Growing up in Orlando, Florida, Bryan did not have the easiest childhood experience. He recalled, "I was bullied a lot in middle and high school, but I eventually came out of my shell in the process."

Even though his personality wasn't much appreciated in his teenage years, it attracted over four million individuals all over the world as he established a comedic platform on TikTok.

Going Viral

Bryan noticed he was first starting to gain a following on TikTok when he posted about the election. "I was very upset about the election outcome. I couldn't understand how Trump won Florida because all the important states that make money voted blue." Bryan said. He recalled waking up the next day to more than 60K gains in follower count and feeling very shocked and appreciated.

As time went on, his content evolved to show more of his true personality. Now, Bryan is known for his trademark storytimes and hilarious rants, often featuring him at the top of his voice and sharing a funny anecdote.

His content varies from how he can't get his contact into his eye to everyday events that happen with his best friends. Not only are Bryan's videos relatable, but top-notch hilarious; no one can capture a silly (but sometimes embarrassing) moment more than he can.

Contrary to most people, Bryan feels comfortable sharing his embarrassing and frustrating moments online. He believes that opening up to such experiences allows him to further connect with the online population.

Bryan reflected, "I just document my life, grab my phone, rant, and share funny/embarrassing moments so that my besties can feel more connected to me on a personal level."

Bryan has four major content themes that he loves to talk about. The two he puts the most emphasis on are positivity and women empowerment. "I think women do so much for our planet and don't get enough gratitude at all," Bryan commented.

He is also very motivational, saying his favorite thing to do is make wake-up calls for his followers. The last type of content style would be him driving around and showing his daily life- casual yet hilarious.

Reactions To Becoming An Internet Star

Bryan's family wasn't made aware of his success online until people started recognizing Bryan in public. "My mother didn't really understand the idea of TikTok until people started running into me on the streets asking for pictures," Bryan laughed. "I get pretty shy when fans recognize me in public."

Bryan loves helping his fans feel confident. "I believe everyone is beautiful in their own way and everyone should be reminded of that," he says.

In addition, Bryan enjoys promoting positivity to his followers and supporters. "I overload myself with my fans and their problems because it makes me feel good that I can help my besties. They mean the world to me, so I respond to about 50-100 DMs every day."

In The Future

Currently, Bryan feels that his pace is steady. "I love what I'm doing," he says. At the same time, he is looking forward to the future.

Bryan shared that he plans to start to take acting seriously again, which stemmed from his experience as the lead in his high school play. "The teacher actually wrote the show about me. The theme was "love is love"."

"I don't want to branch out from TikTok as I always want to be a creator on TikTok, but I want to expand my reach to more people on other platforms to share my comedy and positivity with the world," says Bryan.

10 Quick Questions With Bryan

1. How do you diffuse an embarrassing moment?

Just ignore it. I won’t acknowledge it. Like, that just didn’t happen.

2. If your personality is a type of drink, what would it be?

1942, smooth but be careful, B.

3. What’s your biggest guilty pleasure?

Smooth jazz. People would never expect that from me.

4. Favorite TikTok Trend?

The ones that bring the confidence out in women.

5. What’s one piece of advice you always follow/give?

Think outside the box. Live outside the box.

6. Your go-to Door Dash/Uber Eats order?

Bolay. Chipotle, but skinnier and healthier. It's so buss.

7. What’s a show you always go back to?

Grey's Anatomy; I always go back to episode one and re-watch the show. I always go back to Charmed as well.

8. Go-to outfit?

My merch.

9. What’s a fashion trend that has to go away?

I don’t really have a fashion sense, so it's not my level of expertise.

10. Where do you want to be right now?

I want to be in LA, it's just very overwhelming and I do feel concerned with how some people can be in-genuine. However, I have met many genuine people out there because I do believe there are good people out there!

Keep Up With Bryan

To keep up with Bryan, follow him on Instagram at @bryanthediamond and Tiktok @bryanthediamond.

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