Bianca Jade: a Rising Inspiration for All


Tue, April 11

Up-and-coming musical sensation Bianca Jade is on a mission to break through the glass of the music industry and is doing so quite successfully. With one of her hits featured on popular streaming platforms such as Netflix and Disney+, Bianca is making a mark on entertainment as we know it. Even though she is quite a young artist, her music speaks to all generations, with a sound similar to RnB musicians of the past.

I was able to talk to the rising star about her music and goals in this exclusive interview. Read on to find out Bianca's motivations, inspirations, and goals when it comes to her career!

Who is Bianca Jade?

Bianca is a Cuban-Jamaican singer who grew up in Miami, Florida. Throughout her life, she felt connected to the music her mother would play for her. In the 1990s, Bianca's mother sang professionally, with Betty Wright and in Gloria Estefan's choir.

Music is in Bianca's DNA and surrounded her as she grew up. Aretha Franklin, Alicia Keys, and Whitney Housten dug their roots into her soul as she aspired to become a powerhouse just like them. At 9, Bianca began singing constantly, swiftly followed by original songs on the piano at the age of 15.

She aims to bring light to her listeners, empowering women to follow their dreams like she is. Female musicians can be under-recognized in the music industry, and Bianca aspires to change that. You might know her song "Hooked" from Netflix's The Perfect Match or Disney+'s Big Shot or have heard her name in Medium Magazine and Ones to Watch. Whether you previously knew her or not, Bianca Jade will one day be a household name.

Why create?

Bianca creates for future generations. She aspires to be an artist that children look up to, an inspiration like her own from childhood. Her loyal fanbase knows that she will one day accomplish her goal.

As previously said, Bianca makes music for young women. In addition, Bianca makes music for herself. Since attaching herself to music, she has used it as a way to let out her emotions, positive or negative.

Hunched over the piano creating, Bianca's songs contain more of her soul than most can fathom. With such a focus on relationships with fans and others around her, Bianca can find it hard to talk about her emotions. Commenting on her sensitivity, she says, "I am not best at expressing myself outside of music, so writing helps me as a form of therapy." Because of this, others around the world can relate to her lyrics, using Bianca's songs as their own manifestation of their feelings. Bianca Jade dreams of connection with the world and helping others feel through her songs.

What Makes Bianca Unique?

When asked about what makes her different from the thousands of rising artists in the industry, Bianca said "I think what separates me from other artists is that my music comes from a very pure place in my soul." As she has been writing songs for such a large portion of her life, Bianca has mastered her art. Her music is passionate, crossing various genres. Pop and R&B are her most used styles of music.

She has several love songs with a moderate tempo, helping her voice shine through. Her powerhouse-style vocals can manipulate a listener's emotions to feel empowered or empathetic. The soulful sound speaks to several generations.

The majority of Bianca's songs come from the foundation of herself and her piano; ballads are her most used and loved. On the other hand, her discography includes upbeat songs, similar to those topping the charts. For example, her song 'Hooked' is considered a fan favourite and utilizes a pop sound. Electronic drums help carry the beat along, with original lyrics and a unique melody.

What's yet to come?

Currently, Bianca is focusing on her upcoming album which is set for release within a year. She aims to go on a small, but meaningful tour. Her goal of being an inspiration will flourish as she connects with fans from across the United States.

In different cities in different states, Bianca will move across the entirety of the country. Originally from Miami, Florida, the tour would be a chance for her to meet her fans from across the nation and to perform for brand-new audiences. Within the next 10 years, Bianca says that she will be an internationally touring artist, taking her music global.

Listeners from across the world will have the chance to see her live and in person. She will have won one Grammy (or more!) and will be world-renowned. Her goals of inspiring and influencing will have come true. One of her biggest aspirations is to stay true to herself.

Many people in the music industry 'sell out' or focus less on their craft and more on money. Bianca wants to stay authentic throughout her career, speaking and singing from her soul.

Bianca Jade; a woman of soul, sound, and inspiration. With one album out and several singles, she’s already making a mark on the industry as we know it. An inspiration to young girls and women to come, Bianca will be a role model for future generations.

Interviewing her was a pleasure as she is incredibly down-to-Earth. This is reflected in her music, as her relatability is one of the key elements of her charm. With one album and multiple EPs and singles, Bianca has a variety of songs to listen to.

Her discography is available on most audio streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music. You can listen to ‘Hooked’ and her other catchy songs for free! Her website has more information on her old and upcoming music, contact information, and other information about Bianca. The Teen Magazine loves her music and, hopefully, after reading this article, you will too.

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