A Musical Powerhouse: Singer-Songwriter Rozzi Talks Career Highlights and Recent Album Berry (Deluxe)


Fri, March 31

Creating inspiring songs with a soulful, intimate flair, it's safe to say that up-and-coming singer-songwriter Rozzi is positively turning heads in the music industry. Reflecting her most authentic self for listeners to relate to, her talent at transforming her life into heartfelt lyrics is unmatched.

The Teen Magazine had the amazing opportunity to chat with Rozzi about it all, from her career highlights and artist persona, to her most recent album, Berry (Deluxe).

Key Moments So Far

Initially, Rozzi began her career in the music industry at the age of 19—and ever since, she has continued to make her mark.

"I started as a background singer when I was 19, and signed my first record deal around that same time. I was actually in school—at USC—but was also touring a lot with different artists. That's how it all began," Rozzi shared.

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Reflecting on her highlights so far, it's difficult choosing just one. Of course, she will always remember the "shiny ones," as she puts it; on top of collaborating with big titles such as Nile Rodgers and PJ Morton, Rozzi has had appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

, The Talk, The Today Show, and Apple's The Morning Show. Furthermore, she has had opportunities to guest star on the Hulu series Dollface, have her single "Best Friend Song" featured in the Netflix film Me Time, and share the stage with many other famous faces.

However, although these "shiny moments" are without a doubt unforgettable, Rozzi admits that looking back on her career, "it's usually these tiny little moments that stand out to [her], like [her] headline shows at the end of last year when [her] album came out."

"The connection I felt with the audience, that was so special. Even the specific moments in those sets are memories that I really cherish the most," she recalled.

On Rozzi's Music Style

In terms of her songwriting style, Rozzi offers a refreshing take, with a unique tone that stands out like no other. When asked how Rozzi would describe her own work, she expressed it as soulful: "It's really vulnerable, and personal, and intimate," with influences from Aretha Franklin, Fleetwood Mac, Carole King, Lauryn Hill, and Joni Mitchell—to name a few.

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Aside from the musical role models who she looks up to, as a whole, Rozzi's favorite part about her job is fostering connections with people.

"I'm really addicted to that feeling of playing a show and feeling strangers in the audience who I feel so close with, even though we don't know each other," she said. "For them to know my songs because they relate to them makes me feel less alone in my own emotions, because if I wrote a song that's really personal to me, and then someone else can connect with it and make it their own, it's really just the coziest feeling ever."

The Story Behind Rozzi's Most Recent Album, Berry (Deluxe)

If you haven't already heard Rozzi's most recent major label album, Berry (Deluxe), it's definitely something to add to your playlist.

With so much personality behind each lyric, Rozzi explained that by listening to the songs, you will be able to know her very well, in which each represents real stories from her life. With 17 tracks total, this album was no easy task, and in the end, each song manifested from poems about her journey so far.

"The meaning behind the album is tricky because it was written over a long period of time. It was before and through COVID, so a lot of my life happened," Rozzi described.

"I called it Berry—well, I stole that title from my boyfriend who was going to name his album that—because I liked it so much and to me, a berry, feels like it has a lot of the same characteristics I was hoping to evoke on this record. Juicy, and sexy, and layered, and feminine."

Rozzi's Advice

"Really listen to your gut, listen to yourself." —Rozzi

Speaking of the milestones Rozzi has reached with her newest album, we asked her for meaningful advice—from her, to other aspiring artists.

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"I would say to really trust yourself. I think when I was starting out, there's a feeling of like, 'Oh I need to meet these people and connect with these people so they can take me where I want to go.' But the truth is, you have all the power to get to where you want to go. And I mean that seriously, like the artist in you is what is special and unique," she voiced.

"That is the fuel for the whole industry, and it is a lot more powerful to take the time to get to know yourself and make choices on your own before you have outside influence."

What Comes Next

Thinking to the future, Rozzi has a multitude of plans, which are already in the works as of publication. Currently, her main focus is on writing for her new album, where she has been collaborating with "many amazing people who [she is] very excited about," "working on it in London, working on it in LA, and working on it a bit in Nashville."

She definitely has her schedule filled with thrilling things to come, and the wait will be worth it! Nonetheless, Rozzi said that she will "always have shows here and there, even when [she's] recording."

8 Quick Q's With Rozzi

Favorite song from Berry (Deluxe)?

Changes all the time. But right now, it's my song "Tangerine," which I feel could be the hidden gem on the album.

Trend you are loving right now?

Honestly, I have a bit of an aversion to trends. Like when everyone's doing something, I want to do the opposite. I don't know what that is in me, but I would not watch White Lotus until everyone stopped talking about it.

That's just who I am, so no trend for me.

Favorite go-to meal?

There's this salad from this place called Mozza. I get it all the time, it's the Nancy's chopped salad. It's the best.

Favorite store to shop at?

SSENSE, online. I'm a big online shopping gal.

Dream collaboration?

Ariana Grande.

Something you never leave the house without?

My phone, I guess. It's so awful, but my phone.

Something on your bucket list right now?

There's so much. I mean, I've always wanted to play SNL—that's a forever bucket list.

Top three favorite songs?

"Ex-Factor" by Lauryn Hill, "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac, and "Cactus Tree" by Joni Mitchell.

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Keep Up With Rozzi

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