Beverly Hills Club is Taking the World Up by Storm: All-Around Cool Comfort Wear

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You're about to meet the comfort wear brand of your dreams. Get ready... and say hello to Beverly Hills Club of Los Angeles, the classic wardrobe all-around cool.

The brand sports hoodies, trucker hats, sweats, and more- that anyone and everyone is bound to enjoy. BHC has been seen on and modeled by well-known Gen Z TikTokers, and this brand is one that is bound to be prominent.

Hoodies I'll Stay In Forever

It's getting colder by the minute this season, and hoodies are exactly what you need. Casual but want to stay in style? Beverly Hills Club is the right answer!

This elevated spin on classic styles that have been modernized the BHC-way is perfect for anyone and everyone's closet.

With the brand's inspiration from the Californian city of Beverly Hills, this brand is a staple for your closet.

The Thunder-Strike Hoodie

A clean slate hoodie with an eye-catching design, the Thunder-Strike Collection released this past Black Friday, which promptly was on rapid-fire popular demand and sold out within a few hours!

The collection includes hoodies, t-shirts, sweatpants, and shorts in both black and white.

This simple design is the definition of stay-in or stay-out, all while being comfortable and cozy.

-The Teen Magazine

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This design features the brand name both front and back, with “Beverly Hills” in colorful print on front with looped cursive “Club” on the back. The lettering is screen printed and is flawlessly done that adds a nice touch to the overall look.

The material is 80/20 cotton and polyester, and the hoodie was made in Los Angeles, California.

Attached is a hood that is actually well sized and will cover generously. This can be adjusted with the adjustable strings at the nape opening.

This simple design is the definition of stay-in or stay-out, all while being comfortable and cozy.

The hoodie is double-lined (yep, double-lined-- perfect for colder times) and the inner side of the hoodie is lined with short fleece material, which adds for extra warmth.

The fabric is so, so soft and makes you want to give out bear hugs!

The front's colorful print, as well as the sleek cursive back writing, is well screen-printed and adds to the neutral yet elevated design perfectly.

The Pastel Hoodie

From the new drop- The Pastel Collection- BHC offers a stunning array of gorgeous colors you cannot miss out on.

Ranging from five colors in pink, sand, mint, sky, and lemon, the pastel collection offers a stunning choice of beautiful shades that can add a touch of color and style to any look. Scroll through the collection link and see for yourself- the stunning colors are iconic and none like any other.

The Pastel Collection features hoodies, beanies, trucker hats, and a spandex set, This also compliments the Thunder-Strike Set well, as they are sister collections.

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The hoodie shade in mint is exactly as in the color; muted in a teal-ish green-blue, but bright enough to be pastel. It's not a frayed or heathered color, and is a nice solid shade with an off-white front lettering.

It is such a great shade to match with any outfit, whether it be comfy sweats or casual jeans. Whichever your pick, this hoodie will compliment it perfectly while keeping your style in check.

Neutral hoodies are a must staple for your wardrobe, but so is some pop of color... and that color is so well fit for none other than the Pastel Collection.

The thickness of the Pastel Hoodie does vary from the Classic Hoodie (featured in the below segment), and is a bit lighter. This is perfect for the fall and perhaps milder winter, as well as colder springs.

Made of 80/20 Cotton and Polyester, this hoodie gives a great oversized fit.

The hoodie is flawlessly a beautiful muted teal-blue and you won't find any off variations. The screen-printed lettering is the same bold yet playful showcasing of the brand name.

The Original Logo Hoodie

In need of something classic and one that feels timeless? Beverly Hills Club's Original Logo Hoodie is the one for you.

If you could describe this hoodie in a phrase, it would be quite close to sweats straight out of the 90s with a contemporary BHC modern twist. The Original Logo Hoodie comes in two colors: a neutral white and black, which can also come in complete sets with joggers.

Original Logo Hoodie in Black

All around black hoodie with screen printed rainbow letters and puff printed white embroidery- this is perfect to just shrug on for a casual but put-together look.

Made with 100% U.S. cotton, pre-washed for no shrink, 10 oz super heavyweight shrink free, these hoodies are the perfect oversized fit. Say good-bye to hoodies that are too small or too big.

These will hit perfectly around near your waistline, give your arm some space without sleeves spilling over, and allow you room without being too spacey.

Original Logo Hoodie in White

All around black hoodie with screen printed rainbow letters and puff printed black embroidery- this mirrors the above in white.

The inside of the Original Logo Hoodie is inner lined and is very plush. It's on the thicker side, which means it's fit for colder times. (which is right now... so go get yours while you can!)

The inner side the absolute softest, without leaving any fuzz residue. I was seriously impressed.

You'll enjoy how the band around the bottom and the wrists are not constricting at all and is longer, giving more strength and support to the ends.

It's overall well-designed for a go-to hoodie and could even match some active movements and activities.

This logo is so classic and timeless. This is stylish at the top peak of simplicity- as they say, less is more.

If you could describe this hoodie in a phrase, it would be quite close to sweats straight out of the 90s with a contemporary BHC modern twist.

Complete The Set

The hoodies come in matching black and white sweatpants/joggers, which compliment and match the top in the exact style.

Shop the Original Logo Hoodie here on their site.

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Match yours in both black and white!

Vibrant Trucker Hats: Breathe Color Into Fits

Trucker hats are so in style, especially now. These classic caps, however, haven't ever been as comfortable and great-to-the-touch until BHC dominated the game with their Thunder-Strike Rainbow Hats.

The vibrant trucker hats come in seven colors red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, purple, and pink. The colors are incredibly bold and add some pop to a look!

The top of the hat is not overly rounded, and is made of the plushest fabric material that cover the top, inner sides, and cap top. When I say it's plush, it's really plush. Say good-bye to the hats that hurt your head with prickly materials. This one is it!

The back of the trucker hat is a thick, nicely netted quality mesh.

Above is the trucker hat in lemon yellow- see all the colors here. You can't miss out on this!

The brand name has been embroidered in white thread very carefully and is sewn on thick and tight. The back includes a crocodile snap that makes for easy adjustment.

These hats might be one of the most comfortable, high quality hats I've ever felt. Hats off to their amazing quality! (no pun intended... but seriously, their quality is off the charts, one of the best.)

Something Cool: Did you know that the hats can compliment your undertone with their shades? Talk about all aspects being quite complimentary!

Psst... did you know these trucker hats are on the affordable spectrum, too?

These trucker hats are priced at $25, which is such a steal especially considering the quality and stylish design. These are perfect for anyone and everyone.

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These trucker hats have it all- and in the ROY G BIV way. (All the rainbow, in seven brilliant colors.)

Beverly Hills Club Has More For You

As of now, BHC offers a great amount of collections available on site- eight in total, to be exact.

Get your calendars out!

Beverly Hills Club also happens to have another collection coming up- a cross collaboration collection with Halo Tied- which will be releasing January 3rd, 2021. Make sure to mark your calendars!

Check out the BHC collections here:

The BHC Capsule: smiley faces, vintage cars, and much more... elevated classic comfort wear.

The Logo Collection: featured above... classic 90s with a contemporary colorful twist on neutral!

Cherry in Love: cherries, cherries, cherries! Coming in vibrant red... this collection also includes a deck- how cool is that?

Rodeo Drive: another vintage-like style with beautiful and fierce design, inspired by the city's shopping street.

Malibu Club: inspired by the Californian city in shades of alluring blue.

BHC x Punkmetender©: a collaboration with famous artist Punkmetender

Thunderstrike & Pastel Collection: seen above- fall in love! (if you haven't already...)

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Halotied x BHC Pt. 2: coming soon... stay tuned!

Want to browse the entire store? We got you!

Shop BHC at

Get to Know BHC Even Better

The Teen Magazine also had the chance to interview the brand creators, who gave us some words of BHC:

The Creation of Beverly Hills Club

What led you to create the brand Beverly Hills Club?

Following our dreams. Life is designed to do something you love, and we want to create the idea that anyone can do anything they truly want to do. Inspiring kids to pursue their dreams and ideas is the only main goal we have ever set out to achieve.

Stepping In Sweats

How did you become involved in the industry of comfortable yet cutting-edge street wear?

We just designed clothing we personally want to wear. Our idea was to create a concept that is made to be the most comfortable, and can be worn on any occasion or any day of the week.

When someone wears BHC, they feel unfazed by anyone.

Designs and Inspiration

The creative direction of BHC is an eye-catcher; what was the driving force behind the designs? What inspired you for BHC’s artwork feature on the apparel and products?

BHC designs were mostly inspired by vintage t-shirts. We both collect and love vintage tees, and we just wanted to recreate the same ideas but with comfortable street wear.

New Stuff, Cool Stuff

Tell us more about the new collection!

We recently just dropped our new collection on Black Friday 2020, “THUNDER-STRIKE” along with a pastel collection. It features hoodies, t-shirts, shorts, hats, and beanies. The collection sold out in a couple of hours.

We plan to restock the full collection in the next few weeks so everybody who wants it can get it. Stay updated for all release dates by following our Instagram

Sometime Soon, One Day

Where do you hope to see Beverly Hills Club in the future?

We never know what the future holds, but we want to inspire kids and help communities along the way as we grow.

Click, Cart, Added

Are there any other options for shopping at BHC other than online? You recently had a pop-up store, do you plan to set up an actual place sometime in the future?

Currently, BHC is strictly online. We had a pop-up at Fred Segal in Malibu for a collaboration with famous artist PunkMeTender. In the next few weeks we have plans to set up a showroom in the city for customers to shop collections that will not be sold online, and only the most exclusive products will be displayed. Of course, in a safe, friendly, and enjoyable environment.

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“We hope you guys can be as patient as we are in order to provide the best experience for our customers, we feel that timing is everything and will definitely be worth the wait!

Stay tuned… and thank you for all the love!”

-Beverly Hills Club, Los Angeles

Keep Up!

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