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TikTok-Favorite Awful Cloth: Stylish Spin with Emphasis on Positive Change


October 25, 2020

Meet Awful Cloth: the brand redefining the messages intertwined with “awfulness” into actual good.

This is probably the source of where you see those cool, redefining hoodies all over TikTok- and now, The Teen Magazine is here to bring to you all the details of Awful Cloth.

Worn by A-List Gen Z TikTokers Charli D'Amelio, Avani Gregg, Bryce Hall, and so many more- including beauty guru James Charles- Awful Cloth is set to embark on their spin-of-positivity brand redefining the definition of “awful”.

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A Talk With Awful

The Teen Magazine set down on a (virtual) interview with Awful Cloth's creators to delve further into their meaning and message: what's Awful all about, and what's it set to embark upon?

Keep Awful on the radar to lead the spin on positivity- it's a movement with emphasis on sharing that good feel.

The brand allows for your own interpretation, while keeping your fashion style in check while looking effortlessly cool.

-The Teen Magazine

The Creation of Awful

When asked of what had led for the brand to be created, Awful Cloth's path to making dreams come true will draw you in.

"It all started in a dorm room in the middle of Indiana. Charles “Chaz” Zayed had a quesadilla maker and decided to sell quesadillas to his fellow classmates. He loved seeing the wide smiles on everybody’s face when they tried his edible creation.

He realized he wanted to make a more sustainable and meaningful impact in his community than just a cheesy snack. So he began to research something he has always been passionate about; fashion," states Awful, "During the creation of the brand, he realized he needed someone who could put his visions into reality. He reached out to one of his hometown acquaintances, Emmit Flynn, who was known for his artistic abilities. As they were both at different universities (Indiana University and Fordham University), they worked countless hours day and night for 9 straight months to finally make their dream into a reality."

Since then, their creation is now what is known as Awful Cloth.

"Awful Cloth has now grown into an international apparel and lifestyle brand with orders from all 50 states and 57 countries around the globe. We have been worn by the likes of Charli D’Amelio, James Charles, Bryce Hall, Nia Sioux, Griffin Johnson, Avani, Jayden Bartels, and many others," writes Awful, "What has helped our brand so much is our vibrant clothing, hand-drawn designs, and strong message that we embrace with every product we create."

The Meaning of Awful

If you thought "Awful Cloth" was an eye-catcher of a brand name, you're certainly not alone!

When asked what the driving force behind the naming was, Awful responds, "While many read the word AWFUL as dreadful or unpleasant, we don't see it this way. To us, AWFUL means “Full of Awe”, and that sentiment pervades everything we do. The idea behind AWFUL is simple, our brand is about finding the good in bad, it is about turning a situation on its head and looking at it in a new light."

With this spin of a take on their name, Awful represents taking on a new level of positivity with their apparel and brand. "We all see trying times in life but we believe that no matter how dark it may get, there is always a silver lining. We want to promote this point of view, and in doing so, help make the world a more AWFUL place."

The idea behind AWFUL is simple, our brand is about finding the good in bad, it is about turning a situation on its head and looking at it in a new light. -Awful Cloth

Designs Like No Other

Notably, the designs for the comfortable yet edgy apparel available on store is quite the one in part of a trendy movement. We were curious to know: what drove the inspiration for Awful's artwork feature on the apparel and products?

"We have a plethora of designs that are loud and bold yet also simple and offbeat," Awful replies, "All of our designs are hand made by our in house designer Emmit Flynn and come straight from our hearts. We want our designs to be striking yet laid back, and to offer a sense of style that goes beyond what you might see echoed in the fashion industry today."

Awful3 Design

"One design for example is our famous 3-eyed smiley face. It is simple yet striking, like our name, and it carries a powerful message. The idea of the Third-Eye symbolizes a state of enlightenment and has a deeply personal spiritual significance. With our Awful3 hoodie, we are trying to push our customers to open their third eye and understand things from different perspectives. If our customers purchase this hoodie, hopefully, they can come into the realization they’ve always wanted to seek."

Adding More For You

So far, Awful Cloth offers a wide range of items in store, from hoodies, t-shirts, joggers, crop tops, masks, hats, and stickers. So, we had to know: what's coming next?

"We have typically stuck to comfort and loungewear, which includes hoodies, crewnecks, t-shirts, sweatpants, and beanies. This has been one of the biggest trends this year since the pandemic has kept everybody at home," says Awful.

"We are going to plan to expand our collection into products such as jeans, jackets, tracksuits, bucket hats, and much more. We are currently working on our Winter Collection and hope to turn heads when it releases this upcoming December."

Be on the lookout for then- you wouldn't want to miss it!

The Future Awaits

When asked, "where do you hope to see Awful Cloth in the future?"-

Awful tells us: "As AWFUL continues to grow, we plan on creating more customized and unique products. We’re all about seeing perspectives differently, so we are going to focus on eye-catching designs that the fashion world has not seen before."

"Once the world finally goes back to normal, we plan on opening a brick and mortar as well as placing some of our pieces into retailers across the country. We just want to inspire the youth throughout this decade to look at things differently, be themselves, and to inspire others to follow."

Awful Cloth Apparel

Naturally, stylish is a key word in the dictionary of Awful.

Perfect for especially this coming cooler season (although it's pretty much good to wear all-season), Awful Cloth is here to supply you with that cool wardrobe you need.

Good Thoughts Only

The Awfulution Embroidered Hoodie is the go-to for your simple but statement-making outerwear. You just can't go wrong with styling this hoodie- ; it'll pretty much match up with any piece you could pair it with.

It is as exactly as it looks; with a white background hoodie with colorful brand embroidery, it's simple but eye-catching. In the center, the four iconic Awful smiley faces are embroidered on; in signature primary colors, they add some bright eye-catching color onto the white hoodie. The embroidery is thick and is well-sewn on.

The fabric is lightweight but heavy enough to keep you warm. The inner hoodie is lined with fuzzy material to add onto that warmth you'll need these upcoming months! Also... it has pockets! Perfect to stash in some snacks and other essentials- or just your hands- the pocket is nicely sized and will fit many items.

It's an essential that you'll need- a basic item you need that's thrilling- the Awfulution is here to amp up your wardrobe.

To shop, click here.

The Positivity-Embracing Hoodie

The Look on the Bright Side Hoodie might just be my personal favorite! With a black colored hoodie with an amazingly cool design on the front, its elevated art and comfortable feel will draw you in.

Not only is this design exciting, it seriously is unique and like no other.

The colors show up well on the hoodie, and the design imprint is all there- the Look on the Bright Side seriously will be the one to turn heads. The design coloring itself perfectly matches the black color of the hoodie; it's not neon bright, and has the right amount of toned-down coloring, all while being impeccably noticeable.

Attached to the hoodie head cover are drawstrings for you to adjust the sizing to your preference in the color white. You can tie them, or tuck it in-a ll up to you! This too has a huge, roomy pocket in the lower center.

To shop, click here.

Positive Mindset On Your Head

If you're looking for a cool streetswear accessory, the Awfulution Trucker-Hat is exactly what you need.

I seriously loved how the hat- which is in a clean white color- came with bright colored embroidery of the iconic smiley faces. The color of the embroidery is very solid and matches along with another for a perfect complimentary look. The trucker hat comes with a mesh back, which also is thick and breathable.

While the hat is a one-size, it comes with a plastic adjuster with the circle dots you can slide and click your adjustment preference into. It matches the look perfectly, and if you have on a ponytail, it'll fit in!

The hat itself is incredibly durable quality, and the stand of the hat is quite strong; you won't see this so easily crumpled.

To shop, click here.

Quality You'll Love

I was beyond excited to feel how soft the hoodies were!

They are plush but light- meaning, they won't feel so heavy and suffocating- all while keeping you warm. (I can very much attest this with the facts- in 60°F weather, this warmed me up right away!) It feels like a constant hug.

Additionally, the hoodies on the inside are lined with fuzzy material to give you that extra comfort and snuggle-perfect feel. The hoodies also come with a drawstring attached for the hoodie head cover- perfect to match to your own fit!

Designs Like No Other

Of course, there's the comfortable and quality factor, but the designs well deserve their praise.

Whether it be Awful's approach to a simple but iconic design or their graphic design promoting positivity with a spin, their design allow you to authentically what AWFUL means for you in your own personal dictionary.

The brand allows for your own interpretation, while keeping your fashion style in check while looking effortlessly cool.

Accurate Sizing

The sizing for Awful Cloth is very much true to size, but with all hoodies, if you prefer to wear them a bit loose, I'd suggest sizing up.

All fits perfectly, and sizing is not a concern with Awful!

Keep Up!

To check out Awful Cloth on Instagram, find them by their user @awfulcloth. Want to pin some of their trendy, redefining outfit for some inspiration boards? Their Pinterest is your go-to!

Looking to browse the brand to get some redefining items? Awful Cloth has your back- shop here at

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