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The Ultimate List of Last-Minute but High-Quality Gift Ideas for Your Significant Other


Thu, February 22

Looking to give a gift for your significant other, but time got the best of you? Last-minute does not necessarily mean low-quality. If you haven't had an idea of what to give your other half, here are some ideas for you!

Bouquet of Your Person's Favorite Things

Don't worry! It's easy – you can even do it yourself. Some of the most popular things to go on this gift are chocolate, money, teddy bears, snacks, and tea.

But honestly, it could be anything. Wrap it up with flower-wrapping paper and there you have it.

Of course, if your significant other loves flowers, don't forget to add some to your bouquet or simply give them a beautiful bouquet.

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Journal/Memory/Scrapbook Notebooks

It's beautiful to look back on the special moments you shared together. Why not give them somewhere to store those memories? You could make a scrapbook with pictures and handwritten notes, or buy notebooks that are made for couples to write down memories and thoughts of their relationship.

If you want to make a scrapbook but don't know how, here's a helpful guide video. If you already know how to make a scrapbook, but still need some inspiration, Pinterest or Scrapbook.com would be helpful to look at.

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A Personal Playlist

It is a common thing for couples to have some special songs in their relationship, like the song they first danced to, the song when they first said, “I love you”. If you know that this is important to both of you, making a personal playlist could be a special gift.

Create a playlist using YouTube, Spotify, and other streaming apps.

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“100 Reasons Why I Love You” Gifts

The reason I call these kinds of gifts “100 reasons why I love you” is because there are a lot of ways to make these, but they ultimately do the same things. They would contain notes that say reasons why you love the other person. You could buy a wishing bottle with notes inside and write notes there or handmade the whole thing.

For further inspiration, check out posts by @giftbymel on Instagram or others that do handmade gifts.

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Couple Items (Bracelets, Rings, Socks…etc.)

These don't have to be made with your names on them, but they can just be bracelets that have magnets, or phone cases that share the same stories.

You could easily look for these on Amazon or local businesses on Instagram, or even at places like Target.

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A Treats Advent Calendar

Have you ever had a box of treats where each piece of chocolate is meant to be eaten on a particular day? This is exactly like that!

Surprise your person each day every day for the next month with their favorite treats. You could put treats in little paper bags and mark the date on each, or make a box containing smaller boxes within it. There are so many ways to get creative!

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Plush in Mug

This is a lovely yet practical gift to your partner, and a present like this could never go wrong.

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Baked Goods

What can be more heart-warming than a box of home-baked chocolate cupcakes or cookies? If you could, do some backing and surprise your person. If not, it is always a great idea to visit the local bakery and pick up fresh pastries that you know are their favorites!

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Album of You Together

Have a lot of pictures but never got to use them? Now is the time! You could print out pictures of you two and put them in a pre-made album case. You can get creative by adding personal notes or putting everything in a timely order to remind your loved one of your journey together.

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Date of Their Choice!

How about a day full of their favorite activities as a gift? Take them on a shopping spree at their favorite store, drive them to their favorite places, and treat them to a great meal of their choice!

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Wooden Music Box

Tiny wooden music boxes. They can have small, meaningful messages. Songs like “Can't Help Falling in Love” or “L-O-V-E" are commonly pre-chosen for these boxes.

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A Gift Card

Gift cards are often seen as a boring gift, but only when the store chosen is not your favorite. Make sure you know what your person has been dying to buy and get a gift card from that store for them!

Couple Board Games

This gift will bring a lot of fun when you two spend time alone and help create many good memories. You can find these at local bookstores or places like Barnes and Noble.

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A Puzzle

A puzzle is a good choice because you can show how much you know about the other person just by choosing the right puzzle. It could also be a great way to pull you closer together as you and your partner do it together.

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A Spontaneous Trip

How about taking your person on a spontaneous road trip? Pack their bags for them, and drive them somewhere a little far away. Go to the beach or stay overnight in the mountains. The options are endless.

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