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Autumn is Coming: Mother-Daughter Date Ideas


August 12, 2020

Autumn is here, and school is back. Even though some of us are going back to school differently this year, we will probably be spending more time with our family.

A good thing to do this autumn is develop a closer relationship and bond with your mother. This year has changed us greatly, and has made us realize how important family is, and even how much we depend on our mothers during this pandemic.

Whether you're having your college experience at your house, and you miss her homemade cooking, or still in high school, we all need a mother in life. Here are 8 things you could do with your mom or mother-figure during this pandemic to develop a closer relationship and have a bond that blossoms.

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1. Spa Day At Home

A spa day is definitely needed, especially during these times. Sometimes, it's good to take a break from life, school, or work and just treat yourself. What better way to do this than with your mom? Depending on preference, you can buy facial masks and other spa supplies at a local store like Walmart, order them online, or make your own spa treatments at home.

It is your day, and the best part is that you get to spend it with your mom. So you get to choose whether you want the face or the full works girl. The most important thing is that you're doing it with someone who loves and cares for you.

You and your mother can relax together, talk, or even listen to music. Remember, a woman's true beauty is not what she wears or what is on her face, but rather how her mother raised her and what she believes in her heart.

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2. Movie Night

Nothing can bring a mother and a daughter together than watching movies. There are so many shows and movies you and your mother can watch that could eventually bring you closer together.

You wouldn't need much- a streaming service like Netflix, or Hulu would be the basic start. If you don't have a streaming service, you could rent movies or even buy a dvd (yes, they still sell those). From rom-coms like The Kissing Booth and Crazy Rich Asians to shows like Gilmore Girls and Jane the Virgin, there's something for everyone.

Not one mother-daughter bond is the same, there are so many things to watch that both of you could bond over. That's the beauty of doing a movie night or a marathon, there's something for every family dynamic, a show, movie, documentary, comedy, etc.

My mom and I have the same taste in movies, we both love watching rom-coms. Sometimes, she even recommends movies that she's watched before, and I end up enjoying them. We go over parts of movies that were funny and heart-felt, and in some way I feel closer to her. Whatever your relationship with your mother or mother-figure is, a movie night is sure to bring you closer to her.

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3. Exercise

Whether it be a workout, bike ride, yoga, or a walk, every type of exercise involves some sort of trust in your partner. Nothing is really needed, in order to exercise.

For partner exercises, your partner would be your mother, and exercising creates a special strong bond. Not only do you have to workout with your mom, you also have to build trust and trust them whenever you exercise. You depend on them to help you out with the partner exercises, just like they would depend on you.

Exercise is good for the body, mind, and overall health. Doing this with you mom would not only create a stronger bond between both of you, but also relieves stress and tension in the body and mind.

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4. Baking/Cooking

Baking or cooking with your mother or mother-figure could create a bond between the both of you. Just learning and talking while cooking/baking could build a stronger relationship.

You could cook or bake an old family recipe or something that interests the both of you. Whatever you're cooking or baking, it doesn't have to be fancy or elegant, it could be something as simple as Mac & Cheese, or Ice Cream.

What's important is that both your mom and you are doing it together, and are also talking and learning through the process. Once you have your finished product, you could both enjoy your hard work together. What would gain from this experience? A closer bond, and a delicious meal.

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5. Book Club

Reading a book with your mother can also form a strong bond. You can read a book that interest or could interest the both of you. You would compare notes and share moments in the story that made you laugh, or remember a fond family memory.

Any book can be used to start a book club really, there is no specific book to read. Just read something that both of you can read and talk about.

Another great idea to start a book club is to read your favorite book, and once you're done, have your mother or mother figure to choose her favorite book. That way, you would get to know more about her and what she likes to read, and vice versa. Reading someone else's favorite book also helps you gain a deeper understanding of them.

You would understand why they chose that certain book, what made them think, wonder, laugh, or cry. You would have a closer bond with that person, just as they would with you, if they read your favorite book.

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6. Picnic

Another great outing idea would be to go on a picnic. Autumn is nearing, and the weather is finally starting to cool down, and what could be greater than eating outside and talking to your mother? Go to the park, beach, or even in your backyard and have a nice meal with someone who means a lot to you. You could read, play games, or even talk while having a picnic with your mother.

Picnics are great if you ever feel stressed or just need a change of environment/routine. I feel like the best part about picnics is what you pack inside. Picnics are adventurous, they aren't like any other meal.

You could pack chocolate-covered strawberries, or tuna sandwiches, practically anything you want. The most essential part of a picnic though is sharing it with someone you love and cherish.

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7. Arts & Crafts

During this pandemic, many of us have reverted back to doing the simple things in life like moving furniture, redecorating our house, and even revamping our forgotten treasures. Creating something from nothing, or simply doing a fun DIY can be just what you need this Fall.

What I love about arts and crafts is that you can create something new from things that you have around your house, or you can buy minimal supplies at the dollar store and repurpose it. In the end, your finished product turns out classy, your style, and the best part is that you did it with your mom.

I find it amazing how we can just buy simple materials and turn it into something chic, classic, and expensive for half of the actual price in store. If you want to do something extra and complicated, and even add on your own touch to your project, it would take more time and effort. It pays off in the end, when you stare in amazement at what you created, and be proud of the effort and time it took to complete it.

Nothing is more fun than doing something out of your comfort zone and add your own touch and style to ordinary objects. What makes it even better is sharing that experience with your mom. You would be able to look back at when you did that project and how much effort you put in, and how much fun you had with your mother.

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8. Playing Games (Cards, Board Games)

Lately with everything that's going on, most of us have been bored, and even some of us have become bored of our devices and technology. Something fun that you could do is play board and card games. I can't remember the last time I played Monopoly with my friends and family.

Classic board and card games are a lot more fun when you play with your mother or siblings. Not only do they remember the rules, but it's just better to play with people you're familiar with, who understand what it was like playing these games.

Playing these games can pass the time quickly and can also bring you closer together, especially during this pandemic. Because let's admit it, it's been a little hard to get along with our family these last few months. Playing old board and card games at least brings a little bit of normalcy in life. Going simple, and playing the classic games you remember can help build a stronger, closer bond with your mother.

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