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How to Plan for the Ideal Summer: Finding Balance Between Rest & Productivity

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Mon, June 10

With summer break here, the golden promise of longer, warmer days and uplifting weather can have us itching to do it all. Planning trips, weekends away, internships, summer camps, and much more seems exhilarating initially, but it can sometimes leave us feeling overwhelmed and burnt out. But how can we carve out that essential self-care time while maximizing the summer break? This article will provide tips on staying productive and active during the summer break and ensuring that you are giving your body the rest and care it deserves!

How to Balance it all

Before we get into any more 'juicy' content, the most important thing is to know how to balance the activities I will share below. Using a notebook or journal to plan the week is a great way to avoid taking on too much. Yes, I know it sounds tear-inducingly boring to sit down and plan out EVERY week but trust me, it will help you avoid burnout in the long run and enable you to block out time for yourself, whether that's going for a walk, having a solo picnic date, or just binge-watching your favorite summer show! (You know you want to)!

Get a Job

I know, the most cliché advice EVER. While looking for a summer job can be tedious, it is also a rewarding experience that can make you more appealing to future employers and help you develop new skills while strengthening existing ones. Besides this, having a regular part-time job that you do once or twice a week adds variation and stops you from getting bored. (That extra cash flow also keeps us extra motivated)! From childcare to more intense office work, there's a job with your name written on it!

Get Creative

Starting a creative group project is a perfect way to channel some of your inner creativity into a stimulating and rewarding activity. Join a local theatre or art community nearby and feel the fresh surge of endorphins as you collaborate with others and pull out all the stops to bring your community a breathtaking display of your unique skill set.

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Start your own blog/business

While this may start as a more creative outlet/hobby, you could potentially maximize your business/blog into a professional side hustle. For my more artistic readers, a print-on-demand business is a brilliant way to print your unique designs on clothes, accessories, and more. Using websites like Printify means you only have to worry about creating new product design ideas. For my more literary enthusiasts, a blog is a wonderful way to share your opinion on and write about thousands of topics for a niche or mass audience. Squarespace is a great place to get started!

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Learn a new instrument

While you may seem apprehensive about learning it, it is truly rewarding. You can learn to play for both pleasure and professionally (by taking the examinations), and, as a piano player, it truly keeps your brain fresh and active. (There is a link between instrumental practice and enhanced academic performance) With YouTube becoming a much more accessible platform, you can most likely teach yourself how to play your favorite pop songs! (Although I'd recommend getting a teacher for more serious players).

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Get some sun

What's summer break without a little (or a lot) of sunbathing? Grab your favorite summer read, a comfy towel, some sunscreen, and a good pair of sunglasses, and relax for hours on end in your back garden or at the beach. Pack a picnic basket with some fruit and sandwiches and treat yourself to a solo date (or one with a significant other) in the park to spice things up. Sunshine AND food-is there anything better?!

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Get some exercise

During the hectic exam season (and the school year in general), you may have found that you had started neglecting your exercise routine. Suddenly, those 30 minutes carved out for your afternoon run seem better used as a quick study session at the library. Don't worry; I've been there, and summer break is the perfect opportunity to get back into a regular exercise routine-whether you hit the gym every other day or enjoy a brisk morning walk, regular exercise will keep your brain and heart healthy, and happy, and allow you to relax and de-stress!

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Spend intimate time with your family

Whether it's curled up on the sofa watching a cozy family movie, flicking through nostalgic photo albums, or having an intense 'games night' during the week, spending time with your loved ones is a hassle-free way to rest and recharge your social and mental battery. Even with exams out of the way, we can still worry about the year ahead or any results we haven't received, meaning our anxiety and stress levels can still be sky-high.

I know that even just a small hug from my mum makes me feel a thousand times better, and it's scientifically proven that spending time with your family helps to reduce the occurrence of depression and other mental health issues!

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Have a self-care night

Self-care looks different for everyone. For some, it's just reading a book or listening to music, whereas others prefer a more luxurious way of life: a bubble bath, a full skincare routine, or even an at-home pamper night! Whatever floats your boat, it's important to take some time out to do something for yourself. Remember that you've worked hard this year, and rest is essential in helping your body and mind recover and be restored to their full working power!

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You must have a healthy balance of all these things throughout your summer break. Maximizing your break is super important in helping you take those first fundamental steps in finding potential future employment or just keeping you occupied during the time off school. While being active and productive during this time is fantastic, just remember to schedule those much-needed breaks and allow yourself to just ‘be.’ Have a wonderful summer break!

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