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How to Romanticize Life

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August 12, 2023

Life can be tricky at times. When faced with challenges, we often seek ways to cope, whether through imagination or strategies to handle everyday tasks. Many of us are accustomed to a fast-paced lifestyle, where time seems to slip away unnoticed. I feel like the impact of COVID-19 has definitely heightened this sensation, making the past four years feel like a fleeting moment.

Social media has always told us to "romanticize our lives" and try teaching us "How to be the main character." But the message behind this gets lost behind the soothing music and overdramatized aesthetic photo dumps. This raises the question: What does it truly mean to romanticize life?

Personally, I think romanticizing your life means finding joy and peace in the mundane. Making even a simple day seem interesting to you and focusing on your inner peace. That being said, You all deserve to be the main characters in your own movie, and I decided to list a couple ways you can romanticize your life.

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Read books before you sleep

Curling up with a book before bedtime establishes a serene ritual that relaxes your mind and body. Enhancing this experience with soft lighting or a warm cup of herbal tea creates a cherished moment of self-care, allowing you to immerse yourself deeply in the text and forge a stronger connection with the material. Beyond igniting your imagination, reading before sleep provides respite from digital overload, contributing to improved sleep quality as your eyes transition into rest. This practice encourages you to slow down, savor each moment, and cultivate mindfulness.

To adopt this routine, allocate dedicated time each night for reading a few pages or chapters. Choose a resonant book, whether it transports you to another time or imparts personal growth. By embracing nightly reading, you infuse your life with a gentle charm, transforming the mundane into something enriching and soothing.

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Watch Gilmore Girls, gossip girls, etc.

I'm a huge GG fan! Gilmore Girls and Gossip Girls are the two iconic shows you can't go without watching even once in your lifetime. These shows transport you to picturesque settings and bring characters to life who find beauty even in everyday moments.

The witty dialogues, cozy cafes, and enchanting backdrops can inspire you to find your own moments of magic. Who says that you can't be the Rory Gilmore of your school?

TV shows can take us to places we wouldn't be able to go to physically. If you're seeking additional shows to bring some variety to your routine, you might want to explore timeless classics like "Friends," which beautifully portrays the strength of friendships and the excitement of unconventional journeys.

Alternatively, "New Girl" offers a humorous perspective on a group of friends as they navigate the highs and lows of life. If historical drama captures your interest, "Bridgerton" transports you to a Regency-era setting, immersing you in a world of sophistication and captivating stories.

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Create Pinterest boards

This digital platform isn't just about pinning random images; it's a canvas where you can assemble visuals that resonate with your desires and aspirations. Think of it as building a visual diary of your dreams and passions. If you're seeking inspiration, consider creating boards that reflect the destinations you long to visit, the cuisines you wish to savor, or the hobbies you've always wanted to explore. By crafting these boards, you're inviting the allure of new experiences and capturing the essence of the life you wish to embrace.

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Block any drama

One effective way to enhance the enjoyment of your everyday life is by cultivating a positive environment. This involves distancing yourself from unnecessary drama and negativity. Whether it's in your social circles or online interactions, avoiding toxic situations can significantly contribute to a more fulfilling life. By focusing on uplifting and constructive conversations, you allow room for meaningful connections and experiences to flourish.

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Be yourself when meeting other people

This might sound like common advice, the kind you'd find in a basic "Meeting People 101" guide, but trust me, it truly does work! When you're true to who you are, conversations flow more naturally, fostering a sense of sincerity that resonates deeply with those you interact with. It's about finding the beauty in being unapologetically you, which can lead to enriching experiences and unexpected friendships.

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Go on daily walks

I love going on my hot girl walks; they make me feel much better throughout the day. Stroll through your neighborhood, a nearby park, or a scenic trail. As you immerse yourself in nature's beauty, you'll find a sense of tranquility and connection with the world around you.

The gentle rustling of leaves, the sun's warm embrace, and the rhythmic sounds of your footsteps create a soothing symphony. These walks offer physical exercise and a chance to clear your mind and reflect on your thoughts.

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Create a playlist that makes you feel like the main character

Crafting a playlist that empowers you to step into a protagonist's shoes can be a wonderful way to infuse a fresh perspective into your days. By curating a collection of tunes that evoke a sense of adventure, confidence, and introspection, you're setting the stage for a unique experience. As the music plays, you might envision new stories, imagine different scenarios, and feel more connected to your surroundings.

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Set boundaries and cut out toxic people

Establishing clear boundaries and distancing yourself from detrimental individuals are essential to curating a fulfilling and enriching life. By defining personal limits, you carve out spaces that safeguard your emotional and mental well-being. This process involves identifying relationships that might be causing distress or stagnation and taking decisive steps to limit or even sever ties with such toxic influences.

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Do dates and movie nights with yourself

Society always loves to push the stigma that you need to be with a friend or date to do something fun for yourself, and I say to [censored] with all of it! There's nothing wrong with doing things alone and having little self-care moments. Imagine strolling through the city streets with only your thoughts and desires to guide you or curling up with your favorite film, a bowl of popcorn, and the warmth of solitude enveloping you.

These moments of self-contained joy provide a delightful escape from routine and nurture a sense of self-appreciation and contentment. So, why not orchestrate occasions where you can revel in your own presence, creating memories that are uniquely yours?

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Take photos of things you like

Train your lens on the things that resonate with your soul - a blooming flower on your morning walk, the golden hues of a sunset painting the sky, the intricate details of a vintage bookshop downtown, or even a steaming cup of your favorite tea. These snapshots of your personal preferences not only create a visual keepsake but also serve as a vivid reminder of the small yet wonderful elements that make life uniquely yours.

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While this list doesn't cover all the ways to romanticize your life, it can be a solid starting point. Following the same daily routine can become monotonous, so adding some excitement is important. Feel free to share your experiences with romanticizing life and whether you've attempted any of these suggestions in the comments below!

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