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15 Songs to Include in Your Spring Playlist


Spring is known for many things. Love in the air, flowers in trees... and a killer spring playlist. As someone who loves music and honestly believes a good playlist can help with almost anything, I had to compile some of my favorites to welcome spring. These are the songs you are going to want to listen to as we move into spring. For me personally, this is the spring and summer before my senior year a.k.a final year of high school (terrifying), so I had to go all out. Every big change in your life deserves a big and bold playlist to go along with it, so it's always in your memories. Below you'll find 15 of my top picks to welcome springtime, the end of school, and carefree springtime vibes. Hope you all enjoy it.

1. Honey - Kehlani (Explicit)

An enjoyable song for any Kehlani fan and truly one of my favorites to pop on any day of the week. Honey will give your week the chill vibes your spring playlist needs with the gentle guitar and Kehlani's passionate voice. When listening to Honey by Kehlani, you get the image of a sunny day on a porch while a gentle breeze plays, and you sip a cool glass of lemonade, with a little funk added in. Definitely a must-have for any spring playlist.

2. No Se Decirte No - Marco Mares

A fly song with an awesome beat! No Se Decirte No captures the chill essence of a spring day with a wind chime sparkling in the background. Mares' voice is smooth and fun, and the song is truly a gem for any playlist. The song will feel like it's speaking directly to you, and it'll conjure up the movie moment where the character is figuring out everything and falling in love.

3. Wild Young Hearts - Noisettes

A classic always, Wild Young Hearts is fun and upbeat song giving you the perfect song to dance to. Its poppy tune is easy to follow without seeming simple, and the lead singer's powerful voice is guaranteed to blow you away. The perfect song to capture the essence of young love and it's curious nature. This song is the movie moment where the two young loves go off on a wild adventure.

4. Kiss Me More - Doja Cat ft. SZA (Explicit)

Now this one is pretty popular. You've probably seen it in videos or on social media, and I'm here to tell you that, "Yes, it does live up to the hype." The song combines a killer beat with SZA and Doja Cat's vocals, and the mix of rap and singing is absolutely gorgeous. This song will give you a super fun spring playlist with a song that makes you want to dance.

5. Honeymoon Avenue - Ariana Grande

Now this one is a classic and has so many memories associated with it. It's fun, it's chill, and every playlist needs a long-lost love-esque type of song. This song's movie moment is at the beginning of the movie where our main character is reflecting on their ex and the good times they had. A good song for anyone remembering the good times.

6. As It Was - Harry Styles

Probably one of the most recent ones on this list is As It Was by Harry Styles. However, it's quickly making a name for itself and for good reason. The music is distinct, and the song is fun to sing along to. A must-have for your spring playlist. The beat is a little funky, and I think that's another reason everyone loves it. As It Was is the perfect song when it comes to change, and how nothing can ever be "As it was", but maybe that's why we should try to roll with change.

7. Mariposa - Peach Tree Rascals

Honestly, it feels like it should be in an indie teen movie, but in a good way. This song lives strongly in the alternative category, and will definitely add something a little different to your playlist. The song creates a feeling of floating through clouds and is the perfect thing for the listener with a little wanderlust inside. Since this song creates the feeling of floating, its movie moment is where the character is simply utterly at piece.

8. West Coast Love - Emotional Oranges

This song's chill vibes are perfect for a Saturday in spring West Coast Love is guaranteed to put you in a calm mood. If I stick with the trend of ascribing a mood, feeling, or movie scene to the song, then this is definitely the part of the movie with the fond flashback. This song will make you long for summer which is honestly perfect as many of us struggle to close out the school year(me especially).

9. Anthony Kiedis - Remi Wolf

A little funky and a definite vibe, Anthony Kiedis by Remi Wolf provides the perfect quirky addition to any step into spring playlist. This is the song for my funky, ferocious, rebels who deviate from the mainstream in the best way. Also, side note, Remi Wolf is one of my absolute favorite artists just because of how quirky(in a good way) her music is, and is one of the reasons why she is perfect for a spring playlist. As spring comes around, and we're reminded of change we also should remember change can be fun and quirky.

10. DFMU - Ella Mai (Explicit)

DFMU has Ella Mai's patented soulful vocals that convey every emotion. DFMU is an absolutely lovely song for anybody who enjoys R&B and Neo-soul music. DFMU is the anthem of every person who's been afraid of putting their heart out there, and is basically an R&B "Don't Go Breaking My Heart"(with the message anyway). The movie moment for this song is when our main character decides to risk it all, or the moment in a show when the will-they-won't-they characters FINALLY get together.

11. Sofia - Alvaro Soler

Sofia has literally been on repeat not only on my playlists but on all of my friends' playlists. The song is fun and easy to sing along to, making it the perfect addition to your spring playlist. Sofia is happy, and that's not a bad thing. Everyone needs a happy song that just makes them feel good without worrying about anything else. The movie moment for this song is the end of the movie when things work out for our character and they get their happy ending (and yes those do occasionally happen).

12. Supalonely - Benee ft. Gus Dapperton (Explicit)

For my friends who are the quirky, artistic main character of their own life stories I definitely think you'll enjoy Supalonely by Benee. Fun, catchy, and just nice to listen to. Supalonely needs to make its way onto your playlist ASAP. Supalonely speaks to the awkward teen in all of us who is "Supalonely", or at least can feel like it some of the time.

13. Oh My God - Adele

Here we have the song that was on repeat for weeks after Adele dropped her latest album. It's fun, soulful (thanks to Adele's incredible vocals), and you will find yourself humming the chorus in no time. It's the ultimate I'm gonna do whatever I want to do song. For the independent human who wants to do whatever they want this is the song you need now. Of course, the accompanying movie moment for this song is when our character rebels against the system(please insert favorite movie/or tv show character rebel here peeps).

14. Dally - Hyolyn

I have to thank my friend for this one because she introduced it to me, but Dally by Hyolyn is just so fun to hear and makes you want to dance. Also, definitely watch the video if you want to see some killer dance moves. Aside from the killer dance moves, the sass and vocals Hyolyn delivers in this dang song are incredible. This is the moment in the movie where our character "levels up" and has their scene where they come back ready to fight.

15. 30/90 - Tick, Tick... BOOM!!!

This one is definitely for the teens who feel like they're growing up too fast or life is flying at them. Even though, if you've seen the movie you know it wasn't written for teens, but I find the message resonating. Either way, it's a great addition as spring rolls around and school starts coming to an end. Also, if you have yet to see the musical, it's definitely worth a watch.

These fifteen are must-haves for any spring playlist and will definitely add a mix of happy, chill, and totally springy vibes to your playlist. In a nutshell, this playlist has a little something for everyone, so I really hope you all enjoy!

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