A Review of the Long Awaited Newest Black Widow Movie

A Review of the Long Awaited Newest Black Widow Movie

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August 07, 2021

We’ve anticipated its long-awaited arrival after delays, and now it’s finally hit the big screens. Black Widow. One of Marvel's most powerful Avengers, has finally got the movie she deserved after being in the Marvel universe for over ten years. Although we wish it were under better circumstances in her timeline, as this will be the last we see of Natasha Romanoff in the franchise.

Cinematic Wise

This film had some amazing scenes as it starts with a montage that will send chills down your spine. A cover of ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ by Nirvana is sung by ‘Malia J’. Clips of the Red Room and a very young Natasha Romanoff are seen.

The introduction to the movie, I believe, was the perfect way to start the film. A montage might not seem like an action-packed way to begin a movie, but you will feel immediately pulled into the storyline.

Who Else Do We See?

Casting was superb in this film as we saw new characters, funny characters, characters we grew to love and wish we could get more of (of course, evil villains as well). Florence Pugh was cast as Black Widow's sister Yelena Belova. Stranger Things actor David Harbour was cast as Alexei Shostakov or “Red Guardian'' and was cast to be the Black Widows' father.

Rachel Weisz also appears throughout the movie as the mother. Ultimately, this solo avenger, as we thought, isn’t as alone as we believed; her family reunites in an action-packed way.

Audience Reactions

It was interesting to see so many audience reactions when I saw this film. I was lucky enough to see it the night it was released in a packed theater full of Marvel enthusiasts. There were numerous times when the entire audience was laughing.

Yelena seemed to make everybody laugh with her jokes and mockery of her Avenger sister. Marvel took a more comedic approach with this film through the new characters, which I think balanced out the seriousness and action. Don’t go into this movie thinking that only one character cracks jokes often! Alexei or the Red Guardian frequently has his moments that make the audience laugh.

The Storyline Behind it

After viewing Black Widow and being a big Marvel franchise fan myself, I think this was a great movie to showcase our favorite female Avenger and transition further into phase four of the marvel universe. The film is set just after the events of Captain America: Civil War, when she is on the run. We do see connections to this when she is needed to create fake identities and lies low in the beginning.

The story follows Romanoff as she rescues her father and reconnects with her mother. While putting an end to the Red Room and saving the girls from the trance state they were in. As strange as I believed it was for Black Widow to have her movie after the release of Avengers Endgame... I think after viewing the movie it ties into the timeline nicely.

Even though it may not make sense upon thought, it does as soon as you make the connections between films. It may be hard to connect all the dots, especially if you aren’t familiar with other Marvel films, so make sure that before you watch this movie you have a marathon of Marvel movies (especially Endgame).

Post Credit Scene

Any fanatic of this franchise knows about the post-credit scenes, and they are worth it! (warning - major spoilers) There is a major timeline skip where we see Yelena mourn the death of Natasha. This sneaky final scene put Marvel fans to rest when there was an acknowledgment of her death. This was expected by fans to be put into the franchise earlier, such as in “Avengers Endgame”.

Knowing the writers and producers, this was all for a purpose. Yelena is joined by “Contessa Valentina Allegra Defontaine”, who made her first appearance in the MCU in Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Contessa joins Yelena in mourning but ultimately has a different motive... showing a vulnerable Yelena a picture of Hawkeye and insinuating that he was the fault for her death.

This is a major setup for the Hawkeye mini-series and puts the idea of the plot into perspective for awaiting fans. Yelena now believes that Clint is responsible for her sister's death and perhaps wants to avenge her death. Little does she know it was her sister who sacrificed herself over Hawkeye for the stone to save everyone. He wasn’t the man responsible.

Final Thoughts

I couldn't wait to finally see Black Widow in cinemas! Many critiqued the plot and storyline before its release, but I was not disappointed. An interesting take and perspective is put in place for Black Widow, especially after the Civil War timeline.

Overall, a great range of characters formed her real family outside the Avengers. It was long overdue for Black Widow to have a movie of her own. I think that it could have been made sooner, but then again it would look completely different and wouldn't set up Marvel's “Phase Four”.

What a way to end Natasha Romanoff's character in the franchise. Everything from casting to the soundtrack, fight scenes even to comedic scenes were all done exceptionally well. If you haven’t seen Black Widow in cinemas, I heavily advise you to. It's a movie you don't want to miss.

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