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A Definitive Ranking of Every Single Marvel Movies and TV Series


November 23, 2023

The Marvel Cinematic Universe began in 2008 and has become increasingly popular in recent years with the release of The Marvels and many new movies and shows. Marvel recently announced release dates for several new movies and shows—so in preparation, I will rank all of the previously released Marvel movies (I will be ranking them in the order I watched them, so you may notice that not all of them are in order.

Also, I have only seen one of the Spider-Man movies since they were just released on Disney+, but I have not seen the Incredible Hulk). I think all of the Marvel movies are good, but we can agree that there is always one better.

For those of you who have never seen a Marvel movie, let me first say that you should watch one before starting on this review. Also, Marvel Cinematic Universe uses sagas and phases when releasing their movies, so most of the time, there will be an Avengers movie to signify the end of a phase. (This review will contain spoilers. Read at your curiosity).

Captain America: The First Avenger

Summary: Set during World War II, Steve Rogers wanted to serve his country by joining the army but was rejected due to being skinny and asthmatic. Finally, he gets accepted by Dr. Abraham Erskine and undergoes the experiment to turn him into a Super Solder and will fight against the Nazi-supporting organization known as HYDRA.

Review: 9/10. I liked many things about the movie, like the plot and the characters, but the time wasn't giving off the vibes of the 1940s since there were so many different, more advanced technologies at the time. At times during the movie, what would happen next was predictable, and there was not enough suspense.

Agent Carter

Summary: After Captain America goes down with the plane, Peggy is sent back to work as an “agent” for S.S.R., But the men there treat her like a secretary and never give her an assignment to pursue. When a charming friend asks for help, she can't help but say yes. With the help of Mr. Jarvis and Daniel Sousa, she will finally get an assignment of her own.

Review: 10/10. This was one of the best shows I have watched. Though Peggy has always been looked down upon because she is a woman, she manages to solve more crimes than all of the men she works with combined.

All of the effects in this movie were spectacularly designed, and the plot was great. A great T.V. series to watch.

Iron Man

Summary: Tony Stark is a billionaire and genius inventor who was conducting experiments for his missiles overseas. One day, he is taken by a terrorist group that wants him to make them a weapon. Instead, with the help of Yinsen, he can create an armored suit and escape. When he returned to the States, he began to improve upon his suit and help fight against the enemies.

Review: 8/10. This movie made it so we didn't see the actual suit until about half of the movie had already begun, and he didn't officially become Iron Man until later. But other than that, the movie was great, and there was an amazing amount of action and enough suspense.

The Marvel Studio did a great job making a character that was so arrogant to a person we can all cheer for. Overall, a good movie.

Iron Man 2

Summary: After admitting he was Iron Man, Tony Stark is bombarded on all sides to share his inventions with the government. He was scared that all of this information would get into the wrong hands, so he was reluctant to share information. His mental heart was also declining, which brought him to the brink of death. He will confront another powerful enemy who wants to destroy him and all he loves.

Review: 9/10. In this movie, Iron Man goes down a deep road where he turns reckless and party-crazy. I loved how they began introducing other characters like the Black Widow and Nick Fury, and he learned from his mistake and gained another fighting companion to go against Ivan.

The one thing I wished had happened was they gave Nick Fury more screen time. Other than that, it's a good movie.


Summary: Thor, son of Odin, is about to be crowned king of Asgard by his father but acts violently when the Frost Giants, the enemies of the gods, come into the palace. As a result, Odin banishes Thor into Midgard (what we call “Earth”) and strips him of his powers. Thor's little brother and god of mischief, Loki, plans to take the throne for himself. Thor must prove himself worthy to return to Asgard and reclaim his throne.

Review: 9/10. I love how they introduce Hawkeye and Coulson in this movie, and they used mythology to make the whole thing more interesting and fun to watch. The characters were also spot-on in how they were in mythology, so there were lots of things to learn. A great movie.


Summary: When Thor's little brother Loki manages to get the power from an infinity cube called the Tesseract, Nick Fury, the directed of S.H.I.E.L.D., gets the group of superheroes (The Avengers) together to hold the Earth together and stop Loki and his army from invading Earth.

Review: 9.5/10. This was one of the movies that first got me excited about the whole Marvel thing. I loved how they joined all of the superheroes and the agents joined together to defeat Loki.

Even though they had their differences, they were still a great team once they learned how to work together, which is when it counts. Wonderful movie.

Iron Man 3

Summary: After he saves the world from the alien invasion, Tony Stark is plagued by what he saw. He becomes more dependent on his suits, and it becomes his biggest obsession. It cuts into his life, especially his new relationship with Pepper Potts. After a new enemy named the Mandarin wreaks havoc in his world, he must rely on his instincts to defend the ones he loves.

Review: 8/10. Overall, This movie was good, but I didn't like how they conducted experiments on Pepper and gave her power, but she will never use it again. Iron Man finally learned that his suit would not get him out of every situation, and he must rely on his mind to also help him. But it's a good movie.

Thor: The Dark World

Summary: In the old days, the gods fought against a race called the Dark Elves, and their most powerful weapon, known as the Aether, was hidden in a secret place. When Jane Foster, Thor's love interest on Midgard, finds the Aether and becomes its host. Thor now has to get it out of her first before the Dark Elves use it to destroy the Nine Realms.

Review: 7/10. This was not one of the movies I would watch on repeat, but it was good. We get to see Jane and Darcy and another Infinity Stone again.

Even though they killed Loki, he was still alive, plotting for the throne. I suggest you watch this movie and make up your opinion about it.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Summary: After the invasion of New York, Steve Rogers now lives in the capital, trying to adjust to living in the modern world. When an attack on a friend from S.H.I.E.L.D. happened, it created another catastrophe for him to fix. With his new allies, he has to face an unexpected enemy.

Review: 9.5/10. This movie was a big shocker. I could not believe that Bucky came back.

He was one of the best "villains" in my view. Even though he does not remember his past, he still has some subconscious memories that allow him to think before he is brainwashed again. There were some scares in this movie that were resolved.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Summary: On a mission to get the staff of Loki, Tony Starks sees his worst fear and decides to create a robot that will bring world peace. But things go wrong and cause the Avengers to reassemble, unlike any of the enemies they already faced. Ultron, the robot who wants human extinction, gets a pair of powerful twins, which will be the hardest fight they will face.

Review: 10/10. This is one of my favorite Marvel movies yet. It introduces the biggest insecurity of Tony Stark and how he was able to face it.

Also, it begins with the stories about the twins, who were my favorite people in the movie. I get where they were coming from with the protests, and I was glad they could become part of the Avengers.

Captain America: Civil War

Summary: After what happened in Sokovia and the deaths, the Avengers must sign an accord that puts them under the government's control. Captain America, along with other team members, thinks that they should remain free and fight without the government's influence; Tony Stark, however, believes that this oversight is good and should be signed. This brings an all-out fight between the Avengers, and they must pick a side.

Review: 10/10. This movie was also one of my all-time favorites. Even though the Avengers were torn apart, it began introducing T'Challa, who we will see become the next Black Panter, and Sharon Carter, the niece of Peggy Carter. It will also explain the death of Tony Starks' parents' deaths.


Summary: Being kicked out of his own company, Dr. Hank Pym gets a master thief, Scott Lang, and trains him to become Ant-Man. The suit allows Lang to shrink in size and control all the ants. Together, he must stop the Yellowjacket from using the same technology for evil.

Review: 10/10. Also, one of my favorites, Ant-Man, dives into how he was separated from his daughter and learned to use his criminal skills for good. He is also funny, and that brings up my entire day. Great movie to watch.

Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 1

Summary: Peter Quill is a scavenger in the depths of space who is hunted relentlessly by a group of bounty hunters after he steals an orb that Ronan, a power villain, wants. With Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Gamora, and Drax, he will finally understand the true powers of the orb. With his team, he must now save the universe.

Review: 8/10. This movie was not one that I watched on repeat, but it was a great movie overall. They went over how the Guardians came to be and explored worlds that are not ours.

In this movie, they also introduce another Infinity Stone, which is cool and shows us where they originate from. I would recommend this movie.

Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Summary: Peter Quill and his team are hired by an alien race to protect their batteries from invaders. But Rocket has stolen the things they were supposed to protect. While they are trying to escape, Peter's father is revealed to be a god and has his planet. Peter is overjoyed now that he has a dad he can look up to, but not everything is what it seems.

Review: 9/10. This movie shows us Peter's father and how he turned out to be not what he seemed. It goes deeper to develop all the characters' personalities and how they grow from this experience.

Peter realizes he doesn't need a father because he already has a dad. Great movie.

Black Panther

Summary: After his father's death, T'Cahlla returns to Wakanda to take his throne as king. But Killmonger challenges him, and he plans to start a global revolution. As the Black Panther, T'Challa must defeat him and save Wakanda and the entire world.

Review: 8/10. Contrary to popular opinion, this movie did not rank in even my top 15 favorite Marvel movies of all time. But I still thought it was a great movie that showed the heritage and cultures of Africa. It will also go through finding oneself and how that can lead to great things.

Doctor Strange

Summary: Dr. Stephen Strange is one of the most famous and successful neurosurgeons at the time, but his life changes when he gets into a car crash, causing him to use his hands. When all of the treatments wouldn't help him anymore, he seeks the powers of sorcery. Shortly after he begins training, he must retire from his life as a doctor and defend the world from the most powerful being in the multiverse.

Review: 10/10. I watched this movie so many times that I can now tell you everything is happening. It will show how the downfall of one success doesn't make you a failure and how you can still achieve great things if you stay optimistic and find another thing. Doctor Strange was one of my favorite Marvel characters because he became successful even after losing what he loved most: healing and helping people with his hands.

Thor: Ragnarok

Summary: After Odin goes missing, Thor and Loki set out to find him and discover a secret that will threaten the Nine Realms' existence. Even worse, he is imprisoned on the other side of the world, which pits him against the Hulk. He must race home and stop Hela from destroying the Asgardian civilization.

Review: 9/10. This movie was funny. Exciting and scary at times.

It developed Thor's character and allowed him to explore his powers without his trusty hammer. It is one of my favorites. It also shows Hulk and where he went after the fight with Ultron. This movie also introduces the Valkeryie, who was seen as a drunkard but became one of the best warriors ever.

Ant-Man and the Wasp

Summary: After the fight in Leipzig-Halle Airport, Ant-Man was given a house arrest sentence to complete before gaining freedom. But Hope van Dyne and Dr. Hank Pym came asking for help.

He must put on the Ant-Man suit one more time to fight alongside the Wasp. This is an urgent mission, and they will face some powerful enemies along the way.

Review: 10/10. This movie was set after the Civil War. This movie shows Hope's side of the family more and how she started to hate Hank because she thought it was his fault that her mother died.

Even though Ant-Man is under house arrest, he can still help them get Janet back and make Hope more happy. Loved this movie.

Avengers: Infinity War

Summary: The Avengers will face their most powerful enemy, Thanos, who wants all of the Infinity Stones and to use them to eliminate half of the universe. They are divided and must form new allies to defeat him before the world falls into shambles.

Review: 9.7/10. When this movie started, I thought that they could defeat Thanos no matter what, like they did with the other characters. But no, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Doctor Strange get stranded in space while the ones on Earth fight to keep the team together.

This is also the movie in which the Guardians and the Avengers come together to fight against Thanos. It got my hopes up, but in the end, they lost. But it's a great movie.

Captain Marvel

Summary: Vers is a Kree warrior bent on eliminating all of the Skrulls. But, when she ends up on Earth ("C-53), where strange flashes of memories occur to track down the Skrulls, she meets Agent Fury, who will help her gather more information. Vers will learn about her past, Lawson, and something unexpected and gain control over her powers.

Review: 10/10. This movie was not appealing to me since it went out of order with the Marvel movies, but I liked it. It introduces Nick Fury, Skrulls, and Coulson and shows their close connection.

This movie is about how the whole idea of Avengers came up. Great movie.

Avengers: Endgame

Summary: After Thanos manages to snap his fingers, everything becomes chaos. After five years, the Avengers came up with the idea, with Ant-Man's help, to go back in time and prevent Thanos from snapping his fingers. But things don't go as planned, and they must confront the enemies again.

Review: 10/10. Even though this movie ended with the death of Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff, I still loved how the team got back together to face Thanos once more. After they have gotten everyone back, Thanos invades, leading to the iconic portal scene.

The fight was one of the best. Love this movie.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Summary: When Agent Coulson was brought back, he created a super team that goes around the globe, facing strange, funny, and even terrifying things from the world. Along the way, they gain new knowledge about the world and themselves while forming bonds with each other and becoming a family.

Review: 10/10. Since this show has seven seasons, it took me a while to finish every season. The team gains new members along the way and forms new bonds.

I love how they always explain everything and that every team member is valued. I recommend watching it, but do it at the end of Endgame, just so it makes more sense.


Summary: A sitcom that follows Wanda and Vision as they live their dream life in their dream town, Westview, New Jersey, and try to conceal their true identities. But, as the happy couple sees the reality of skipping through decades and different tropes, they realize things are not as happy as they seem.

Review: 11/10. This show was SO good. I watched it too many times to count.

It is like a sitcom that travels through every decade and shows what could have happened if Vision didn't die. This series also introduced Wanda's past and how she got her powers, and it introduced a new character, Agatha. I do recommend you watch this show.


Summary: After Loki steals the Tesseract during Avengers: Endgame, he is brought to the Time Variance Authority (T.V.A.), where they make sure that no timelines exist outside of the Sacred Timeline. A variant himself, he is faced with two choices: either be pruned or help fix the timeline for a greater cause. He ends up hunting a variant of himself, and they will fight that this T.V.A. is not what it seems.

Review: 10/10. Even though there is a new season out right now, I will rate the first season since I haven't finished the second one yet. In this series, it dives in to show what happened to Loki after the incident in Endgame where he escaped with the Tesseract.

It will show how the T.V.A. is not what it seems and how Loki is faced with deciding who to help. This series was beautifully done.

Black Widow

Summary: After the Civil War, Natasha Romanoff, the Black Widow, is confronted by her long-lost sister, Yelena Belova. She finds the cure for the young girls who were stolen off the streets or bought to become assassins and spies. They were chemically altered to where they can't control what they're doing. Natasha and Yelena will find their adoptive parents from the mission to take down the Red Room, where they were trained.

Review: 10/10. This shows what happened after the Civil War and how she had to go on another mission to end the Red Room. I loved this because it gives more details about her past, especially after she died. She will gain an ally and sister, Yelena, and together, they will destroy the Dreykov once and for all.

Spider-Man: No Way Home

Summary: After Spider-Man's identity is revealed, he can no longer separate his normal life from his superhero one. When he goes to ask Dr. Strange for help to make everyone forget who he is, things go awry, and Peter Parker now has to find what it truly means to be Spider-Man.

Review: 9/10. This movie had a really sad ending, but it was great because it talks about what Spdier-Man was willing to do to be forgotten and the price he has to pay for it. I didn't like how they killed Aunt May because she was too young to die. But overall, a great movie.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Summary: Shang-Chi, forced to learn martial arts as a child, must face his overbearing father and the secret organization he thought he left behind. With his distant sister, Xialing, and Katy, his best friend, he must save the mythical forest from his father to protect the land where his deceased mother once lived.

Review: 10/10. This movie introduces another character to the Marvel world. I loved how they show the Chinese heritage and tell us more about the Ten Rings that were mentioned in Iron Man 3.

This movie also explained what happened to Trevor Slattery after he got kidnapped out of prison. This is a great movie to watch.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Summary: After Captain America goes back to his period, The Falcon (Sam Wilson) gives his shield to the government for them to pick a new hero, and then teams up with the Winter Soldier (Bucky Barnes) to stop an anti-patriotism team called the Flag Smashers. They enhanced themselves with a revised version of the Super Soldier Serum, and they will not be so easily defeated.

Review: 9/10. This series introduces John Walker to become the next Captain America. This show was so good, even though I didn't agree with him becoming the next Captain America. I'm glad the Falcon took over the role like Steve Rogers wanted him to, so it was a great series.


Summary: Ten superpowered beings known as the Eternals were sent to Earth by a celestial to help it grow and increase its population. But, the world is also infested by an evil race called the Deviants. Worse, they must defeat a newborn Celestial before it destroys this world.

Review: 9/10. Even though this movie was great, I thought that the characters--especially Sersi, who ends up saving the world--could have been stronger. My favorite character is Thena because she is the one who remembers what happened on the other planets. This was an awesome movie.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Summary: After a strange girl appeared in his dream and then appeared in his life. He realizes she can travel across the multiverse. After the Hex is destroyed, Wanda begins to read the Darkhold and wants to take the girl's power for good to help her get to a universe where she can be with her kids.

Racing against each other. Doctor Strange and the girl will travel through different worlds and face other versions of himself that want to destroy the universe to keep Wanda away from her.

Review: 10/10. In this movie, Wanda embraces her role as the Scarlet Witch and turns evil. We are also introduced to another character, American Chavez, who is just learning her powers. This movie was so good, and it shows what a mother is willing to do just to be with her children and keep them safe.


Summary: After a girl known as Kate Bishop witnessed the invasion in New York and saw Hawkeye with the bow and arrow, she began training and becoming one of the best archers ever. Kate discovers the Ronin suit and must partner with Hawkeye to face the enemies from the past to get him home on time for Christmas.

Review: 10/10. This series introduces Kate Bishop and how she is the next Hawkeye. This series goes back to develop Hawkeye's time when he was Ronin, and it will give him a new partner since Natasha died.

This show also brings back Yelena, who we love, and how she is handling the grief over her sister. A great series for Christmastime.

Moon Knight

Summary: Steven Grant, a gift shop worker, has been experiencing blackouts and memories that are not his own. He also has strange dreams where he goes to fight Egyptian mythology creatures and gods. He learns that he is sharing a body with a mercenary named Marc Spector, and he is a servant of Khonshu, the moon god. Together, they must defeat a powerful enemy.

Review: 9/10. This series had some very unexpected things in it, like how Marc created Steven to deal with his trauma and how he is not mentally stable at all. Some scenes were terrifying, and it made the series better and worse. But it's a great series.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

Summary: This series follows Jennifer Walters, an attorney, who came in contact with her cousin Bruce's blood, which makes her a She-Hulk. She must navigate a life where she fights monsters in her Hulk form and figure out the collaboration of a dating life.

Review: 10/10. She breaks the fourth wall in this series and talks to the audience. This series is not meant for kids under 14, so get a parent to watch it with you.

In this series, she goes and fixes how she wants the plot to go, and we get to meet the characters like Abominations and Daredevil. Loved this series.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Summary: After the death of T'Challa, Queen Ramonda, Shuri, M'Baku, Okoye, and the Dora Milaje must begin a new phase in their life. They are faced with an adversary called Namor, who wants to gain an alliance with Wakanda to overthrow other land nations because they are seen as a threat. If Shuri disagrees, then they will attack. Shuri must become the Black Panther and rule against the enemies like her brother.

Review: 8/10. This movie was great because it honored the death of T'Challa (in real life, Chadwick Boseman had passed away). It shows how Shuri, the sister of T'Challa, could lead and come to a truce with the kingdom of Atlantis. A great movie.

Thor: Love and Thunder

Summary: Gorr, a worshipper of the gods, finds out that they don't care about the humans and turns into a God Butcher who seeks the extinction of the gods. Thor comes out of retirement and gets Valkyrie, Korg, and Jane Foster, who can miraculously wield his once-broken hammer. They will fight against the God Butcher's vengeance to save the universe.

Review: 10/10. This movie goes into the reason that Thor and Jane Foster broke up. She had developed cancer and was on the verge of dying when she was healed and could wield Thor's hammer.

Together, they figure out why they broke up and fight the God Butcher. A wonderful movie.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

Summary: After Scott, Hope, Hank, Janet, and Cassie get sucked into the Quantinmania, they must face an enemy that Janet left behind. He is one of the most powerful beings of all time, and they will have to work together before it's too late to stop him. Faced with the strange, they must make it out before it is too late.

Review: 9/10. This movie explores the Quantumania and what Janet left behind when she escaped. I love how they introduce Kang the Conquerer into the story and make it known that he was the Time Keeper in Loki.

This was a great movie since it also examines Cassie's life as she became an adult and the next Ant-Man (Ant-Girl? Ant-Woman? Need a name for her).

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Summary: After losing Gamora, he must get his team to protect Rocket when his creator returns and tries to kill them. This will be one of their most challenging ones yet. If this mission is not successful, then it will be the end of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Review: 10/10. This movie went into the creation of Rocket Raccoon. He was taken to experiment on his brain.

This also introduces a sick world where the High Evolutionary alters and mutates all of the normal creatures. I love how this movie shows that family will do anything to get you out of a tough situation. Loved this movie.

Secret Invasion

Summary: After Captain Marvel was unable to find a home for the Skrulls, they decided to take on new faces and live on Earth. Because they wanted a world to call their own, they planned to wipe out the human race. But Nick Fury stops them, and they go into a fight that might lead to WW3.

Review: 4/10. To be honest, this show was not good at all. I didn't even finish watching it since it got so boring.

During this T.V. series, too many characters were killed, and the Skrulls turned evil and planned world domination. Also, Maria Hills was killed off before the plot could continue. So, I wouldn't recommend this show at all.

The Marvels

Summary: After Captain Marvel, aka Carol Danvers, took down the Supreme Intelligence, she did not foresee the consequences of her actions. She was sent on a mission to keep the Kree from destroying other planets, but her power became entangled with two other superheroes. With Ms. Marvel and Monica Rambeau, can Captain Marvel fix the wrong she's done? Or will the world be in ruins?

Review: 10/10. I absolutely loved this movie. It had great elements like suspense, humor, and even some drama. Some scenes in this movie I didn't expect like Captain Marvel being married, or that Goose was a girl cat. This movie is hard to top off since it involves three of the most iconic Marvel characters ever.

I would definitely recommend watching it.

Even though the Marvel Cinematic Universe had its ups and downs, I am still looking forward to watching many of the shows and movies coming out soon. Also, all of these ratings are purely based on me, and you should watch all the movies through your own lens. I hope this has been helpful, and watch the Marvel movies!

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