7 Gift Ideas for What to Get Your Best Friend This Holiday Season

7 Gift Ideas for What to Get Your Best Friend This Holiday Season

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December 05, 2021

After a long and challenging year, giving your best friend a thoughtful gift that they will love will truly brighten their day. Here is a list of 6 well-thought-out gifts to get your bestie that they are sure to love!

1. A Disposable Camera

Get yourself and your best friend disposable cameras so that every time you two are together you can take pictures of each other. Don't have them pose for the photo, just take photos that show how you see your best friend. After your camera is full, print the photos out and let your best friend see how you really see them.

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Another idea is to take pictures with the camera when you are somewhere that you think your best friend would love. After you print the photos, you can set a goal to visit these places with your best friend.

You can buy a 2-pack from Walmart for $24.99.

2. Matching DIY wire rings

Over the summer, I started a small business and I made lots of wire rings. In the image above, there are three rose rings that I made in about 5 minutes each.

Considering that they are super simple, cheap and cute to make, anyone would be happy to have matching homemade rings with their best friend, especially if they are homemade. Here is a video explaining how to make them!

3. Self-care goodie box

You can't go wrong with self-care products because every girl loves them. This Christmas, get your best friend all their favorite face masks, fuzzy socks, candles, tea, a good book, etc. in a box.

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Etsy has a bunch of sellers that let you customize boxes at a variety of prices as well.

4. Long Distance necklaces

For those that are long-distance best friends, these customized necklaces are a perfect idea. You can get your and your best friend's home states printed on them for an affordable price.

You could even do initial necklaces as well!

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Pair these with a cute little gift box filled with your and your best friend's favorite things and you will be giving your best friend the best gift ever.

5. Cute leather journal

Get your best friend something to help them channel their thoughts and emotions with. A cute leather journal is the perfect gift for those who love journaling, writing stories, or have a lot going on and need a good escape.

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You can find plenty of journals like this one from amazon for all different prices.

6. Bath Bomb gift set

Everyone loves a good bath, so get your best friend a gift set that will help calm her down after a long day.

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You could add a book or magazine to a bath bomb set to make your gift a little special.

7. Terranium Candle

These terrarium-shaped hand poured candles are so cute and smell amazing.

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Here is a find that is rated 4.59/5 and can be found here for $26.00. Any best friend would love it!

If you find yourself struggling to find a gift for your best friend this Christmas, I hope this tiny list helped. Remember, it's the thought that counts and if you show it with your gift it will make your best friends' day.


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