5 Pros of Having a Guy Best Friend As a Girl


Sometimes, it's great to know that you'll always have your female friend right next to you, always there to support you. You can always rely on your girls for comfort as well as trust and depend on them. However, for some people, it's hard to have friendships with girls. Maybe it's because they've gone through toxic friendships or don't know how to start a friendship with other girls. Some girls are just comfortable having friendships with guys, and that's totally okay. I consider having a guy best friend a great thing in life. Sometimes, girls can create too much drama, which is why I think having multiple guys who are your friends is a good thing. Guys are good to have friendships with, they're more reliable than we give them credit for. Here are some great qualities of having a guy best friend, no matter what type of friendship you have.


1. No Judgement

Guys are never quick to judge when it comes down to the timing of a friendship. They don't usually go off on assumptions, but rather first impressions. Depending on where and how you met that certain person usually introduces the dynamic and type of friendship both or all of you share. Some guy/girl friendships are close enough to joke around or insult each other sarcastically. Others are deep enough to have life-changing conversations.

Friendships that are fairly new consist of light-hearted jokes, laughs, and lots of hanging out. The difference between a girl/guy friendship and any other friendship is that all people in the friendship don't need a real reason to hang or talk to each other. The dynamic just works, and all friendships should be similar in this way. There's no extra effort needed to put in the friendship everything's kind of chill. Most guys don't judge their friends who are girls no matter how new or old the friendship may be.

I know that I can tell my best friend anything because he just listens and won't judge me for it. We know each other well enough to know when each of us goes over the line. Sure we push each other's buttons, but in the end, it's all about being there for each other. He knows that I'll come to him if I ever need advice or a second opinion, and vice versa. At times, it can get deep and really personal but I think that what binds us. What I love about our friendship is that we have that type of friendship where we can be personal and deep with one another, but we can also be silly and weird. It's the balance that keeps a girl/guy friendship together.

2. No Drama

A girl/guy friendship doesn't have as much drama as a normal “girl” friendship. As far as I know, I don't think guys are really into the drama, or at least they don't participate in it. If there's any drama in a girl/guy friendship it's the arguments between where to hang out or eat. If you're a person who's gone through many toxic friendships, having a guy friend might help relieve the trauma that all the toxicity has put you through. Having a guy friend (or a few of them) is comforting and isn't as stressful as having a bunch of girls as friends. In a friendship full of girls, one can compare themselves to others, which can cause drama and rumors. Having a guy friend eases the tension and stress that comes with any type of girl friendship. Guys can be light-hearted and fun to hang out with.

For instance, when me and my best friend talk we keep drama out of whatever we're talking about. Most of our conversations aren't even about the drama in our lives, we just try to check up on each other. We try to keep our conversations light and positive, and if either of us is negative or unsure of something, we lift each other up. He knows that I overthink a lot of the time, so he'll remind me now and then to not talk bad about myself. We're there for each other for our successes and failures. It makes me so happy when he texts me when something good happened, or he accomplished something. That's the best thing I would ever want out of a friendship. I'm happy to be part of my best friend's successes, and I'm happy that I'm the one they come to when they want to share something good, sad, funny, or weird.

3. Being Weird

Being weird with a guy isn't as embarrassing as you'd think. Depending on the intimacy of your friendship, being weird gives you the opportunity to be yourself. What's great about having guy friends is that most of them forget things that you may have thought was very embarrassing at that moment. Guys tend to remember the stuff that made them laugh, things that were memorable in the friendship. So while you thought you did something super embarrassing that one time, they most likely didn't think anything of it. Being yourself is key in any type of friendship, and if that includes being weird around people, so be it. Everyone is bound to do something weird in their life, why not do it with your friends? Being and acting genuinely your weird self is the best thing in any friendship, it makes it more enjoyable and memorable.

It makes me smile anytime me and my best friend are goofy with one another. I find it so relaxing because anytime I feel down or upset, I know I can always depend on him to make me laugh or cheer me up. It honestly fills me up with pure joy when we laugh at silly jokes or memories because that's just our personality. We're both funny people, and we both like to be sarcastic with one another, pushing each other's buttons until we move on to a different subject. I have nothing but love for my best friend because I'm such a weird person with a sarcastic sense of humor, and I'm glad he gets that.

4. Honesty

What I actually like the most about having friendships with guys is that I can be honest with them. The difference between being honest with your gal and being honest with a guy is that the guy friend will give to you bluntly. They won't beat around the bush, or try to hide away from the obvious. They will give you their honest opinion, even if you happen to disagree with them. Having a friendship with a guy is probably the best when it comes to honesty because they want to be honest with you just enough to show you that they care without having you hate them. In return, the closer you bond with your friends, the more you'll depend on them and them on you. With honesty comes trust, you have to be able to trust them in order to keep being honest with each other.

I always feel iffy about being honest with my best friend. Most times I fear that if I'm too honest, it'll get too personal. However, when I just hit him with brutal honesty, he knows not to take it personally. I guess we've known each other for a long time to know that whatever we say to each other won't scare the other away. He and I know that whenever we talk to each other about anything, it all comes down to respect. We may not totally agree on everything we have to say about the topic or subject, but we respect each other's decisions, choices, and opinions. It's like saying, “Hey look, we can be honest with each other, but don't take it to heart. I still respect you as a best friend and person, I just might not agree with you.” For me, that's totally fine. I know not everyone will agree with what I have to say, not even my closest friends. That's the point of friendship though. It's being there despite the differences and differences in opinions.

5. Easygoing

All friendships should be easy going into it. However, when guys are involved it's a bit different. Guys are wild and crazy, but it should be even easier and fun. Having guy friends can present many opportunities for crazy rides, fun adventures, and memorable late-night trips. Having friendships with guys is exciting, and so unexpected in many ways. Everyone should have the chance to have one good friend or even one great best friend. I look back and I now realize how amazing it actually was to have guys in my friendship. They understood me, I knew I could trust them, and I even told them things I could never say out loud. I never get tired of talking to them, even if they're miles apart or sitting right next to me. I still smile every time I see a text from them, even when they're texting me as I write this article.

What I love the most about my guy friends is that they're very easygoing. They're not complicated, but they can be annoying, and that comes with the territory. My friends would always come to my house just to chill and eat. They would come right in and steal and eat my food. Now that's a proper best friend. I look back on those moments so often and realize that most of them were unexpected.

That's the great thing about having guy friends. Girls have a plan, guys play everything by ear. The best part about those unexpected moments with the guys was that we didn't have to talk about anything big or significant in our lives, we didn't need small talk. All we would do was laugh, talk about stupid things that I don't even remember, and just enjoy each other's company by looking at each other. I know that sounds so cheesy and heartfelt, but that's what we actually did. That and play games that would last hours.


I know not everyone has the chance or opportunity to find friends who are guys. Some of you are scared to even start a friendship with a guy, but you shouldn't be. I love having my gals right there by my side, but sometimes it's just nice to be laid back and chill with someone else. It's really hard to not keep up an act with girls. There's so much comparing and effort involved in these friendships if you really think about it. To be frank, I actually enjoy my friendship with my guy friends than I do with girls. Having someone that brings out the best in you is one thing, but having someone who repeatedly makes you laugh and brings out the best in you every day is a whole different story.

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