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5 Predictions for Stranger Things Season 4

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April 15, 2022

One of Netflix's most beloved series, Stranger Things, is returning on May 27 for its fourth season. Season three left many unfinished plot lines. When will Hopper and Eleven reunite?

Is Dr. Brenner alive? Fans have so many questions and are hoping the upcoming seasons will answer them. Before we finally get to see for ourselves, it's definitely worth exploring some predictions.

1. Is Dr. Brenner Alive?

Martin Brenner, Eleven's father, is a scientist who used his daughter for her telekinetic abilities. Dr. Brenner was presumed to be dead after being attacked by a Demogorgon in earlier seasons, but a handful of fans suspect that he is, in fact, alive.

While season four of Stranger Things has not yet been released, fans do know the names of the season's episodes. Episode 8 is entitled "Papa," possibly signaling the return of Eleven's father.

2. Is Hopper "Not The American"?

At the end of season three, viewers were given a peek at what the upcoming season would include. The short teaser showed Hopper working in a labor camp in Russia after viewers thought he died while trying to close the "key" between reality and The Upside Down, an alternate dimension.

One Russian had said "not the American" to specify which prisoner they were going to feed to the Demogorgon.

There has been much speculation about who is "not the American." While the obvious answer would be Hopper, some fans believe that someone else could be our guy. Some believe that Dr. Brenner is a hostage in the camp but also serves as a spy.

3. Is The Upside Down Done With Will Byers?

Will Byers, one of the show's main characters, was just riding his bike home when he was thrust into The Upside Down. Even when those closest to him had rescued him, Will still seemed to be possessed. While season three ends with viewers thinking that Will is finally free from The Upside Down, what if he isn't? What if The Mind Flayer, an entity that takes over an individual, is not done with Will?

4. Will Eleven's Sister Return?

In season two, Eleven travels to meet Kali, another child with unheard-of abilities who was also under the authority of Dr. Brenner at the Hawkins Laboratory. While Eleven has psychokinetic and telepathic abilities, Kali is able to create illusions that give individuals a flawed perception of reality.

Eleven decides to go back to her friends in Hawkins, leaving Kali. Season two and season three never mentioned Kali again. Season four may explore Eleven's relationship with her sister more.

5. Is Steve Harrington Next To Pass Away?

Fans have been speculating that Steve Harrington is next to die in the series, as it seems such a main character's death would be necessary to intensify the plot. For a while now, fans have questioned whether Steve still serves a huge purpose in the show. In earlier seasons, he dated Nancy Wheeler.

And later, he helps Eleven, Will, and other members of their group fight against The Mind Flayer and the Demogorgons. But, four seasons in, is he really still needed?

Unquestionably, season four is going to provide viewers with a sense of closure to certain plot lines, and maybe open brand-new ones. Fans are eager to know what has happened to Hopper, as well as if The Upside Down is really gone. Viewers will simply have to wait to find out the answers to such questions.

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