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'Stranger Things' Season 5: Everything We Know


Wed, January 03

Before we can even jump into season five, we need a small recap of season four.

We first start off with the beginning of the first episode where a young Eleven can be seen in a huge massacare of a whole bunch a blood, in which Dr. Martin Brenner asks Eleven what she did.

We jump back into time with Byers family and Eleven, who had to move due to the season three battle and El losing her majestic high powering powers. The family was all going through things; everyone is grieving the loss of Hopper, El is dealing with the maths of high school, Will has gotten into art, Jonathan is becoming a pot head with his new girlfriend, and Joyce is working from home as a telemarketer.

In Hawkins still, Lucas has become a popular kid, Dustin and Mike have joined the hellfire club with Eddie Munson, Nacy being the editor of the school newspaper, while Max navigates her own life now without her brother Billy.

Moving on and back to Joyce, we find out that Joyce receives a unsettling doll from someone named Enzo which makes Joyce beliefs of Hopper being alive grow even more. Joyce then convinces Murray to go to Alaska to meet a weird man named Yuri where she hopes to find some alternating answers. While at school El gets taken to a juvenile center for fighting but Dr. Sam Owens stops the van informing El what is going on in Hawkins and tells El she is the only one that can stop Vecna.

Back in Hawkins again, the kids team up to get into the counsellors office to find out clues about Vecna’s victims, in which they find out Max is to be next on the list. Oh boy, that can’t be to good. With little time and not much thought Robin and Nancy act as students to pay a visit to Creel in an asylum where they find out a demon haunted him and his family and killed them but Creel.

We find out that playing your favorite song can help stop Vecna from taking your soul. Max plays her favorite song ‘Running up that Hill’ by Kate Bush that saves her from Vecna for the time being.

Back with El, Owens takes her back to her Papa to help him figure things out. Not only does El have to help Papa and Owens but she has to relive her traumatic past to regain her powers to fight Vecna. Through her having to re-live her traumatic past she gains her mind powers back.

On the other side of the world, Yuri double crosses Enzo and to turn Joyce and Murray into the Russians.

The Hawkins crew finds another gate to the Upside Down. In all tragedy this is where Steve is dragged by a tentical into the Upside Down. Later on Nancy, Robin, and Eddie find a way in to save Steve.

In Russia, Joyce and Murray find Hooper alive saving him from a demogorgon leaving as fast as possible.

Dustin, Lucas, Max, and Erica go to Eddies trailer where an entrance to the Upside Down is in hopes to save the others. Durning all of this Nancy gets trapped in Venca’s spell while the others escape.

In the 'rainbow room', El's rediscoveries that she was once tricked into attempting to escape by the orderly from Brenner's lab. After this, El removes the chip that weakens and tracks him, we also discover that the orderly was, subject 001, Creel’s son, the original patient who Brenner used to give the other children their supernatural abilities just like El’s.

After that 001 goes on a murderous trip killing all the kids in the rainbow room, El uses her powers to banish 001 to the upside down where he becomes Vecna through all the massacres. The California gang then shows up to save El, big thanks to Dustin’s girlfriend Suzie.

Under Vecna’s spell he tells Nancy everything he plans to do, kill more to unleash [censored] all over Hawkins like the manaic he is. The kids decide to take Vecna down as a team using Max as bait. Of course our baddie Jason (popular kid of Hawkins) comes into the house ruining everything.

With Eddie still playing his guitar to distract the demobats everyone escapes but Eddie who dies a hero. El then through Max’s mind helps her survive and Max lands in a coma. The whole gang is reunited where Will says he can still feel Vecna.

From there that was all of season four.

Now we can move onto season five. The biggest things that we need to bring into season five are, first El’s connection to the rainbow room and with 001 or Vecna. Second, Vecna’s killings.

Third, the Russians. Fourth, Max and how shes doing. Lastly, just Vecna in general, what he’s up to, what his new plans are, etc.

To start off we know that there is going to be a time jump given the fact that the actors are out growing their characters ages. Also with the time jump it will be when the kids return to Hakwins after its been evacuated due to it splitting into four pieces.

We need to know who is returning as well, and we know that all of the original characters seem to be returning. El, Mike, Will, Lucas, Dustin, Erica, Nancy, Jonathan, Robin, Steve, Hopper, Joyce, Murray, and as of right now Max is still in a coma. Who knows how long it will last her though, she barely has a pulse. We have been hearing that their will be new character returning, no name for her character but the actor is Linda Hamilton, she seems to be the only new character joining the cast.

As in the end of season four the team believes that they have destroyed Vecna and won but what goes on is Vecna only hides hurt, as Hawkins splits into four. Given this we know that Vecna’s plans have just begun.

According to the Duffer brothers Will will be a big focus again in season five as he had said he could still feel Vecna. Will will start to become more and more into his character.

WIth Vecna returning will the kids be able to defeat him? I mean its not impossible, but it is going to be a tough one. The kids would really have to outrsmart Vecna to defeat him so it won’t be as easy as we all hope.

Although in season four there was a back and fourth thing from California and Hawkins but season five will entirely take place in Hawkins, given the fact that is where Vecna is and that Hawkins seems to be almost destroyed.

The Duffer brothers have also said that a lot of things from season two will play a role into season five as well.

A huge thing that is being said is that not only will season five be action packed but it is also going to be very emotional. It will be like a rollercoaster ride. A lot of ups and downs.

We want to know if there will be new monsters, each season has brought in new ones. Who knows Vecna could bring in some new or old ones to try and defeat the kids. In season four in Nancy’s spell from Vecna she does see some newer things that Vecna shows her. So we absolutely could get some new monsters.

In the season five there will be eight thrilling episodes that will hopefully have us on the edge of our seats.

Not only will we find out if Vecna gets defeated or not but we will figure out some more answers about the Upside Down and how things work there.

Now some of the actors and writers have given us a little bit of clues for our season five and hopefully we can use them to our advantage. On twitter stranger writers said “season five is like if season four and season one had a baby and then that baby was injected with steroids.” That must mean its going to be a good one. Maybe even the best season.

Gaten Matarazzo who plays Dustin taks with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show about season five of stranger things. He tells Jimmy working on it is bittersweet and exciting to do.

Well to say the least season four was whirlwind and season five seems like it will be too. To say I’m excited for season five is an understatement. Hopefully you’re as ecstatic as me. Lets see what season five brings us.

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