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5 K-Dramas for You to Binge on Tonight


Mon, March 25

Are you having one of those days where not a single drama actor or review seems to pique your interest? Worry not, this list of 5 K-Dramas with distinct themes, themes will provide you with ample recommendations.

Read on to find your next watch!

Twenty-Five Twenty-One

The epitome of the “right person, wrong time” trope, Twenty-Five Twenty-One is a heartwarming, coming-of-age K-drama. The episodes revolve around Na Hee-Do, an aspiring fencer, and Baek Yi-Jin, a man whose life has been completely overturned by a financial crisis. There is a sense of realism to the story coupled with the impending doom of time.

Shifting between 1998 and 2022, an interesting aspect of the drama is that the narration takes place through the lens of both years. This not only adds to the unique storytelling of the drama but also sets it apart from other shows in the same genre.

While the central focus of the story is the developing romance between the two main characters, the side characters add a hilarious appeal to the drama that cannot be revoked!

This is a drama that will resonate with anybody who's chased a dream coupled with a strong performance from all actors involved.

All in all, watch this if you love crying your eyes out and falling for characters who are fearless, passionate, and ambitious.

The Devil Judge

Nothing short of a complex and twisted storyline, The Devil Judge revolves around a dystopian Korea with a perplexing judicial system. Through a mobile app, the common people assume the role of a supreme authority through a system of votes- likes and dislikes. Here, the courtroom is turned into a television show broadcasted on building screens as well as at home.

This drama is the media embodiment of the “I can fix him” trope, but you truly cannot. The main character of The Devil Judge, the inspiration behind the drama name, is a man who is broken beyond repair. I'm talking about Kang Yohan, better known as Judge Kang.

The apple of the public's eye and a source of misery to the Social Responsibility Corporation, Judge Kang arms himself with a chilling smile and a scheming interior. Judge Kang is a man of odd coping mechanisms, a questionable past, and an indisputable facade that has almost everybody fooled.

Well, everybody except his coworker Judge Kim, or Kim Gaon.

All-in-all, watch this if you're a fan of underlying tension, power play executed to a T, and complex characters.

Image Credit: Lisa Fotios on Pexels

My Demon

My Demon is what appears when the “contract marriage” trope meets the “mystical creature” trope. While this is not a drama with a particularly groundbreaking plot, it rather is the epitome of sizzling chemistry.

This makes it a light-hearted watch and one of those dramas that deserve to be placed at the top of a binge-watch marathon.

This drama revolves around Do Dohee, a non-demon heiress of a conglomerate, and Jeong Guwon, a demon who's lost his powers. The characters are well-developed and this is one of those K-dramas where the OST, or the original soundtrack absolutely cannot be skipped. While both the leads are easy on the eyes, the script isn't particularly noteworthy. The contract aspect of the drama has amazing execution, both technically and humour-wise.

All-in-all, watch this if you love funny rom-coms with the hint of a thriller!

Itaewon Class

Itaewon Class is one of those K-Dramas that stays with you long after the final episode has aired.

The drama revolves around an ex-convict, Park Saeroyi whose sole life purpose revolves around dethroning the twisted CEO of Jangga Group. The CEO in question was also responsible for turning Saeroyi’s life upside down by killing his father. The journey of Park Saeroyi from a high school student to a convict, and finally opening up his own bar DanBam, is both mesmerizing and heartwarming.

Apart from its emotional stature, Itaewon Class has an element of a love triangle on the side, with Saeroyi being forced to choose between Jo Yiseo, a social media personality who harbors sincere feelings for him, and Soo-Ah, his first love with questionable intentions. This is a rare case of a show having both main and side characters that are equally well-developed. Each character has multiple character and redemption arcs as we see with Yiseo, especially.

Itaewon Class is another step ahead of its counterparts because it also addresses multiple prevalent social issues with a sense of realism.

All-in-all, watch this if you love characters with unwavering, dedication and loyalty along with moments of found family.


If the idea of a gruesome fate being delivered in torturous public displays with scathing commentary sounds appealing to you, then Hellbound is a K drama that is a must-watch. The drama revolves around a religious group called The New Truth Society. Jung Jin Soo, the leader of this group, capitalizes on the overall fear of the public.

What exactly are the public afraid of, you might ask. Well, it is the idea of being sentenced to [censored] by supernatural beings that are seemingly undefeatable.

While Hellbound does not have a traditional single protagonist, the actual protagonist of the show could be the various supernatural events coupled with a sense of religious extremism. The show has a deeper focus on the overall narrative and societal commentary rather than trying to develop every individual character.

More plot-driven than being led by characters, it explores the themes of media frenzy, religious fanaticism, supernatural dictators of faith, and the blind manipulation of the masses. The show addresses questions about the nature of faith, morality, and justice. Throughout the show, a sense of unease and the looming threat of domination hangs heavy over every character.

All-in-all, watch this if you love a long drawn-out depiction of horror with undertones of strong social commentary.

Image Credits: freestocks.org on Pexels

A Dramatic Conclusion

To conclude, whether your interests lie in the fencing realm or in justice for the masses, the world of K-dramas is broad enough with a multitude of concepts led by skillful execution.

I hope this list was able to provide you with dramas that you would enjoy binge-watching!

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