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7 K-Dramas to Watch after "Queen of Tears"


Mon, May 06

In Queen of Tears' heartbreaking finale, after riding the emotional rollercoaster with Baek Hyun-Woo and Hong Hae-In as they navigate their messy marriage, fans are left wanting more from Kim Ji-Won and Kim Soo-Hyun. Do you need another romantic, emotional Korean drama filled with the actors you love? Do you need a break from the romance and are craving action and revenge? This article has you covered – here are 9 K-dramas to watch after Queen of Tears.

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Descendants of the Sun

If you loved Kim Ji-Won in “Queen of Tears” and haven't watched Descendents of the Sun yet, now is the time to do so. Descendents of the Sun has everything you need, from fantastic visuals and a love story by Song Joong-Ki and Song Hye-Kyo, while sustaining a heartwrenching subplot with Kim Ji-Won and Jin-Goo, to thrilling gun shootouts and car chases.

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Set in a military background, with the main characters being part of the South Korean Special Forces, this classic drama is guaranteed to hook you in and pull you along the ride. If you're looking for romance, thrill, and playfulness all combined into one, there is no better drama to binge on than Descendants of the Sun.

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It's Okay to Not Be Okay

For Kim Soo-Hyun fans out there, It's Okay to Not Be Okay is a must-watch. Seo Yea-Ji, acting as Ko Moon-Young, and Kim Soo-Hyun, as Moon Gang-Tae, are perfect matches for each other. Their personalities offset each other with ease and their aesthetic and powerful visuals are nothing short of amazing.

Throughout the story, Gang-Tae, who works at a psychiatric ward, falls in love with Moon-Young, a famous author, as they heal past wounds. With a perfect blend of horror, romance, and thrill, ‘It’s Okay to Not Be Okay' will twist your heart as you fall in love with the leads and their relationship.

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Vincenzo Cassano, portrayed by Song Joong-Ki, briefly made his appearance in Queen of Tears Episode 8 as Hong Hae-In's divorce attorney. This suspense-filled drama is everything you need to take a break from a heartbreaking romance Korean drama. Vincenzo, a powerful Italian consigliere, takes revenge on various enemies throughout the story. With a hint of romance in the storyline, hilarious and comedic scenes, as well as the satisfying crunch of revenge, Vincenzo will not let you down, thrill after thrill, fight after fight.

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My Name

One of the greatest revenge Korean dramas out there is My Name, acted by Han So-Hee. When her father is killed by an unknown man, Han So-Hee (acting as Yoon Ji-Woo) goes undercover as a police detective to capture her father's killer, who is allegedly a policeman. With narrow escapes and brutal murders, the excitement and heart-thumping encounters will keep you on the edge of your seat from the beginning until the end.

Characters are killed without mercy, unexpected betrayals transpire, and unlikely friendships bloom. My Name has everything you need to take your mind off of Queen of Tears and is a healthy break from the romantic genre.

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Hospital Playlist Season One (and Two)

If you need a lighthearted friendship movie, mixed with playful romance, in the middle of numerous heartbreaking hospital stories, Hospital Playlist is the Korean drama for you. Five friends since medical school work at the hospital together.

Filled with hilarious friendship scenes, emotional surgeries and backstories, hospital romance and drama, as well as, of course, a band, Hospital Playlist will make you fall in love with each of the main characters individually and allow you to live in the hospital with them as they fight through their struggles and live in their highs. This lighthearted drama will capture and pull you into this world of white coats and blue walls.

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True Beauty

This schoolgirl romance drama has all the romance and excitement you need. True Beauty is Queen of Tears, but set in high school, without the life-threatening sickness, but rather make-up and lies. Lim Ju-Kyung, acted by Moon Ga-Young, was ugly and bullied in her old school.

When she switches schools, she turns to make-up as her alternative to hide her ugliness. Instantly, Ju-Kyung is pretty and popular, with friends and admirers alike. But circumstances continually threaten her status as the popular girl when Lee Soo-Ho, played by Cha Eun-Woo, enters the scene.

With narrow encounters and hilarious parts, True Beauty will not disappoint.

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Twenty-Five Twenty-One

Na Hee-Do, played by Kim Tae-Ri, is a world-famous fencer, but it wasn't always that way. As we take a look back into the history of Na Hee-Do, we find a story of love, friendship, and loss.

With light romance between the main characters, Hee-Do and Baek Yi-Jin (Nam Joo-Hyuk), as well as an unlikely friendship with then-famous Ko Yu-Rim (Bona), we follow four friends as they grow close together and separate again. With heartbreaking and emotional scenes, Twenty-Five Twenty-One will bring back nostalgic memories of how friendship always blooms unexpectedly and inevitably breaks apart again.

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While waiting for Queen of Tears Season Two, here is a list of high-rated Korean dramas for you to watch. With a healthy blend of action, romance, and comedy, these dramas will have you binging all night and during the day as well. With schoolgirl romances, hospital friendships, and the Italian mafia, you will be kept on the edge of your seat, either laughing, crying, or both!

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