5 Instagram Accounts for Mental Well-being
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5 Instagram Accounts for Mental Well-being

Mental Health & Self Love

July 05, 2020

In the age of the internet, it can be difficult to avoid comparisons as we scroll through social media posts. This can sometimes lead to the feeling of inadequacy, expecially when we're comparing worsts to other's highlights. For this reason, it can be helpful to add in a few Instagram accounts that boost the feeling of positivity. Here are five accounts to get you started.

1. @talesofeleanor

This is an account that illustrates Eleanor the Hedgehog’s life experiences. The drawings are simple and cute, which makes them great for stress relief. If you ever feel lonely, just scroll through the posts.

The descriptions under each post make Eleanor seem like an innocent friend who loves talking to you. Eleanor will always support you.

2. @Upworthy

Under a stressful time like now, reading news about coronavirus and everything else that’s going on in our society can be anxiety-provoking. It is, therefore, nice to take a break from the news by reading how cute babies and pets are going through quarantine. It is also heart-warming to read about the good deeds done by compassionate people.

Take, for example, these two posts.

Rather than stress, fill your quarantine with hope, love, and laughter instead.

3. @thehappyslouthclub

This is an account for positive affirmations. I personally find their posts helpful because the sayings are comforting and reasonable without being overly optimistic.

4. @morethanmentalhealth

The contents of this account are similar to those of the one above. Besides positive affirmations, however, this account also contains memes that have to do with mental health. Most of them are very relatable. The memes and affirmations make a good combination because having a little humor is conducive to maintaining a good mood.

5. @littlearthlings

I love this account especially because you can screenshot the positive affirmations and use them as wallpaper. In this way, every time you check your phone, you’re reminded to love yourself, to be grateful, to appreciate your own value, etc.

Here’s my wallpaper:

When I used this account for the first time I was struggling with self-esteem issues, so I rejected affirmations for being cheesy. Indeed, I was a firm believer in “no pain, no gain”, but now I’ve realized that it’s important to check in with how I’m feeling.

Don’t push yourself too hard into the trap of self-criticism. Trying your best is a laudable quality, but we should distinguish it from pursuing perfection. It’s not worthwhile to live for high achievements at the cost of a miserable life.

While social media is known for inviting social-comparison, posts like those from the accounts described above are positivity and confidence boosters. After all, surrounding ourselves with positivity is the key to happiness.

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