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5 Best Podcasts for Self-Improvement That All Teens Should Listen To

Mental Health & Self Love

July 07, 2023

Let's face it; teens struggle with lots of challenges too. It might not be that of paying bills, struggling in a toxic workspace (which some teens also experience), or providing food on the table, but they do have their challenges.

Pressure from school, parents, peers, part-time jobs to avoid being dependent, and society at large is enough to cause anxiety, grief, loss of interest, confidence, and determination to keep pushing. It isn’t like the good old days any longer, where eating, playing, being assisted in your homework, and sleeping are all there is to do. Now, you are faced with keeping up with good grades to obtain college/university admission.

At college, you are pressured to keep up with these good grades while working or learning a skill and keep up with the changes that accompany your growth and mind. You are stuck with pressure from peers; differentiating which peer group is good or bad; boring or cool.

You are at the stage of adulthood, or about to be, and relationships, breakups, and patch-ups occur in a circular motion; to yourself and the people you love. This probably makes you wonder if adulthood is a scam or not, and if you can be right back on your feet like the former confident and happy kid.

Well, here’s some good news; you can.

Below, I will share with you 5 must-listen self-help podcasts in 2023 that will provide valuable insights and empowering content to help you navigate challenges, boost confidence, and achieve your goals. With no more fuss, let's get started.

For Teens: The 5 Best Podcasts In 2023 For Self-Improvement

Podcasts are among the trendy iconic tools experts and professionals use to share their knowledge, expertise, and tips with their audiences. As more people are into the movement of personal development and self-improvement, podcasts have been a space that has aided the journey. Here are the best 5 podcasts you can subscribe to, and make your everyday audio list as a teen to help you fight the flutters that come with youthfulness.

1. Happier with Gretchen Rubin

best podcast on happiness in 2023

Source: Develop Good Habits

Happiness is necessary in our daily lives. Unless we incorporate happiness into all we do, living the best life will only be a fantasy. This context is what inspired Rubin to launch the Happier with Gretchen Robbin podcast. Gretchen Rubin, a New York Times Bestselling Author and prominent icon in the podcast industry, aims to provide tips and tons of ways one can achieve their dream life and find happiness in all that they do. Rubin, and her core host, Crafts, aim at breaking even the most complex theme into a very detailed explanation and itty-bitty issue; thus, bringing it down to the basis of happiness. The podcast focuses on audiences making life not so hard and living their best in it. As a teen, this podcast will give a thousand and one reasons to keep up with a smiling face and a delightful mind despite facing challenges.

2. The Minimalists

good podcasts for self-improvement

Source: The Minimalist

Are you sensitive to clutter? Or maybe you find yourself seeking depth in all you do; passion and relationships, and despise time wasting? Then, you are most likely a minimalist.

The minimalist podcast was founded by New York Times–bestselling authors Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus. The New Yorker describes them as sincere prophets of anti-consumerism.

This podcast helps one define and live a simple life and neglect whatever is not essential. Even if you are not a minimalist or do not want to be identified as such, this podcast is made of voices telling you that “life can also be amazing if you just keep it simple and lay off all the unnecessary weight of; unmeaningful friendship and talks, excess luxury(which causes debt most times), and just focus on the main game." This podcast is one to recommend anytime because it has helped tons of people in shaping their personal development and lifestyle. If you are having difficulty choosing valuable relationships and staying focused as a teen, the minimalists should be on your list of the best podcasts to listen to in 2023.

3. The Art of Charm

self-help podcasts to improve your psychology and improvement

Source: The Art of Charm

As human behaviour cannot be defined, so is the life they live. Life is full of uncertainties and surprises; we must be willing to take in whatever life throws at us. At the Art of Charm podcast hosted by AJ Harbinger and Johnny Dzubak, they cover topics from relationship improvement, to personal growth and all about human dynamics as a whole. If you sort for a way to easily approach life, search no further; The Art of Charm is your answered prayer.

4. Impact Theory

best podcast for self-empowerement

Source: Impact Theory

Impact theory was founded by a couple, Tom and Lisa Bilyeu, although it is often hosted by the husband, Tom. The podcast aims to educate and empower the audience with content that is inspirational and life-changing. This superb podcast is bound to make everyone believe they can do whatever they set their minds to do.

Very often, they invite successful entrepreneurs, authors, and other founders of inspiring podcasts such as Vishen, Kevin Bacon, Adam Grant, and Andrew Yang to share their experiences with the public and give them hope of becoming their dream selves. This podcast focuses on making an impact on one's self-improvement and development; thus, it is a great pick for 2023.

5. The Hardcore Self-Help Podcast with Duff the Psych

best podcast for mental health

Source: Duff The Pysch

I will end my list with this authentic and powerful podcast. As youths, our mental health is key. According to research, 49.5 percent of adolescents have had a mental health disorder at some point in their lives.

Anxiety, depression, and fear play a huge disadvantage in achieving great things, and without a proper and convincing method of healing from mental illness, we might not be able to rule the world as we ought. In this podcast released every Thursday morning by Psychologist Dr.Robert Duff, he answers questions on mental health and everything related. And because he is an experienced psychologist, he gives scientific-based advice to his listeners to help them survive the pressure of mental health and freedom thereafter. What makes it more interesting is he gives genuine and uncomplicated advice that has been testified to countlessly.

My Final Words: Stay Empowered with Self-Help Podcast

With the above listened-to, and trusted podcasts, you should be able to find yourself developing personally in certain areas like confidence, setting smart goals, and keeping valuable relationships. However, above these, my advice to you is that there are thousands of podcasts out there; some for entertainment, comedy, advice, shared experience, and so on. Out of thousands of them, you can choose to pick podcasts that will help you grow and stay empowered.

Survival and success stories are proven to build confidence, focus, and self-improvement. With people's stories, you will be motivated to make yours. Cheers to empowerment and greatness, and I will see you in my next read.

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