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5 Self-Improvement Podcasts That Will Help Change Your Mindset in the New Year

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Sun, March 03

With the madness of the first two months of 2024 gone, we can now all take the time to quietly reflect on how we started the year and how we want the rest of it to go.

Maybe your New Year started exactly as you imagined, whether with a 5 am run every morning or being in bed with herbal tea by 9 pm. Or it took a slower start, and you are still trying to figure out what goals and habits you want to achieve (you are not alone!).

No matter how you feel, I suggest five podcasts to help you feel more confident, self-aware, and ready for this year.

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1. Self Obsessed

My first recommendation comes from South Asian Influencer Tam Kaur with her podcast “Self Obsessed”. As the name suggests, Tam Kaur is dedicated to helping young women become the best versions of themselves and radiate self-love and confidence. Tam's podcasts cover various topics and methods to become your best self, from relationship advice to mastering your finances.

Each podcast episode is carefully created to teach listeners valuable information and life lessons. As a young woman, I find it essential to learn lessons such as detachment, self-confidence, and lucky girl syndrome at a young age so we can carry these skills forward into the crucial years of our lives when building careers and relationships.

Time and time again, I find myself returning to the “Self-Obsessed” podcast, and each time I walk away, I feel very aware of my self-worth, radiating self-confidence, and ready to give myself some self-love.

Alongside her podcast, Tam has two YouTube channels: Tam Kaur and Tam Kaur Vlogs. These videos make you feel like you are on a FaceTime call with the big sister you never had, and her Vlog channel helps us see all of Tam's advice incorporated into her day-to-day life. The “Self Obsessed” podcast is updated daily and is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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2. Anything Goes

My next suggestion for a down-to-earth podcast by a humorous host is “Anything Goes” by Emma Chamberlain. This is my go-to podcast on those rainy mornings when I am unmotivated to embark on my long walk to the bus stop and it never fails to put a smile on my face.

Anything goes on this podcast; Emma discusses various topics in-depth, from lifestyle advice interviews, opinions, or even deeper mindful questions. Once I have stepped away from listening to this podcast, I feel that I have widened my horizons on a subject or seen a different angle of a topic that I would not have thought of before.

On social media, we can see that specific trends do not always make us feel good about ourselves. For example, the “That Girl” trend demands that we all wake up at 5 am, do yoga, drink our green juice, wear hyper-feminine fashion, get good grades, and do this all while staying positive. This is completely unattainable. Emma discusses these topics and issues in her podcast and shows a relatable morning routine to prove that it is perfectly okay not to follow such trends, or to try them, recognize they are not for you and adapt them to become your own “That Girl.”

This podcast is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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3. A Better You

The following essential podcast to help change your mindset comes from influencer Fernanda Ramirez's podcast “A Better You.” As the name suggests, Fernanda's podcast is dedicated to helping people become a better version of the person they were yesterday. It covers all topics from lifestyle to wellness and self-care.

My favorite podcast episodes from “A Better You” were the “Glow Up Guide”videos. As I discussed previously, the “Glow Up” or “That Girl” trends can be a very motivating and successful lifestyle change for many. However, it can also be detrimental to young people who become fixated on having a slim waist, long hair, and clear skin to say they have successfully glowed up.

What I love about the “A Better You” podcast is the whole episode Fernanda did on covering an internal Glow Up. Fernanda discusses the importance of glowing up from within in detail. This podcast changed my mind about the significance of glowing up mentally and spiritually, and it can be found on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify.

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4. @Lexie

The next podcast recommendation comes from Youtuber Lexie Lombard, who hosts the “@ Lexie” podcast. When I discovered this podcast, I remember being overwhelmed with emotion and entirely consumed by Lexie's voice's calmness and song-like elegance, which allowed me to listen to her podcast for hours at a time.

From discussing real-life issues to late-night dreams, the Lexie podcast makes us feel connected to our inner child again. This podcast has helped me change my mindset and perspective on my emotions and how to deal with them. Not only does Lexie discuss the high points in her life that inspire her listeners, but she also discusses the everyday problems that people come across, especially people who suffer from anxiety, depression, and grief.

This podcast can be found on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

5. Glow Up Secrets

My final suggestion is the “Glow Up Secrets” with host Elicia Goguen. As discussed, I love a podcast that delves deep into how we can glow up from the inside-out. I discovered this podcast when I was stuck in a rut.

Elicia's podcast uses a mixture of manifestation techniques, actionable lifestyle and mindset shifts you can incorporate into your life to become your best self and attract the best opportunities and people into your life. When I am walking to college or trying to find inspiration to revise, this podcast acts as my motivation. If you love self-development, you and this podcast will be best friends.

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Podcasts are a fantastic tool for learning new information while on the go, and I hope I have inspired you to listen to one of these podcasts or start searching for your own.

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