10 Unusual Ways to Change Up Your Daily Makeup Look
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10 Unusual Ways to Change Up Your Daily Makeup Look

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September 12, 2019

It doesn't take much to change the way you look every day. There are many things that you could do, like maybe putting on a new piece of jewelry, try a hairstyle you've never done before, or subtly alter the way you put on your makeup! Believe it or not, it makes a difference! You don't need to make a significant change to shake things up a bit with your appearance. Here are ten different ways to change up the way you look through makeup. 

1. Under-eye Blush

Some might like this unusual way of putting on blush, and for some others... not so much. But for those of you who are interested, under-eye blush (also known as The Igari Blush) is a makeup trend that originates from Japan, notable for the rich color that is applied directly under the eyes and on the upper cheek area. It's originally meant to make you look hungover, but it's gained popularity because of how it can also make you look cute and innocent, depends on how you take it. It's not for everyone, but for those of you who want to try something new with your blush application, Igari is worth a try!

2. Drawn-on Crease & Bottom Lashes

Reminiscent of Twiggy and the 60's Mod scene, drawing on your eyelid crease and bottom lashes is a unique way of changing up your look. They're quite uncommon nowadays, but who says you can't bring it back? It makes your eyes pop, and it's very simple to do with any sort of eyeliner and small eye brush.

Maybe try to be careful not to exaggerate it too much so that it doesn't look too unnatural. If you're feeling bold, pair it with a defined crease, and you'll be channeling the 1960s in no time!

 3. Ombre Lips

It's basically blending two lipstick colors together to create a two-toned gradient look or blending out a color from the center of your lips outwards. It's perfect for those of you who want to wear two colors at once, or if you're looking for a subtler look to wear your lip color if you're opting for the second technique. It's extremely popular in K-Beauty (short for Korean Beauty) trends, and a lot of Korean makeup companies have created a product specifically for this purpose, called lip tint, where the texture is more suited to be blended out to create a gradient. 

Lip tints are available in various textures depending on what you like best. Some are watery, some resemble a liquid lipstick and some are like a gloss. They're all used the same way, though. But if you prefer using lipstick for this look, it's totally fine! 

4. Bright Eyeliner

Who says eyeliner always has to be black? Experiment by using bright colors to line your eyes. Don't have a colored liner?

Take a small or angled brush, put some eyeshadow on it, and thickly apply it near your upper lash line like you would with eyeliner. It would help if you have a white pencil eyeliner to base the eyelid first before you apply the shadow liner because it'll help make the color look more vibrant, and also help it to stay on longer.

If you don't want to use colored liner on your top lash line but still want a pop of color, you could use it on your waterline paired with a black liner on the top lash line, or with a bold but neutral eyeshadow. A tip for it to stay longer on your waterline without smudging is to dry your waterline with a q-tip first prior to application. 

5. Glitter Cut Crease

If you want something more dramatic, preferably for casual night events, a glitter cut crease would be a great option. All you need is some glitter eyeliner. Close an eye and apply a thin line with it on your crease on the part where the colors are cut. Wait for it to dry before you open your eyes so that it doesn't smear. For the daytime, you could do this too, but choose lighter and more natural colors for your eyeshadow. 

6. Faux Freckles

Freckles are absolutely adorable! If you're not naturally born with them, you could make your own freckles using makeup. If you just want some for a day, you could use a light brown eyeliner and a small brush, or use a product specifically made to make faux freckles.

But if you want it to last a bit longer, make some using henna! Leave the henna on your face longer if you want the freckles to look more bold and prominent, or leave it on just for a quick while if you prefer a subtler look. Just remember to rinse off or scrape off thoroughly!

7.  Puppy Eyeliner

Instead of flicking your eyeliner upwards, try bringing it downwards for a change! The "puppy eye" makeup has gained a lot of fame for its ability to make your eyes look cuter and more innocent. It's the opposite of the cat-eye that is known to give you a fierce and bold look.

If you'd like to look softer and more adorable, try this! Pair it with an equally soft eyeshadow look to complete the innocent theme.

8. Mascara for Eyebrows

If you're tired of taking a long time every single day to make your eyebrows look perfect with a pencil or an eyebrow gel, or if you dislike the bold eyebrow look that's everywhere these days, try using a thin layer of mascara on your brows. Just brush it on with the applicator, and you're done! This is absolutely a savior for busy mornings or when you're running late to a place that requires you to put on some makeup to look presentable.

If normal black mascara is too dark for you, try getting a proper eyebrow mascara that comes in a variety of shades and with a smaller applicator. They're everywhere nowadays, with a lot of brands releasing their own take on eyebrow mascaras. They're convenient, fast and it doesn't take a lot of skill to put them on.

No more hassle on balancing the shape of your brows! If you don't naturally have even eyebrow hairs, or if you have extremely thin eyebrows that won't work with mascara but you still don't want to take a long time to do your eyebrows, the next one might be for you!

9. Eyeshadow to Fill In Eyebrows

This might take some more skill and time compared to just using mascara, but it's faster than using a pencil or gel, and because of its thinner pigment, mistakes won't be too noticeable. Use an angled brush to pick up the eyeshadow, and apply it on your brows, following your natural shape or a shape that you desire. Clean up edges and corners using concealer, and your brows are done!

Pick a color that suits your hair color, preferably a shade lighter. This is also a great choice for those of you who have dyed hair in an unnatural color but still want to match your eyebrows to your hair without struggling to get an eyebrow pencil in the color of your hair. Eyeshadows come in so many colors that there will always be one that will match your hair no matter how wild your dyed color is.

10. Short Cat Eye 

This is good for those of you who have droopy eyes that need some lift without wanting to go overboard for every day. Keep the wings short and the entire line minimalistic and thin, and your eyes will get the natural lift that you want! It'll save your time and won't take as much time as a classic cat eyeliner. 

These are all the things that you can try to change up your makeup look for every day! They're simple, and most of them only require a small effort on altering the way you apply your makeup or one or two extra products to get. Try doing one of these the next time you put on makeup. 

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