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July 26, 2021

Summer is in full swing, and there's nothing like the perfect time to sunbathe in the rays of warmth and relax in the clear blue water. Paired with the most luxe, high-quality swimwear ever, your summer dream is made complete with TRIANGL.

photo by Jonny Seelenmeyer

It's easy to rave about TRIANGL because if there's anyone that does swimwear best, it's this beloved Aussie brand. Easy to recognize with their signature styles and laid-back aesthetic that focuses on the daydreams of a youthful summer holiday, TRIANGL makes you feel your best.

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One of the best swimwear investments you could possibly ever make, TRIANGL makes it possible for you to shop for both top and bottom suits all under $100 altogether- which is quite reasonable considering the absolute top-notch fabrics, covetable styles, and timeless looks to last you for a long time.

photo by Jonny Seelenmeyer

The Mica in Riverside Sparkle

The Mica is one of the most popular styles of the brand; simplistic with its minimalist approach yet adorned with subtle sparkles that make the suit shine, the Riverside Sparkle makes you the star of the summer.

It's easy to see why the Mica in Riverside Sparkle is a bestseller from one of the world's most popular swimwear brands ever. With an approach that ties together sporty and chic, it has an appeal that makes you feel confident and at ease.

Shop the Mica in Riverside Sparkle here for 89USD.

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With its nylon spandex fabric, the Mica feels comfortable and like a second skin. The crop top makes it an easy, versatile piece, and the matching bottom completes the look. Additionally, with its matching drawstring bag made of the same luxe fabric, taking the Mica in a grab-and-go is as convenient as it can be.

This particular Mica comes in the Riverside Sparkle print, which is a navy-colored style with all-over sparkles that create the perfect glints and illusions of glitter out in the sunlight. Trust me- when you're out there in the sun, this print will make you feel like a goddess!

It's so shiny in the best way- subtle without being too out there, this midnight blue lurex print is an absolute must that will always remain in trend. The sparkles on the fabric are part of the fabric itself, and I love the texture that it has that doesn't feel uncomfortable whatsoever.

image from @triangl

I absolutely love the fabric of the Mica in Riverside Sparkle; perfectly lightweight, this swimsuit makes you feel so airy and light like the summer season. The fabric isn't thick at all, and is rather on the thin side, and is extremely durable and stretchy with the nylon spandex.

The crop top of the Mica features thin spaghetti shoulder straps that are adjustable to your preference. The back of the top has a back clasp fastening. The little straps are barely noticeable, and they also don't dig into your skin, which is always a plus!

The top and bottom lining of the Mica top are incredibly stretchy, which makes it more versatile to wear for all sizes, and actually stays put. The crop top offers more coverage as well.

photo by Cameron Hammond

As for the bottoms, the Mica bottoms come in two options: normal, which is the option with more coverage, and a cheeky bottom, which is more cheeky and less covering as the name suggests. I love that Triangl offers choices of which bottom types that you can choose so that you can truly personalize your bikini to your liking.

The bottoms feature the same sparkly midnight blue color in a high waist bikini bottom. The side straps are on the thin to medium side, and fit snugly just the way it should be.

The back of the bottoms has the signature TRIANGL tag- the well-recognized black tag stitched onto the middle of the top that has the engraved brand name. It's such a cute design that pays close attention to detail and feels luxe and very secure.

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One thing I will always adore TRIANGL for is that they have the option to choose different sizes for the top and bottoms. It really takes into everyone's best interests and makes you feel so empowered in the TRIANGL suits while looking beautiful by the beachside.

The Mica in Riverside Sparkle comes with a matching drawstring dust bag in the same high-quality fabric as the swimsuit- even down to the sparkle-adorned texture. It's the perfect grab-and-go bag to put all your essentials in all while looking stunning.

The Vinca in Indigo

The Vinca is reminiscent of a summery renaissance-style with its porcelain-like pale baby blue and white swimsuit. With its crinkled nylon spandex fabric, the texture of the swimsuit makes the Vinca come alive and live out our European summer getaway dream.

Shop the Vinca in Indigo here for 99USD.

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This patterned swimsuit is delicate and dreamy at its best. Everything from the baby-light colors to the floral design, this TRIANGL swimsuit is a daydream.

With a triangle-shaped bikini top and string-tied bottoms, the Vinca is laid-back, casual, and effortless with the effort of looking gorgeous. Something about the Vinca has an air of elegance to it that just feels so alluring.

The pattern of the Vinca in Indigo features a floral motif-style design that is not too distinct, making it easier to focus on the swimsuit as a whole. The crinkled, layered pattern of the swimsuit is a tasteful touch that adds dimension to the Vinca bikini set.

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The fabric of the Vinca is different from the Mica with its higher thickness and emphasis on the swimsuit-like fabric feel; however, it is as lightweight as ever and a lovely match for the summer heat.

The top of the Vinca is two triangles strung together by a stretchy string that also bears the floral pattern. It is a halter top and allows you to self-tie around the back and the neck to your preference. That way, you can ensure that the Vinca top will stay in place just the way you want it to be. Because the Vinca top is a halter top, that means it doesn't come with any clasps, making it comfortable and still adjustable with its self-tie straps.

While the design of the triangle-shaped top feels minimal, it actually feels very balanced with the beautiful pattern and texture, and the Vinca feels so dreamy all in all.

image from Triangl

From a personal standpoint, I would recommend going up a size on the top if you prefer more coverage. (As I mentioned before, I have to praise TRIANGL's mix-match sizing for the tops and bottoms once again, because it truly is a lifesaver.)

The bottom of the Vinca comes untied but put together with high-quality TRIANGL-engraved holders- so you may be confused at first on how the bottoms are supposed to go. Fear not, however- the bottoms are actually self-ties on both sides of the leg!

The bikini bottoms come as two ties for each leg that are to be tied as a ribbon for security. The ribbons are on the longer side, and when secured, look so effortlessly pretty with their long length! As always, the back of the bottoms features the classic engraved brand symbol with TRIANGL carved onto it.

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As for the Vinca, there is only one bottom style. It's a bit cheekier than TRIANGL's normal bottoms, but isn't too cheeky to the point where you have no coverage.

The Vinca in Indigo comes with a complimentary bag to put your suit in. In a matching pattern of the blue and white floral, the bag is such a thoughtful addition that proves to be helpful each and every time.

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