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Summer is Endless with TRIANGL's Tropical Pops of Color for Your Next Beach Getaway

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June 05, 2023

The sun is finally out to give you the perfect summer glow, and the ocean waves are calling your name. If you've been looking forward to your beach getaways all year long, you know you can't go without some of the most gorgeous swimsuits to make your vacation complete!

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One of the most iconic swimwear brands, TRIANGL has built up a platform of not only sunkissed skin and sandy hair, but a line of flattering, minimalist-cut swimwear with a variety of sleek, exciting, and tropical prints for every getaway around the world.

From one-of-a-kind geometric prints to classic triangle looks, TRIANGL has it all. Not only does it have that instantly recognizable appeal, but TRIANGL is truly the best of the best when it comes to lasting quality and timeless yet on-trend designs. These gorgeous swimsuits are not only perfect for the most active water games, but also stunning when it comes to your beach trip photos!

The CASCADE Collection

In celebration of the start of summer, TRIANGL's latest CASCADE collection is the perfect encapsulation of tropical and flirty. Your new favorite 'kinis and one-pieces are all here- and we couldn't be more obsessed.

From neon pops of lime-green that is the definition of an electric summer to varying shades of popsicle pink to even a burnt umber shade of earthy tones, this collection is delightfully vibrant.

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The CASCADE Collection embodies the carefree, youthful spirit of summer- and the endless joys of it.


If you're going for the latest trending mermaid-core, the KAYA in ARIE is your soon to be favorite.

This gorgeous wrap-around tube bikini top is paired with a string bottom, making that perfect tan possible. If you're ever nervous about having on a strapless bikini top, the KAYA has you covered with a secure fit.

The ARIE is the most gorgeous geometric print that keeps things interesting for the summer. With repeated scale-like patterns throughout, the print features lovely shades of coral, ivory, light pink, and lilac to create a medley of pinks, purples, and oranges. This bikini will actually make you feel like a princess of the sea!

Pair this with the matching CELESTE shorts or RACY mini-skirt coverup, and you're all set.


It's time to step it up from the basic strap bikini to the MAIA.

This stunning bikini features a low scoop and skinny straps with the most stunning sleek-cut pair of bottoms. I just love how minimalist the silouette is, and how flattering the top is. The low scoop makes the torso look absolutely amazing, and the straps gives you a sense of effortless comfort.

The LILA is a gorgeous lilac purple shade that has hints of pink tones underneath. I love how candy-like the color is, and it's a sweet shade to pair for a glorious summer.

A low scoop gives the best opportunity for accessories; go for your favorite beach jewelry for that Pinterest-worthy look!


If anything, the SARIA is the ultimate must-have for a hot girl summer.

The stunning SARIA is a beautiful underwire bikini top paired with a clean-cut, simple bottoms, and all the attention is on its silhouette and textured print. The bikini top provides the perfect push-up like nothing else, and the skinny spaghetti straps keep things effortless and casual. I just adore how flattering this set looks!

The KAYE is a beautiful burnt umber shade in a deep chocolate color, and I am absolutely obsessed with this earthy tone. I also love the zebra-print texture it has all over- even the complimentary bag has the texture.

If anything, this swimsuit is perfect to keep in your year-round rotation with the neutral brown.


Wearing a one-piece can be so chic, and the DAVI proves it so.

The DAVI is for the days when you're all about showing off the legs, and this high-cut swimsuit is totally here for it. The one-piece features a halterneck that you can self-tie with a classic TRIANGL tag on the back; it also features a very low neckline along a very high cut.

The CANDI is the most lighthearted pale pink, and it brings all the fresh, vibrant energy to the beach. I love the velvet texture of this swimsuit, and the smoothness of the waterproof velvet makes this pretty pink even more fun!

Pair this with dainty gold jewelry for a dreamy look, and you'll be all set for your day by the pool.

Keep Up With TRIANGL

Looking for more of that dreamy vacay inspo and gorgeous bikinis for your picture-perfect summer? TRIANGL's TikTok @triangl and Instagram @triangl are all you need. Be sure to stay tuned for upcoming collections and launches- you don't want to miss out!

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