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Sea Salt and Carefree Spirits: Take a European Getaway with TRIANGL's Latest Drop

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January 16, 2023

A getaway is made complete with not only the scenery but also your mood. Running carefree and effortlessly on the white sands of a beach and frolicking in the crystal clear waters of a tropical island can be made even better with a sparkling, texture-printed bikini on you.

Although the warmth of spring and summer has yet to arrive (so close yet so far!), summer really never ends with TRIANGL.

Taking a getaway is not only a tangible vacation but also a spiritual time of rejuvenation for your mindset. Take the trip of a lifetime with TRIANGL- being young, happy, and wild is a time to remember forever.

Live, Love, TRIANGL

A brand so iconically known for its sleek, minimalist cuts with prints you could recognize from a distance, TRIANGL has well established itself as a community of effortless luxurious lounging.

With its high-quality fabrics, timelessly eye-catching pieces, and playful persona, a TRIANGL suit helps you embody a more carefree, relaxed, energized version of yourself.

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With TRIANGL's latest collection, its pieces take inspiration from the beautifully vibrant beaches of Europe and elsewhere around the world, filled with magical times by the waters and made even more special with stylish adventures.


A pop of color is always fun to play in, but a gradient makes the fun even more saturated.

Shop the VINCA in PACH here.

This gorgeous bikini features a triangle top and slim bottoms with the prettiest rainbow gradient. With a pretty dip in bright sunshine yellow, sunburst orange, to a scorching hot pink, this bikini is a jaw-dropping stunner.

I love that the bikini has a soft velvet-like texture to it; it makes it feel so special and adds an extra fuzziness to the gradient texture.

The bikini is fully adjustable, with self-tie fastenings on both the top and the bottoms. The bottoms have a subtle TRIANGL mark on the back with a metallic tag. The top and bottoms can be packed into a hot pink neoprene zip bag, which comes with the set; it makes on-the-go beach days so much more efficient!

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I just adore the brightness of this bikini; it transports you into a sunshine state of mind and is a piece that will remain a beauty for years to come. It's trendy in a way that won't go out of style and is a sure mood booster to put on.


The LENNY is the perfect match to the VINCA in PACH- adorn yourself in the most vibrant rainbow!

Shop the LENNY in PACH here.

I have to say I audibly gasped when I first saw the LENNY in PACH because of how beautifully vivid and strong its colors were. They just liven up everything, and it's a stunning piece of fabric that can be used in so many different styles.

This sarong comes in a longer length that can be folded and cropped to your liking. You can knot it around the waist to make a cover-up on the go, and it adds a skirt-like dimension to your outfit.

I love the printed cotton material; it's so lightweight and breezy, and perfect to wrap around in for a quick snack after a swim. It's also such a fashion statement, and looks stunning paired with any of the PACH styles!


If you love a solidly dramatic yet detail-filled look, the ASTER in NESIA is the perfect fit for you.

Shop the ASTER in NESIA here.

This gorgeous halterneck bikini takes detail to new heights. The bikini has a cross-over grid-like texture, and I love that it adds an extra look to the design. With a crochet-like material all over, the bikini has a second layer of purple fabric underneath, giving it a textured all-over purple look. The thing about purple is how evocative the color is; it's so rich in its hue, and looks absolutely stunning no matter the occasion.

I am obsessed with the halterneck style of the bikini; the top wraps around from the back, and the self-tie fastenings can be tied on normally over the shoulders, or even crossed over in the front. Whichever way you take it, it's sure to look alluring!

This bikini also comes with a deep purple neoprene zip bag, making it easy to carry it around anywhere and everywhere.

Pair this bikini with your favorite linen button-up or try on the shorts from the same NESIA print for an all-over cohesive look. Match the look with your favorite purple bucket hat, and you're golden!


Getting sunkissed in the sand isn't possible without lounging on a beach towel- and it's time to amp it up in classic TRIANGL style.

Shop the MERA in WHITE here.

Meet the MERA: this branded beach towel is oversized to fit you with more than ample room left over. It's oh-so-soft, durable, and trustworthy.

The large TRIANGL lettered on the black side makes your beach-day outfit feel complete, and the white tassels add a cute touch to the design.

I love how it's in a strong, classic white-and-black contrast theme, making it totally timeless and perfect for any colored swimsuit. It's sure to look good anywhere and everywhere and won't clash with anything.

Perfect to bring along in your beach bag, great to lay on both comfortably, and photogenic for your Instagram photos, the MERA is a total must-have for your next vacation.

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