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Why You Need to Watch 'Abbott Elementary"


Fri, March 29

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a teacher? The popular mock documentary "Abbott Elementary" explores this reality. The sitcom follows the daily lives and challenges of overworked teachers in an underpaid, working-class neighborhood in Philadelphia.

The series has received attention from people of all ages due to its fun, witty, and entertaining storylines. Critics like Rotten Tomatoes describe this feel-good TV series as a show that "disarmingly succeeds in reminding us of the value of dedicated teachers who care for their students even when their employers don't care for them."

Here's why you should check out this hit show!


Throughout this series, the audience spends most of their time getting to know one of the main second-grade teachers, Janine Teagues. Janine, played by Quinta Brunson, is a passionate graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. Janine got her first teaching job at Abbott Elementary and continues to learn how to adjust to balancing her personal life while working through obstacles in an underfunded public school.

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Throughout the series, the audience follows Janine as she experiences issues with her students, bonds with her coworkers, and explores options in her own love life. Janine's journey with adjusting to Abbott connects with audiences who sympathize with passionate teachers who try to do their best in an underfunded school system. Her good heart and optimistic nature compel the audience to root for her even when she doesn't make the best decisions.

Meet The Teachers

The show introduces a cast of diverse and relatable characters, including Barbra Howard (Sheryl Lee Ralph) and Melissa Schemmenti (Lisa Ann Walter), who are experienced teachers who face issues surrounding new technology while dealing with their personal family issues. Some additions, like the new substitute teacher, Gregory Eddie (Tyler James Williams), and Principal Ava Coleman (Janelle James), add more fun and laid-back energy to the group. Jacob Hill (Chris Perfetti) brings heart to the faculty as an endearing but awkward history teacher.

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Season 1

In this season, the audience takes on the perspective of a camera crew member. This type of documentary-like perspective has also appeared in hit shows like "The Office." "The Office" was a hit TV show, mainly because it constantly broke the fourth wall and allowed the audience to easily relate to the characters because there was a first-hand view of what was happening in the show.

Principal Coleman hired the camera crew to promote the school and help it gain more funding. As the camera crew, the audience gets the "behind-the-scenes" footage of what goes on at Abbott Elementary. The camera crew mainly follows Janine as she adjusts to being a more recent addition to Abbott's teaching staff. As members of the camera crew, the audience gets to witness hilarious moments like when Janine's long-term ex-boyfriend wrote a hysterical, poorly written rap to try to convince students not to do drugs.

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Season 1 of this series sets the stage for possible budding romances and friendships between faculty members. This first season sets up the slow-burn romance between Janine and Gregory. The audience watches as their short interactions leave cute, long-lasting impacts on each other. An example of one of their early heartwarming interactions was when Gregory helped Janine down a ladder as she set up posters in her new classroom.

Every episode in this season of "Abbott Elementary" helps viewers bond with and grow fond of each faculty member. One episode in this season that stands out from the rest is episode 8, "Work Family." "Work Family" is an episode that highlights the growing bond between the teachers as they support each other as they go through problems in their personal lives. Episode 8 examines the motherly-like relationship between Barbra and Gregory. Due to his strict teaching methods, Barbra gives Gregory crucial advice when his class is underperforming.

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At the end of the season, the audience finds themselves deeply attached to each character's storyline and excited for what comes next. The teachers help each other through divorces, breakups, and family drama while managing to take care of their classes. They learn how to laugh at their own mistakes, such as when Barbra stubbornly refuses to accept help when she doesn't understand how to use the school's new digital library system.

Why You Should Watch the Newest Season of "Abbott Elementary"

The new season of "Abbott Elementary" was just released! Season 3 differs from the norm set by its other seasons. Janine finally gets promoted and has a chance to make real changes in the district that positively impact the school.

Throughout this season, Janine gets the power to manage the budget and figure out a way to start a project that she is passionate about. She has to say goodbye to her coworkers and students, adjust to her new position, and determine the future of her relationship with Gregory. Janine quickly discovers that some of the benefits of this position are that she gets to discuss funding for the school and has a better shot at making some changes to life at Abbott.

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Writer's Note

"Abbott Elementary" is an entertaining, feel-good series that everyone needs to watch. At first, I was skeptical of committing to a 40-episode TV show, but I quickly warmed up to it. This show has rapidly become one of my top favorites. It discusses issues within the education system while highlighting the amazing work teachers do daily.

Each episode of this show is quick to watch, which makes it feel less of a big commitment. "Abbott Elementary" became a show where I constantly waited for a new episode to drop. I was hooked on the friends-to-lovers trope between Gregory and Janine and the feel-good relationships between the teachers and their students. While watching this show, I became more sympathetic and aware of the struggles that my teachers face every day.

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Overall, the show is a quick watch that has something for everyone. It has romance, comedy, friendship, and family relationships. Between Barbra and her younger coworkers' motherly-like relationship, Gregory and Janine's growing romance, and Melissa and her sister's complex family dynamic, this show is fun to watch regardless of your TV preferences.

Check out "Abbott Elementary" on ABC on Wednesdays at 9 pm!

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