Why You Need To Be An Ally for The Black Lives Matter Movement


If someone questions me about being an ally for the Black Lives Matter Movement, they can never formulate a good reason why not. There isn't any reason not to support perfectly normal and capable human beings to get their rights and to help them get the justice they should have had centuries ago.

Every human being out there was born from the same procedure, from their mothers. Nobody dropped from the sky or burst open the earth to be born. Nobody in any way can claim to have the right to be superior when the exact starting point of your life is the same as everybody else. If someone gives you a gun and a badge and goes: "Take care of the people, make sure there's peace and don't get carried away with that weapon pal, it's dangerous." That doesn't mean you shoot off a person's back with seven shots and think that's not getting carried away. Police used to be for peacemaking, their guns were for keeping people in their limits, they aren't just released in the streets to target practice on whoever they don't find particularly attractive or acceptable.

How can one not support people who get hate for their color, something they cannot have control over. Like your mate, does their skin show up at your doorstep and demand tax? Does their skin annoy you in any way to just hate? All it does is possess the color black and smile at everyone with the same exact body cells any other person has. If some people are so bothered by that, they really do need a shut-up call to hold down their guns, their hate, and their superiority complex because people in their right minds aren't going to have any of that anymore.

If a guy one thousand years ago was shown a car, specifically, a rich guy (a king or so), he would freak out over its ugliness, its bony structure, he'd demand it to be executed if alive and destroyed if non- living (I mean, he probably would have enough sense to know the difference I hope) but when he figures out it can literally take him anywhere without much effort and works like magic and is driving about in his garden with the windows down and music on high (crashing plants and fences in the process), he probably won't hold the opinion he was grasping at the start. The dude will figure out about its capability and go back on his words about its appearance.

And so, it just proves everyone is just as capable. Humans no matter what color are capable of the same as everyone else. If you decide to execute just from the appearance, you're just as unwise as the ancient dude, but if you decide to test the capabilities and respect them as good citizens, you'll be one of the supporters of this movement.

Racism is like a mental disease, it doesn't let one live in peace and takes away the peace of others as well. Beauty is not a specific weight, color, gender, or any other thing. The whole world has its own different criteria of beauty, one can never reach all of them. Just imagine all those blacks going through hate, feeling self- conscious and insecure, unsafe, disliked, abused, raped and even being killed for something they have no control over by people who have no right to give themselves the authority to take another's life or interfere in their lives in general.

I am an ally for the Black Lives Matter Movement because I stand by the fact that blacks are just like us, we won't be where we are without them, there have been so many great people, loads of them black, who have changed the world and its systems for the better. It would be ungrateful of me to overlook that. And as a person who believes in the existence of God, I believe nobody has the right to object at what God has created, none of us are any better and if one thinks one is superior to any other race, then honestly bro, you need to get your head out of the clouds and into a therapist's office. Because racism will be removed like a bug off the sticky icing of a doughnut.

(Some famous black personalities)

It's not only blacks, its many other races too. But right now, joining this movement is making a statement to every racist out there and that statement will be good enough to prove that everyone out there, no matter how small, no matter how pretty, no matter how wealthy, no matter how intelligent is a person, a living breathing person with the same amount of importance everyone else holds for themselves.

As a human being (and you definitely are one, I certainly do hope so), it is our duty to take care of the rights of other people to make sure unity and peace remain. Go ahead and support the Black Lives Matter Movement. If you can't march with others, post and talk about it, spread it, encourage people and defend anyone getting hate, if you're incapable of that too (which will be pretty surprising man) then just support them by the very thought that they deserve a victory after struggling for centuries.

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Javeria Zahid

Javeria is an O Levels student and is working on crazy novellas currently. She writes for fun and prefers humorous perspectives to influence the minds of her readers. Javeria encourages creativity, mischievous actions, risky experiences, self- motivation, eating and petting cats!

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