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Why Is Homemade Cooking Taking Over Social Media?

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Tue, June 11

Step aside, celebrity chefs and glossy cooking shows—a new culinary sensation is taking over social media platforms, and it's coming straight from the kitchens of everyday creators. In the ever-evolving home of social media, homemade cooking has emerged as a powerhouse trend, captivating millions with its unique recipes, genius hacks, and contagious passion for all things food.

From viral cooking challenges to satisfying recipe tutorials, the platform has become a bustling hub of culinary creativity, where amateur chefs and seasoned home cooks showcase their skills, one mouthwatering video at a time.

Join us as we delve into the delicious world of homemade cooking on social media and explore how it's transforming how we share, discover, and savor food in the digital age. Why is this such a popular phenomenon? Why are we so addicted to these videos?

Cultural Connection

Many homemade food trends are deeply rooted in a certain culture or tradition. Many people are drawn to these trends to connect them with their heritage, explore different cuisines, and learn about the culinary traditions of others around them. As a generation, we like to experiment and try new things, and these homemade cooking trends help us do just that.

When you look at Tanghulu, you can see a very popular cultural trend: finding a home on our for you pages. Tanghulu is a Northern Chinese snack with Hawthorne fruit covered in hard rock sugar glaze. This provides insight into other cultures that we all love and enjoy.

Social Influence

Social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram play a significant role in popularizing homemade food trends. When people see their friends, family, or their favorite influencers creating and sharing dishes, they're more likely to want to join in and replicate the experience, especially if they think this will help them go viral. The higher social influence someone has, the more compelled we are to follow their trends and influences.

I have two words for you: pizza toast. With about 2.2 million views on TikTok, this trending food is a piece of bread with pizza sauce, cheese, and pepperoni, making a sandwich version of pizza. It is so simplistic but is causing everyone, including their mothers, to run to their kitchens and make them.

For example, smoothie bowls are a unique idea that looks stunning. When done correctly, they can be an aesthetically pleasing, healthy, and taste-good meal. Smoothie bowls were a major trend and are making a comeback on social media platforms everywhere.

Credit: Madison Inouye from Pexels


Despite the common misconception that cooking from scratch requires more time and effort, many people are discovering the convenience and satisfaction of homemade meals.

With meal planning and kitchen hacks, individuals can streamline the cooking process and make homemade meals that are both delicious and convenient for their busy lifestyles.

Meal planning has taken over every social media platform. It is helpful, healthy, and realistic for busy families who can't cook a new meal every night. It is also great if you are on the road because you can easily grab the container and go.

Credit: Ella Olsson from Pexels


Homemade cooking is known to be more cost-effective than dining out or purchasing pre-packaged foods. When individuals cook at home, they can save money on restaurant bills and expensive convenience foods, making homemade cooking an attractive option for budget-conscious consumers.

Buying items in bulk and meal planning are also major trends on social media because they work. Buying food in bulk requires you to pay less for more items, so they will last for longer. Meal planning helps you nip extra spending in the bud. If you know you have food at home, you may be less tempted to buy a pizza since you don't need it.

Uniqueness and Exploration

Homemade food trends often introduce novel recipes, ingredients, and cooking techniques that spark curiosity and inspire people to try something new. There's excitement in exploring the latest culinary trends and being among the first to experiment with them.

If you look at iced beverages as an example, this is a unique drink that users of all ages have been falling in love with. On social media platforms, people are attempting to recreate their favorite Starbucks and Dunkin beverages from home, along with their own flavor experimentation. Iced beverages range from coffee to slushies and matcha. The possibilities are endless, and the creativity that you are exposed to on these platforms is amazing.

Credit: Charlotte May from Pexels

Health and Wellness

Some homemade food trends are driven by health and wellness concerns. As people become more health-conscious, they seek out homemade alternatives to processed foods and restaurant meals. Trendy homemade dishes often emphasize fresh, whole ingredients and healthier cooking methods. So when people think of homemade meals, they think of healthier, more fulfilling meals.

For example, on YouTube, so many influencers focus on overall wellness and healthy eating. Healthy Grocery Girl is one of my favorites; she encourages her followers to eat healthy and live healthy lives. She is a registered nutritionist who aims to share healthy eating tips and shopping hacks with her viewers. Social media can be a great place to feel empowered and encouraged with your health and wellness goals.

Sense of Community

Participating in homemade food trends can create a sense of community and inclusion. Those choosing to focus on their health and personal wellness might feel included in a community that showcases food that pertains to their goals. Whether it's sharing recipes, exchanging cooking tips, or joining in on cooking challenges, people enjoy being part of a community centered around a shared love of food.

TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube Influencer Anna from Growingannanas are perfect examples. She is building a whole community of individuals focusing on putting their health first while being confident in their bodies. She crafts workouts and recipes to encourage her whole following.

The encouragement that she portrays to her followers makes a huge difference. Since people love her energy, they stick around for her homemade recipe ideas.


Social media often gets a bad rep when it comes to body image and food. But there are some instances where they get it right. Everyone's experiences are different, but one thing is true: homemade cooking is making a comeback all over social media!

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