Why is Everyone so Obsessed with Subscription Boxes?

Why is Everyone so Obsessed with Subscription Boxes?

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September 10, 2021

What are subscription boxes?

It is no doubt that the year 2020 took a huge toll on everyone, but at least we had our monthly boxes to look forward to. Once you subscribe to a subscription box, you receive new products every month. It could be anything, from different coffee, to new books, to clothes. We believe that subscription boxes are a clever marketing strategy that makes customers anticipate and look forward to receiving their new box every month.

Reasons to give subscription boxes a try

1. They can be personalized according to one's preferences.

Subscription box companies provide a wide range of products for their customers to choose from. You can choose the products you like and leave the rest. They may provide preference in size of the box too, whether you want a two product box, a three product box, or maybe more than that.

2. Delivered to the doorstep

Every month the boxes are delivered to the doorstep, so you don't have to go to the market and buy what you need. All you have to do is place an order for the box, and it will be delivered. And if you get the monthly subscription at once, you just have to pay at the start and be prepared to receive the boxes every month.

3. Easy cancellation

If you change your mind about the box, you can easily cancel it, and you will get a refund. There are many online stores where customers find it difficult to place cancellations, but when it comes to subscription boxes, the cancellation process is hassle-free. But do keep in mind, that some stores might charge some cancellation fee.

4. The unpredictability

Some subscription boxes provide no sneak peeks at the products they include in a particular box, which makes it a surprise when the box arrives. And the unpredictability makes the customer more impatient to receive the box.

Cons of Subscription Boxes

1. Pricey

There is no doubt about the fact that subscription boxes can be a tad expensive, but in my opinion, they are a better option than going out to the markets and getting what you want when you can easily get it delivered to the doorstep. So I think the price is totally worth the products you receive. Some stores even provide an option wherein you can select the size of the box you want to receive, ranging from small to large boxes and the prices vary for the same.

2. Can be Addictive

Recalling my personal experience, I can tell you that this is 100% true. Subscription boxes can be super addictive. It's like, even though you wouldn't like the items in the box for one particular month, you would still have the urge to buy them. And the joy of receiving and peacefully unboxing is something that can't be matched, so we wouldn't blame you if you get addicted to buying subscription boxes.

A few different types of subscription boxes

There is a wide variety of subscription boxes. So let's talk about some of them and how they can be useful.

1. Book boxes

This one is for all the readers out there. Book boxes mainly contain books and some exciting bookish goodies. Your subscription preferences can vary from the number of books you would want to read in a month.

My favorite book box is The Big Book Box. A few stores where you can get subscription boxes are OwlCrate, Teatime Bookshop, The Bookworm Box.

2. Stationery Boxes

This one is for all stationery addicts, the ones who like to collect stationery products, and, of course, for the ones who like to write a journal. These boxes provide a wide range of stationery products ranging from washi tapes to stickers to notepads. My personal favorite is PaperQuirks. Here is a list of more stationery subscription boxes Postmark'd Studio, The Stationery Selection (you can find some cute Japanese stationery here - PaperGang.)

3. Coffee/Tea boxes

For the ones who can't start their days without the morning coffee, and the ones who need a different tea for every occasion, these subscription boxes are perfect for you. Atlas Coffee Club, Blue Tokai Coffee, Tea and Book Club (they provide options between tea and coffee and a paperback for when you want to have a relaxing tea time with a book), Dollar Tea Club.

4. Wellness Boxes

Who doesn't like to pamper themselves? These subscription boxes are the ones for you if you always need to try something new to pamper yourself with. Yogi Surprise(providing your yoga essentials and wellness products), FabFitFun, Lady Box (for the monthly period care products), Lola.

5. Food Boxes

When you don't know what to cook for dinner and the guests are coming in, these subscription boxes are what you need. Coming in with a variety of food products every month, The Gourmet Box, Snack Nation, Green Chef.

6. Candy Boxes

For the ones with the sweet tooth and the ones who always like to keep their inner child alive. The candy subscription boxes deliver candies to your door every month, so you don't fall short on your sweet cravings. A few candy subscription boxes are Candy Club, British Candy Box, Old Time Candy, Snackible.

7. Beauty Boxes,

For the inner artist in you who likes to try new makeup products now and then, these subscription boxes are the perfect answer to your needs. They provide products ranging from samples to regular ones. BirchBox, LookFantastic, FaceTory, BoxyCharm, Fab Bag.

8. Clothing Boxes

When you are tired of scrolling through online stores, these subscription boxes are what you need. They provide a wide range of products to choose from Dia & Co for your activewear needs, Krate, Sugar Box, Frank and Oak.

9. Kids Subscription boxes

Young children need activities to help them develop and keep them busy at the same time. These subscription boxes provide games and activities for young children. KiwiCo(for fun projects for kids), hoppibox(provides toys for toddlers) America's Test Kitchen(fun recipes and ingredients for kids) We Craft Box.

10. Pet Subscription Boxes

The only other being much dearer to a human than self is their pet. These subscription boxes make sure that your pets get the care and toys they deserve. A few subscription boxes for the needs of your tiny furry friends are Bark Box, Pet Connect Store, Woof Box, KitNip Box.

These were just a few types of subscription boxes, there are many more options to explore. Just scroll through the internet, and you'll find out. There are subscription boxes for all your needs.

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