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What is the Law of Attraction and Manifestation?

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September 15, 2022

“Will you be my friend?”

This is what the starry-eyed primary school student says to the person who, in their sight, holds the key to the door of happiness and lifelong friendship. Then, when they lose contact with that friend because of unforeseen circumstances (moved to a new town, switched schools, or just got bored of their incessant babbling), they go on to make a new friend.

Year after year, children garner a new BFF to add to their collection of like-minded, happy-go-lucky comrades. When you’re young, your friend group may very well cluster like an aggregation of cells in a petri dish. But as you get older, things begin to change.

Appearance matters more, people demand more sophisticated conversation, they unintentionally conform to societal molds, and they begin to care more about what you can bring to the table as a confidante than what they can bring to the table as a companion. Here enters the Law of Attraction and Manifestation.

Law of Happiness

There are laws and theories for everything. The Big Bang Theory explains how life came to be: from a large explosion, came a population often at one another’s throats. The Universal Law of Gravitation explains how every object in the universe attracts other objects with a force solely dependent on one’s proportionality and the product of their mass.

There is even a theory that proclaims that the universe dies every time a human eye sets itself upon so-called dark energy. The Law of Attraction and Manifestation is no different. It is simply a collection of ideas and thoughts that, while appearing farfetched, hold relevance and application in many people’s lives.

Some people find joy in the ancient art of religion, but in the 21st century, more and more people are relying on “good chakras” and “the frequency of vibrational energies” to make sense of the insensible. Well, what kind of things do spiritual fanatics discuss? One of the concepts written in the nonexistent book of spiritual ideology is the Law of Attraction and Manifestation.

Path to Peace

Manifestation coach Arielle Ford described the law of attraction and manifestation best by saying that “the happier we are, the more easily we draw to us everything we want.” This law that was so sagaciously explained by Ms. Ford has the same ideology as when a frail old man tells you that you look better when you smile. Both claims are correlative, yet one speaker is deemed influential and enlightened, and the other is labeled strange and crass.

Nevertheless, Ford is correct in her distinctions. Every day, humans warily walk the earth with a lust for rapport and a distaste for judgement and failure. This distaste is met with the delight that is the idea of attraction and manifestation.

According to the law of attraction, those who flock to you like opposing charges on a magnet do so due to aura enticement. This aura is a paranormal emanation that every human being possesses to determine one’s ability to find long-term comradery.

Manifestation is no different. Manifestation is simply the law of affirmation spun in a centrifuge and isolated to be used for real world application.

For example, say you have a math test coming up tomorrow. You haven’t studied, don’t have the time to study, and most definitely don’t have the internal motivation to study. So, what do you do?

A student would say “go at it blind,” a parent would say “get upstairs and study,” but a spiritual enthusiast might say “you should try to manifest a positive outcome.” This same spiritual enthusiast might say that by allowing oneself to fall under the wing of manifestation, they are shifting from self to service, developing a sense of empowerment, learning to listen to their own intuition, and discovering their true purpose. To be frank, that is the sole reason people favor spirituality over religion: because religion gives you faith, but spirituality gives you belief.

Where religion instructs you to read the holy book in order to learn, spirituality instructs you to turn thought into action and embark on desires in order to gain knowledge and develop character.

Nonsensically Sensical

That being said, I’d be remiss to not acknowledge the superstition regarding the laws of manifestation and attraction. To many, it sounds like hubbub, nonsense, and the product of an overactive, desperate mind. And it doesn’t help that The Law of Attraction and Manifestation is as prophetic as it is profitable.

Every year, thousands of people seek spiritual coaches to explain and unravel the unwavering obstacles that decorate the path we as humans follow to find eternal happiness. But let me ask you a series of important questions: do you want the key to long-term happiness? Do you want to be firm and unwavering?

Do you want to harness good energy and spread that feeling to those you care for around you? The answer to these questions lies in the laws of manifestation and attraction. These laws and ideas are imperative to human development as they provide comfort and guidance to those who seek to pursue their dreams and find motivation to complete the goals they’ve always aspired to chase.

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