The Law of Attraction is Very Much Real

The Law of Attraction is Very Much Real


January 14, 2021

The law of attraction is arguably one of the most powerful ways to make your dreams come true. But how is it supposed to work? First, the LOA is something that can only help you if you take action. For example, you want to buy a new car or a new house, but you have no money.

With LOA, after you manifest what you want, you need to take action, so you may need to find a way to help yourself find money, not just wait for the car to come to you. This law works through two things, the universe and our minds, which means that the universe will only help us if we start believing in ourselves and also if we think positively.

Thinking positive does not mean always being happy, thinking positive means finding something happy in a sad or bad situation and also a lesson for ourselves so that we can use that situation for the future. But how can I do that and manifest it? How can I be sure that it will work? Does it work or is it just luck?

How can I manifest?

  1. Think about what you want as follows: that is, just understand what you need at this moment of your life so that the universe can know that you need that, but also you will be an important step in realizing it because you will not give up, so it will be more helpful. During this process do not say “I want”, say “I am” and “I have”, this will be very powerful!

  2. Imagine it: Just close your eyes and see what you want. Do you want to buy a new house? Just imagine it, imagine yourself in that house, imagine the rooms, imagine your bedroom and the exterior. The only thing you have to do is imagine it so you know what you want and the universe will see it.

  3. Feel it: in this step you must keep imagining this house, which is an important step, so you must do this all the time while you manifest, and feel it. That is, you may “touch” your new bed or whatever will be in this house.

  4. Emotions: In this step it is important that you feel your emotions when you do it, you have to imagine yourself in this situation and how you will act, how you will feel at this moment and how your life will be after this moment.

  5. Let it go: by let it go, I mean stop manifesting. Because the universe will think you do not believe in yourself enough, and so it will be harder to make it happen. This is a difficult step, so just start not thinking about it too much, but do not stop acting to make it happen!

  6. Live as you have: Stop worrying about it and live as if you already have it in your hands. This will be a powerful process and you will be happier with yourself and more motivated to continue the process.

  7. Write it down: This is not an important step, but it was helpful in my manifestation. Just write down what you want, without "I want" but with "I am" and "I have", and take it with you everywhere.

How can I be sure it will work?

If you think it cannot work, just manifest something you can have easily or without hard work. Maybe just manifest that you will go out with your friend on a certain day, that your crush will write to you, or that your parents or a friend will give you something.

This is a little help to believe, you may think it's not the LOA to make something happen so easily, but just believe it. Eventually you will manifest, you will see some changes around you and in your mindset and that means your dream is coming true. Just do not be impatient, the universe has its time and will bring it when you need it!

Are there any people who have experienced it and did it work?

We have so many VIPs who have experienced LOA:

  • WILL SMITH: Will Smith, a well-known American actor, believes that the key to his success is LOA. In an interview he said that you have to believe in yourself and strive for what you believe in! He also says that greatness is accessible to everyone. You can find his interview here!

  • JIM CARREY: Jim Carrey talks openly about the law of attraction and how he uses the law of attraction to make himself rich to rich. Jim, in an interview with Oprah, explains how he used the power of intention and visualization to achieve his success in the film industry and his first 10 million dollars. You can find his interview here!

  • OPRAH WINFREY: Oprah is known for hosting incredible talk shows, and here we can see how she spends a lot of time teaching others the law of attraction and how it has changed her life. Here We can see Oprah explain how she used the law of attraction to create her own reality!

  • JAY-Z: Jay-Z (or Shawn Carter) attributes his success to being aware of the power of his own thoughts. He believes that if you want something, you must get it. He said also that you have to believe in your talent, that it is there, and believe that you can use it to realize your dreams. You can find his interview here!

  • LADY GAGA: Lady Gaga, or Stefani Germanotta, reveals how she used affirmation to create the life she always desired. She believes that everyone has the potential to succeed, and she also believes that every one of us has a superstar who just wants to go out. She said she used spells to help realize her dreams. You can find her interview here!

Overall, there is proof that the LOA works and is very much real. Try it out sometime, you never know what will happen.

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