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A Talk with Digital Influencer Evie Clark on Growing Up, Fashion, and Future

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May 03, 2021

Evie Clark's individual style and positive-energy-bringing vlogs are so widely beloved by teens that she's accumulated over 300,000 YouTube subscribers and 150,000 Instagram followers.

A fashionista with funky-cool aesthetic and fearlessly expressive, The Teen Magazine had the chance to interview Evie on everything about growing up, her podcast Growing Up and Sometimes Down, fashion, future, advice, and much more.

image provided by Evie Clark

On Going Viral

What was it like to first go viral, and what was your reaction to it?

"It was so exciting," gushes Evie, "I was about 14, and I did a heatless hairstyles video that blew up and got millions of views. That kicked off the growth of my YouTube channel and the funny part is that my younger sister actually did all my hairstyles, and to this day she says that I owe it all to her!"

This is Evie's Thing

What was the defining moment you knew that Youtube and vlogging were for you?

"I think when I started to get lots of feedback, and when so many people said I had inspired them in some way, I felt that I had created something that I needed to continue to grow."

Being able to influence others in a positive way was one of the biggest wow! moments for Evie- right then, she knew her channel was it for her.

image provided by Evie Clark

An Influencer's Life

What is your favorite part about being a digital influencer?

"Again, it’s so wonderful to get great feedback," Evie says, "When people say I have helped them with an issue- which could be anything from mental health to fashion tips– it’s a great feeling, and it inspires me to carry on and do more."

Online Negativity

Have you ever received internet hate or negativity? How did you turn around in a positive manner?

Being an influencer isn't always as easy as it seems- Evie, too, has received online negativity.

"Whilst most of the feedback is positive I have certainly had my fair share of hate. Over time, I have realised you can’t please everyone, and by having that mindset it has helped me to just be myself and to focus on the positives, which massively outweigh the negatives."

image provided by Evie Clark

Challenges Faced

What have been some of the biggest challenges you faced, whether it be of your social star career or anything else?

"The main challenge has always been to keep my content consistent and to keep it going whilst still being at school, doing GCSE’s and A-Levels, and everything else that life throws at you– the big one being when my mum passed away in 2019." Evie shares with us.

"And as a YouTuber or Instagrammer, you have to pretty much do it on your own, work out things for yourself, and be self-motivated," she adds. "I’m by no means perfect at all that and am still learning every day!"

image provided by Evie Clark

Growing Up and Sometimes Down

Please tell us more about your podcast- Growing Up and Sometimes Down!

If you didn't know, Evie has a podcast called Growing Up and Sometimes Down where she and her friend Olivia talk everything and anything. They often speak upon topics that many teenagers want to know of, but aren't really talked about, such as mental health, college/university, relationships, and social media.

image provided by Evie Clark

"It was always a dream of mine and my best friend Olivia to have our own show or podcast, and it was amazing when this became a reality," says Evie.

"We think of it as our baby, and as well as being just the most fun ever it has been an amazing way to connect with our followers on a really personal level. We can’t believe we have already finished season 2, and can’t wait for season 3!"

Evie's Fashion World

Your fashion taste is impeccable- what do you love about fashion? What would you say your style to be? Any fashion tips?

All over Evie's Instagram, you'll spot trendy, eclectic, one-of-a-kind outfits and styles. Known as a fashionista amongst her fans, we asked Evie about everything fashion her way.

"I love fashion because it helps me to express myself, and I love trying different things and experimenting with my style," Evie tells us. "I’m not sure I have a particular aesthetic as I am open to trying so many different things. I love clashing colours and patterns and incorporating vintage pieces into as many outfits as possible. So perhaps overall you could call it an eclectic and fun Y2K mix?!"

image provided by Evie Clark

"When I was young I would look up to girls in the street who were expressive with their style, but knew I wasn’t confident enough to do it myself. So gaining confidence through fashion has been a big part of it for me, and I hope for others also."

Fashion is all about expressing yourself- and with this, Evie is helping others shape their own ways of expressing themselves.

"A lot of people message me asking how I have the confidence to wear what I do, and my biggest tip would be to put your outift on, blast your favourite music out, and dance in front of the mirror. Then, when you next leave the house in that outfit, you are already feeling good and know you look great," Evie advises.

Advocacy for Mental Health

If you could advocate for anything, what do you want to raise more attention for?

"I like to discuss mental health openly on my channel to help remove the stigma around it, and I have also done lots of content on grief as I know it’s something that many people are dealing with." Evie tells us.

"I also like to discuss women’s rights and the struggles that women face on a daily basis."

image provided by Evie Clark

In The Future

What do you plan to do in the future? Where do you see yourself in five years?

"I would love to do this for as long as possible and Olivia and I have a dream of creating our own fashion brand," Evie says when asked about what could potentially come next.

"But, I also know that life can change at any time and there are no guarantees, so I’ll have to see where life takes me," Evie notes, "I can’t wait to find out though!"

Advice From Evie

If you could give a word of advice to anyone, what would it be?

One quote Evie sticks to is: ‘If in doubt do it!’

"If I had listened to the bullies and the doubters in school I wouldn’t have started, and certainly wouldn’t have carried on," Evie says. "I think it’s important to push out of your comfort zone and to do what you want to do- and what you feel is right- regardless of what others might think."

image provided by Evie Clark

10 Quick Q’s With Evie

Get ready for a quick round of ten questions with Evie to get to know her better! Ready? Get, set, go!

What is your zodiac sign?


What is one makeup product you can’t live without?

Soap brows.

Your favorite fashion statement piece?

Crocs with fun jibbitz!

If you could collaborate with any brand, what would it be?

It’s hard to name only one, although at the moment I am loving Charlotte Simone.

image provided by Evie Clark

What has been your favorite vlog ever for YouTube?

Probably my Ayia Napa vlogs – that was a lot of fun!

Where is your dream destination?


What is your favorite TV show/movie?

13 Going On 30. I take so much fashion inspiration from that movie.

What is a secret talent of yours?

I can actually figure skate!

Who is a hero to you?

My mum!

What is a motto you live by?

If in doubt, do it!

image provided by Evie Clark

Keep Up

Be sure to subscribe to Evie's YouTube Channel for everything fashion, beauty, vlogs, and much more! Follow Evie on Instagram at @lovevie. Her TikTok can be found at @evie.

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