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Influencer Emmy Hartman on Starting Her Podcast and New Music

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November 29, 2021

With 2.2 million followers on the platform and a steady following on every social media, it's safe to say that any product she releases would be sold out immediately.

We recently talked with Emmy about her new business venture, a reflection on her younger self, and whether you should be looking for new music from her.

Fashion and Style

For everyone, there has always been that period of time where you being to feel insecure about the way you dress. Emmy explains that it's simply changing your mindset that can give you all the confidence you need.

"Style is all about confidence. I used to be super afraid of coming out of my shell and dressing how I wanted in fear of being judged but Ive learned over time that judgmental people are just projecting they’re insecurities onto you. It takes a lot to be comfortable being authentic. Advice that I can give is to slowly buy pieces of clothing that you usually wouldn’t wear and start incorporating them into your wardrobe."

Her Music Career

"It is very funny to me when people put an exact age on when they started singing because I have no clue. I have distinct memories from middle school of waiting for my parents to leave the house so I could do karaoke and film covers. I have always been pretty shy and wasn’t really confident in my voice until recently. I have always had a passion for singing and music. I've been working on my own music for a while and will be releasing my first song on December 3rd!"

Music is also where the content-creator finds inspiration from. But, she does make it clear that you never want to idolize a person you don't know; you never quite know exactly who that person is.

"I wouldn’t say I have one specific person I look up to. I admire a lot of the musicians and the things they do but I try to stay out of the headspace of glorifying a person that I don’t personally know."

Her Podcast

How was the process of starting your podcast?

"Starting the podcast was surprisingly a very long process; it almost took around a year to actually get it started. if you haven’t heard of it its a podcast I do with my Best Friend called Emmy and Ian Need Help. If you want to know what it’s about you are going to have to check It out."

Chatting was the reason she felt inspired to create the podcast in the first place. Emmy enjoys the genuine characteristic that many are afraid to share.

"My favorite content to consume is very much like my own content. I love when people just talk. I love when people just blurt out their emotions and have no filter, when someone shares what’s going on in their life or talks about things they are interested in."

Her favorite collaboration on her podcast so far has her episode with Tyler Funke, Poloboy and Whisper. "It was so much fun to set up and film."

Her Younger Self

She has been encouraging herself since a young age that she would have the career and presence she has now.

"I really had no conflict when it came to my future. I believe what is meant to be will happen and I try to just go with the flow. I’ve told myself from a young age that I would have some sort of influence on people. I just was not sure what that influence would be but here we are. I am so excited for my future and the things to come."

Now, looking back, she believes her younger self would be so proud. A multi-million follower creator with her own Podcast? I would be proud too.

"Younger Emmy would be so happy. I am on the exact path I dreamed of when I was younger and I am super grateful."


Not only is she a popular creator on every platform, a music career, and a successful podcast, but Emmy has also begun her next career avenue: professional tattoos.

Do your tattoos have deep meaning or do you just like art on your body, deep meaning or not?

"I like for all of my tattoos to have meaning, as of right now each one has a story behind it but I’m not against getting a few meaningless ones for the fun of it."

The Future

The 22 year-old creator has been able to spread so much positivity and confidence through her platforms, but she knows that our social environment has a lot more to go. She specifically finds the negativity within the entertainment industry. But, hopefully, with time, Emmy can turn this around.

"I wish there were more genuine people. It’s unrealistic in entertainment because most of the time everyone is trying to work their way up and make connections that will benefit them but it would be nice if someone wanted to talk just to talk not to get something from you."

10 Quick Q's With Emmy

1. Favorite TV show?

New Girl.

2. Hairstyle you love but would never get?

I am not against getting any hairstyle.

3. Favorite Hair Color You've Had?


4. You're a professional tattoo artist now. A client comes in and asks for a tattoo, but says you can pick anything for them. What would you choose?

Something super dumb.

5. Harry Styles just asked you to sing one of his songs from start to finish, if you mess up you're never allowed chicken nuggets again. What song are you singing?

To be so lonely (my favorite).

6. If you had to wear the drip you rocked as a kid, would your friends be concerned or think it was another Wednesday?

Another Wednesday I have basically reverted back to my child wardrobe,

7. If you picked up your phone and asked the last person you texted to come over to film an episode for your podcast, would they say yes?

It would take some convincing.

8. Who's someone you'd love to have on the podcast?

Frankie Grande.

9. Favorite clothing staple?

A nice pair of pants.

10. One makeup item you can't live without?

Brow gel.

Keep Up With Emmy

Big thanks to Emmy for this amazing interview! Be sure to keep up with Emmy on Instagram at @emmyhartman and TikTok at @emmwee.

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