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Wardrobe Staples: Keeping Your Closet Up-To-Date on the Latest Trends with Glassons

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Hot girl fashion is a full-time, all-season work; from delicate bustier tops for nights out to cutting-edge denim prints to a simple, minimalist baby tee, every occasion calls for a new, exciting side of you.

Fashion trends may be swinging by quicker than we can get ahold of them, but if anyone is staying ahead of the game, it's Glassons. Based in Australia and New Zealand, the beloved brand is a force for a stylish wardrobe, offering a wide range of classic must-have pieces to the latest obsessions sported by all your favorite influencers.

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Chic, affordable, and sustainable, Glassons is the perfect go-to spot for all the things trending right now- and also for pieces that feel so effortlessly modern.

Shorts For One-The-Go Days

Whether you're going for a stroll by the park or are headed for some late afternoon coffee, Glassons's Linen Carpenter Shorts is exactly what you'll need. These easygoing, relaxed shorts are perfect for casual days without compromising comfort for fashion.

Shop the Traceable Linen Carpenter Short in Black here.

My favorite thing about these shorts is that they are carpenter-style with functionality in mind. Not only do they have oversized pockets in the front that are sizable enough to fit pretty much all your knickknacks, but they are also oh-so-comfortable that you could run in them!

Now that's what we call chic style- cute but cool, and great for feeling your best in!

These shorts are made with a linen blend material made with traceable fibers that are incredibly lightweight. I love how they let the breeze right through, and doesn't feel stuffy at all. It's perfect for active days whenever you're out and about.

It's also incredibly easy to slip on at any time. With an elasticated waist and a short length, they're pretty much the perfect go-to shorts for any moment.

The carpenter shorts come in four different neutral shades; our favorite is Black for its neutral look and easy-to-style characteristic. Pair this with your classic tee or tank top, or go for something extra with graphic designs. If the weather is chillier, throw on a cardigan and you'll be looking effortlessly cool!

Chic & Trendy Graphic Baby Tees

The baby tees of the 90s are totally in style right now, but Glassons has completely given them a modern makeover with a hint of vintage reminiscence. These oh-so-cute crop tops are form-fitting and eye-catching while staying all the while simple for any day.

Shop the Organic Graphic Baby Crop Tee here.

The top is about as simple and easy as it can get, making it so comfortable to pull on for everyday moments. With short cap sleeves, a crew neckline, and a snug design, this baby tee is simply adorable.

The fabric of the Organic Graphic Baby Crop Tee is lightweight and stretchy and contains organically grown cotton. The tops are based on white color with graphics laid on top, and the white background makes it feel classic and cool.

This cropped top features a graphic tee in the center; Glassons offers a vast number of designs to pick from, making a collection a must for the closet. Our two favorites are the Barcelona and Honolulu print:

The Barcelona Print

If you're looking for a classic top that will never go out of style, the Barcelona print will be the one for you. This cute tee features a red-yellow-blue design with "Barcelona 1992" laid over on top- an homage to the Summer Olympics- and almost feels sporty.

It feels both vintage-inspired and modern with its vivid colors and is perfect to style with your favorite pair of jeans. Plus, you can wear this pretty much everywhere and anywhere!

The Honolulu Print

The sweet island of Hawaii is the design of this adorable crop top; with an outline of the iconic palm trees and a gorgeous setting sun in orange, everything about this top gives off holiday vibes.

Underneath the island graphic is "Honolulu" in a cutting-edge font, and the top is simply oh-so-pretty. Carry on the minimalist vibe with your favorite jeans, or to give it an extra pop of color, go for colorful cargo-style pants.

The Sweetest, Softest Abstract Knit

Sweater weather is calling our name! Knit jumpers can be much fun to style, with abundant abstract designs. With Glassons, go for a nature-inspired design and feel warm and toasty all autumn long.

Shop the Recycled Landscape Long Sleeve Knit Jumper in Landscape here.

The Knit Jumper is so eye-catching because of the gorgeous landscape print that is all over the sweater. With swirls of bright blue intertwining with muted tones of teal and oat, this jumper feels both relaxing and artsy.

The sweater has a crew neckline and long sleeves and a full length, giving us good coverage against any cold breezes. It doesn't feel too oversized at all, although it does have some roominess.

This knit jumper might just be the softest thing ever. I just adore how it feels to the touch, and it feels so cozy. It's also lightweight and not too thick, making it perfect for the autumn and pre-winter season.

Not only that, the fabric is made with sustainable textiles! "This product is made from certified recycled polyester, recycled polyester reduces dependence on fossil fuels as a raw material, and helps divert plastics from going to landfill," says Glassons.

Style this knit jumper any way you like it! For a city girl look, pair it with a black mini skirt with black leather boots or Oxfords. For a more laid-back, chill-at-home vibe, go for relaxed mom jeans with a vintage wash.

A Classic Black Henley

If anything, a good ole' classic black shirt goes a long way. Neutral, modern, stylish, and effortlessly cool, a black henley is your best friend for any time and any day.

Shop the Button Front Knit Cropped Long Sleeve in Black here.

This totally adorable black knit is all about a form-fitting look, complete with buttons as your accessories. This long sleeve top is made with ribbed knit material that is the stretchiest ever, and it fits so well with the body to be snug at all the right places.

The focal point of the top is the snap buttons. These silvery outlined buttons can be opened up to however much you'd like, making them versatile in the way you style them. For a more formal, put-together look, you can clasp it all the way up, and for a loose girl-next-door look, button it down to your liking!

The top is also cropped, adding to the laid-back vibe. It's perfect to pair with your favorite denim jeans (any color works with this because of the neutral black shade!) or even your favorite pair of sweatpants for lazy days.

Plus, this top is sustainably made! Created with "certified viscose fibres that come from renewable wood sources using an eco-responsible production process" and "LENZING™ ECOVERO™ certified", this henley top is a total must-have in your closet.

Cozy In A Vintage-Inspired Sweatshirt

The colder weather is approaching us, and that calls for a giant, cozy sweatshirt to snuggle up in. Lit your favorite pumpkin spice candle, put on a thrilling movie, and get comfortable with the Oversized Embroidered Crew Neck Jumper.

Shop the Oversized Embroidered Crew Neck Jumper here.

This oversized sweatshirt is so roomy that you'll feel like you're being hugged. With a drop shoulder and a crew neckline, this is the most classic oversized fit ever.

The real detail goes in the embroidery; each crew neck jumper style features a one-of-a-kind design that's been stitched in.

With over 12 styles, Glassons offers a huge range of sweatshirt designs, each unique and timelessly cool. Our favorite is the San Diego Jumper, with its laid-back look and classic logo design.

In the center of the sweatshirt is a stunning skyline design with "San Diego" printed over- this kind of sweatshirt is the exact kind that you see from decades ago, showing just how effortlessly classic they are. Pair them with your favorite jeans or biker shorts, and you'll be all set for casual errands!

Plus, this sweatshirt is sustainable. As Glassons shares, "This product contains 95% or less organically grown cotton and is Organic Content Standard (OCS) certified." We love a good fashionable sweatshirt that's also planet-friendly!

Practical And Chic Clip-Up

Not only is a claw clip totally in vogue right now, but it's also the most practical thing ever. Whether you're in a rush with still wet shower hair or simply want to pull up your hair in a sophisticated updo, the claw clip has you covered.

Glassons's 90s style claw clip has the most functional claw clips ever that also come in a wide range of colors to match your outfit. The claw clips are matte and have a lovely baby shade to them.

These claw clips are generous in their size, with a long length and a good width to be able to grasp the hair to the max. Even with thick, long hair, these claw clips were able to hold on tightly- much better than the standard ones, might I add!

The claw clips come in a variety of colors, ranging from Black, Butter Stick, Juniper, Lilly Frond, Tobias Blue, Victorian Blue, Viva Viola, and White. Our two favorites are Tobias Blue and Lilly Frond, two gorgeous colors fit for any season:

Shop the Matte Claw Clip in Tobias Blue here.

Tobias Blue is a deep cornflower baby blue that feels cheerful and bright. It's lighter than your general royal blue, but deeper than a pale sky blue. It's perfect to match anything in the range of blue. Go for your favorite denim with a classic white tank with this clip, and you're all set!

Shop the Matte Claw Clip in Lilly Frond here.

Lilly Frond is a pretty sage green that is in between a pale and a more moody green. It's gorgeous with any complimentary colors, such as light or deep pink, and generally goes well with all colors. Pair this with your favorite floral print blouse, and you'll be all set!

On Sustainability

Not only does the brand provide the perfect avenue for adorable outfits, but they are made with a conscious effort for our planet in mind.

"We believe it’s our responsibility to minimise our environmental impact and support our people, while ensuring quality sustainable products are accessible and affordable to our customers," states the brand, "By the end of 2020 we achieved our target with 30% of our Glassons range being sustainably sourced, and we continue on our journey to reach 50% by the end of 2021."

What's not to love about working to better our planet? If you want to learn more about Glassons' sustainability journey, click here.

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