Viteloi: The Artist That Took Instagram and Twitter by Storm (with pictures)
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Viteloi: The Artist That Took Instagram and Twitter by Storm (with pictures)

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March 03, 2017

If you haven't heard about Eloi an artist on Instagram that has racked over 140K followers and has her own fan base on Tumblr, definitely hit the Instagram App and follow @viteloi now. She's created an extensive number of drawings as cartoons who exemplify certain characteristics. Each one is different and vibrant. It's clear that Eloi is outspoken and represents that through her art, which many find to be amazing.

On her Instagram page, you will mostly find her female characters. This is where sparks flew and on February 23rd a Twitter account by @MelaninMagic took it upon herself to create a thread describing many of Eloi's female characters in detail. She personified them as strong female characters that people would relate to.

Honestly, they fit perfectly! On the thread, she asked people to comment which character they were and here are some of the few.

The Natural Babe:

She always wears her hair out since she did the big chop. Hips are to die for. She's woke and a feminist.


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The hair is just gorgeous! I love the simplicity of this piece and minimal color usage.

Baby Girl:

Very beautiful but shy. Daddy's girl. Loves to go shopping.

Her makeup is always on fleek. The eyes really capture my attention, and realistic body proportions loving this cute babester here.


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The addition of the neon green nail polish showcases the artist's attention to detail.

The Crystal Babe:

Meditates. Is very spiritual. Loves Erykah Badu and Lauren Hill.

Is beautiful. Always smiling. Chakras and all, embrace all spirituality.


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On each of these females, the hair is big, bold, and so beautiful. This one's touch of flare hits me when I see the snake, the heart with an eye, and crescent moon. I'm really connecting with this one.

Woke Babe:

Doesn't stand during the pledge. Hates social injustice. Believes black lives matter & men and women are equal. Is beautiful.


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Fierce pink lipstick, a Helix piercing, high ponytails, don’t mess with her attitude. This chic knows what she's standing up for and I would follow her too. Her statement jacket says it all!

The Rockstar Chic:

She doesn't care about anyone's opinion. Does what she wants. Life of the party.


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It'd be nice not to care about people's opinions and that's what everyone should strive to do. Live life by your rules. We sure know Eloi does. From the peaking eye tattoo to the six ponytails and the trendy fishnet style, this female knows how to arrive to the party everyone is dying to go to.

Be sure to check out the thread by Melanin Magic and find your female "mini me". Be sure to follow Eloi's account to see what the artist does next.

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