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Unveiling the Harmony: an Exclusive Interview with the Creative Dynamo Liv Swearingen

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September 04, 2023

Over time, the music industry evolved significantly. Streaming platforms like Spotify rose, linking artist earnings to song popularity. Live performances became crucial, while social media such as YouTube and TikTok aided undiscovered musicians. Gen Z has also given birth to so many young talents, and we got to chat with one of them.

Be prepared to be captivated by the mesmerizing realm of music as we engage in a special interview with the incredible artist Liv Swearingen. This extraordinary singer and content creator has won fans over not just for her unmatched vocal abilities but also for her personable and down-to-earth personality. In this exclusive interview, we'll discuss Liv's background, the influences that fuel her creation, and the insights that make her such a warm and alluring musical force.

The Birth Of A Star

In the music business, it is no easy task to find that elusive big break. There are innumerable obstacles and difficulties along the way, so tremendous talent and steadfast determination are required. Emerging musicians frequently find themselves battling for recognition in a world overrun with fresh sounds while navigating a sea of competition.

Because of the industry's always-changing environment, adaptability is a critical quality. What worked yesterday might not work today. Each success story has a long history of failures, rejections, and sleepless nights as artists search for the ideal note both audiences and industry gatekeepers will connect with. However, it is this struggle that shapes artists, honing their talent and bolstering their commitment. Getting that big break requires a combination of dedication, hard work, and talent. Liv has checked all of those boxes and has added a few of her own.

Liv has always been interested in creating music and has aspired to become a musician since she was young. From singing in the shower in her small town in Nevada to performing for an audience that goes crazy for her, she has evolved into a powerhouse and a well-respected brand. In the entertainment industry, music particularly, it can be hard to make a debut and become a successful artist with a solid fanbase and consistent following, yet Liv makes it all seem effortless. We had to ask the 'For Taylor' singer what got her into music.

"Singing has always been a passion of mine, a dream of mine was to pursue Broadway, so I actually studied musical theatre in New York City, but once Covid hit and the entertainment industry went dark for a while, I decided to gear my focus to writing and releasing music online and that's when I started to take social media more seriously as well!"

This passion for music was also evident in Liv's courageous decision to audition for American Idol at just 17. On average, the audience for American Idol is over 9.1 million globally. Singing in front of many people and a panel of judges would be nerve-racking for most, but not Liv.

Upon hearing about the opportunity to audition, she made the spontaneous decision to pack her bags, drive out to San Francisco with her mom, and audition. Unfortunately, the YouTuber didn't win the competition. However, that one decision acted as a catalyst for her career in content creation.

"The very first video I posted on TikTok was talking about my American Idol story. It was a 3-part story with 3 separate videos and it got a total of over 20 million views right from the start! I obviously didn't expect that at all, but I'm so thankful for the head start.

The challenging part was keeping up the engagement. It took me a long time to figure out how not to just go viral once and let it die out, but to see constant steady growth. I took mentorship courses and quit my job at the time to completely focus on the opportunity in front of me and I'm so glad I did!"

We are also extremely glad that you did Liv! The world would be such a dull place without your hilarious YouTube shorts where you prank call people caroling as Ariana Grande or your entertaining POV Instagram reels.

AMP World And Youtube

For those who don't know, Swearingen is also part of the prominent YouTube group AMP World. AMP World is a digital content studio known for collaborating with well-known creators like Brent Rivera and Andrew Davilla. Each month, they contribute to creating material that has collectively received over three billion views.

You can follow AMP World on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. The group has accumulated over 4.9 million subscribers on its YouTube account. The current members include Brent Rivera, Lexi Rivera, Andrew Davila, Dom Brack, Ben Azelart, Pierson Wodzynski, Jeremy Hutchins, and, of course, Liv Swearingen.

They've created a family and immediately showered Liv with affection upon her joining the channel. “Brent asked me to be in one of his YouTube videos, and once I met the group we all got along! A few months went by, and then he asked me to hop on a call to discuss the possibility of joining the group and I was thrilled! I told him I'd like to get to know them even more before making a decision, so I assumed we'd all go to dinner but he suggested me tagging along on their trip to the Bahamas! It was insane...I got to hang out with the group and decided it was a good fit for me. I love them.”

Reaching Her Full Potential

Beyond being an insanely talented musician, Liv is also an actress. This multifaceted icon grew up participating in musical theatre which combined all the things she enjoyed doing, singing, dancing, and acting. Talk about a triple threat! Her acting abilities also landed her a role in the production of Rodger and Hammerstein's Cinderella as...you guessed it Cinderella. We asked her about her acting aspirations and she stated, "Booking a movie musical is a definite dream of mine!"

We are all so excited for the day when we switch on the television and see Liv's face on the big screen!

Mental Health Check

In an industry where you are consistently in front of a camera, it can be hard to have those silent moments where you express your emotions or just have a good cry because everyone always expects you to have it together. With someone as well-known as Liv Swearingen, it could be easy to get overwhelmed and stressed, but Liv keeps it all together using her faith as an anchor. This anchor keeps her afloat and keeps her grounded at the same time. "When my eyes are fixed on God, I stay humble and grounded. It's easy to let the fast-paced lifestyle or the numbers on the screen get to you, but ultimately God is so much bigger and better and brings so much more contentment to my life than anything else in this world could."

Recent Music Releases

Liv has recently released a song titled 'Ahead Of Me' and we were just so curious about the inspiration behind the brilliant track.

"What was the inspiration behind your latest single “Ahead of Me”?

"Ahead of Me” was a song about battling jealousy. There’s a girl I’ve known for years who seems to “one-up” me on a lot of things I’ve tried to do. There was a guy who left me for her, she booked the lead on Broadway, and now her music career is taking off.

It’s easy to look at someone like that and feel inferior, but I wanted to write a song to help process those emotions into something much more positive, so I could be in a place where I support her instead of comparing myself to her. I'm thankful for the journey I’m on. I’m glad my story is my story and not anyone else’s!"

Stream "Ahead Of Me" on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music now!

What's Next?

For anyone wondering, Liv has some big moves planned for the near future, and don't forget you heard it here first!

"I'm really focusing on long-form YouTube videos at the moment,... But I am definitely playing around with some love songs!"

10 Quick Q's With Liv

What is your favorite thing to do on a hot summer day?

Sit by the lake and sip some matcha!!

What is your favorite cover song you’ve done?

I loved covering Kiss Me More by Doja Cat. I slowed it down into a ballad and it was fun!

If you could rub a lamp and have a genie grant you one wish, what would you wish for?

I would wish for everyone in the world to have good food, drinking water and a place to call home.

Marvel or DC?

Neither lol!

If you could star in a Broadway Musical, which one would it be?


What is your favorite movie/TV series?

Breaking Bad.

Who is your most streamed artist on Spotify/Apple Music?


Dream artist/musician to collaborate with?

Brandon Lake.

The weirdest place you’ve thought of lyrics for a song?

The shower.

Someone you would like to headline for?

Natalie Jane.

Keep Up With Liv Swearingen

You can follow Liv Swearingen on Instagram @livswearingen, on YouTube @LivsSwearingen, and on TikTok @LivSwearingen.

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